Lisa Kudrow's Final Thank You Note To Matthew Perry Is So Touching

Lisa Kudrow has "Friends" fans in tears with her latest post dedicated to her late co-star, Matthew Perry. In the post, she wrote, "Shot the pilot, Friends Like Us, got picked up then immediately, we were at the NBC Upfronts. Then...You suggested we play poker AND made it so much fun while we initially bonded. Thank you for that." The "Easy A" star then shared a series of "thank you"s to her loving co-star. She said, "Thank you for making me laugh so hard at something you said, that my muscles ached, and tears poured down my face EVERY DAY. Thank you for your open heart in a six way relationship that required compromise. And a lot of 'talking.' Thank you for showing up at work when you weren't well and then, being completely brilliant." 

Kudrow spent nearly every day with Perry during the sitcom's run and thanked the actor for the "best 10 years a person gets to have." She ended her post with gratitude to Perry and the person he was. She said, "Thank you for all I learned about GRACE and LOVE through knowing you. Thank you for the time I got to have with you, Matthew." 

Perry tragically died in late October 2023 due to an apparent drowning, per Page Six. The "Friends" cast was said to be "reeling" in the wake of his death, and it proves to be true, as each of them has shared a touching tribute to Perry since his passing. 

Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry had a strong bond

Phoebe Buffay and Chandler Bing's friendship was one of the more underrated relationships on "Friends." But despite their camaraderie flying under the radar onscreen, Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry had one of the closest bonds in real life. The two co-stars stayed in touch throughout the years, and in 2013, Kudrow was a guest on "Piers Morgan Tonight" when Perry happened to be filling in for the host, per Entertainment Weekly. During the interview, they reminisced on "Friends" and revealed their favorite episode, which happened to be the same. The episode, "The One Where Everybody Finds Out," will make any viewer laugh until their stomach hurts because Phoebe and Rachel plan to break Chandler into admitting he's with Monica with crazy antics from Kudrow's character as seduces Perry's character.

As the years passed, the co-stars still had a strong bond, and in 2022, when Perry released his memoir, "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing," he admitted no one has ever made him laugh as much as Kudrow has, per ET. Not just that, but Kudrow even wrote a foreword for Perry's book detailing her admiration for her co-star. She wrote, "He was there, Matthew Perry, who is whip-smart... charming, sweet, sensitive, very reasonable and rational. That guy, with everything he was battling, was still there. The same Matthew who, from the beginning, could lift us all up during a grueling night shoot for the opening titles inside that fountain."