What's The Real Meaning Of Water By Tyla? Here's What We Think

Tyla is making quite the splash with her latest track, "Water." The song has become an anthem for a new viral TikTok dance that has people dousing themselves in literal water.

Tyla Seethal has sprung onto the music scene in the past couple of years. The South African artist released her debut single, "Getting Late" in 2019, which gained local momentum, per Uproxx. She was signed to a record label two years later and has been dropping singles like "Been Thinking" that have become big successes. Although she is still early in her career, Tyla is secure in how she wants her music to sound. She told Time, "I knew I wanted my sound to be a mixture of pop, R&B, Afrobeats, amapiano." That perfect mixture helped her to create the song that people know and love today, "Water."

"Water" has no doubt been Tyla's biggest success to date. The rhythmic beats and choreographed dance will make you want to get up and try the viral TikTok trend yourself. The track has put Tyla on the map and has been quite an exciting time for the musician. She told Time, "I'm very busy. Hardly sleep, but I'm having fun. A lot of people that I look up to are reaching out, telling me they love the music. It's just a very exciting time." Besides the choreography and fun beats, "Water" has people singing the lyrics at the top of their lungs, and we're here to break down what they actually mean.

Water is about intense sexual attraction

Tyla is making waves with her newly released track "Water." The song has hit No.1 on Billboard's U.S. Afrobeats Songs chart and has overtaken the longstanding No.1 track "Calm Down" by Rema and Selena Gomez, per Billboard. The song is not just doing hot on the charts but in its lyrics too. "Water" appears to be about an intense sexual attraction to someone, and many believe that water is slang for getting sexually aroused. In the chorus, Tyla sings, "Make me sweat / Make me hotter / Make me lose my breath / Make me water." The singer wants to feel that longing and desire for someone that keeps her on her toes.

In the pre-chorus, Tyla continues to talk about this sexual attraction she has toward someone and whether they are going to do something about it. She says, "Can you blow my mind? (Oh) / Set off my whole body / If I give you my time (If I give you my time) / Can you snatch my soul from me?" The song then goes into the catchy chorus, where she explains how she wants to feel intimacy with this person. The entire song is coded with lyrics about intense desire and sexual attraction for someone, which it seems like many people can relate to as it has become a hit success.

Tyla turns up the heat in the Water music video

As if the lyrics of "Water" didn't prove enough how Tyla wanted to feel an intense attraction to someone, well, the music video definitely did. In the steamy video, Tyla sings the lyrics, "Make me sweat / Make me hotter / Make me lose my breath / Make me water," as she dances up on a man who plays her love interest. Throughout the video, she is speaking to this guy and how she feels this intense sexual attraction with him.

In one part of the video, Tyla even performs for her love interest as he sits down in a chair and can't keep his eyes off of her. Of course, the South African musician had to do the viral TikTok dance with her twerking and pouring water all over herself. The video makes the meaning of the song clear that she has this desire for someone, sexually, and wants people to feel that. She explained to Essence, "I really wanted to create a video that felt organic. I wanted something that felt hot and steamy."

Although the video is very sensual, surprisingly, Tyla admits she was a bit timid when shooting the project. She shared, "This is something new for me. I was kind of shy, but I mean, we made it work." Since "Water" has hit streaming platforms and social media, it has had people dancing on TikTok to the fun beats and lyrics of the song.