Who Is Hank Azaria Married To Now After His Divorce From Helen Hunt?

Hank Azaria made waves when he began his relationship with fellow actor Helen Hunt. According to Hollywood; the couple started dating in 1994, however, much of the details of their relationship early on are scarce. But it seems the two were head over heels for one another as they eventually tied the knot five years after sparking their romance. To much surprise, the couple ended up calling it quits just a year later, per ABC.

But what could have changed in just a year? Apparently, Hunt's successful career affected Azaria. When asked on "Radio Andy" whether Hunt's increasing fame had an effect on their relationship, Azaria wholeheartedly agreed. "Absolutely, very difficult, makes the degree of difficulty in the relationship and in your own career go way up," he shared. "I mean, when your wife is Helen Hunt, and your best friend is Matthew Perry ... that's some pressure." 

While Hunt's fame may not have been the only reason the couple split, it did take a toll on Azaria and his relationship with the "As Good As It Gets" actor. Afterward, Azaria revealed on "Larry King" that the two remained "friendly." "Relatively, as celebrity divorces go, it wasn't too bad," he said. "But yeah, it's one of the saddest times of your life."

After the couple's divorce, Hunt has not married again but has been in at least one long-term relationship since then. But what about Azaria? Well, the actor did give love another go and walked down the aisle a second time with actor Katie Wright.

Hank Azaria married Katie Wright

After Hank Azaria's split from Helen Hunt, the actor dated around for a bit. Rumors once linked him to singer Sheryl Crow, although a relationship between the two wasn't confirmed. Eventually, Azaria met the one for him, as he began dating Katie Wright in 2007. Wright, a fellow actor, is known for roles in the movie "Idle Hands" and the television show "Melrose Place," and she's also dabbled in producing. A year later, the couple tied the knot, per The U.S. Sun.

Azaria and Wright have kept their relationship largely out of the spotlight, but every now and then, "The Simpsons" actor will share snaps of the happy couple on social media. In 2014, Azaria posted an old photo of him and Wright embracing. "This may be throwback, but we're still just as happy!" he wrote. It seems that even as the years have passed, Azaria and Wright still are head over heels for one another.

In 2021, Azaria was interviewed by Wired and had nothing but sweet things to say about his wife and her former career as an actor. "My lovely wife, Katie, Katie Wright, Katie Azaria, now," he said. "Katie was a really good actress. She worked a lot." 

While Azaria and Wright mostly keep their love life out of the public eye, in 2009, the couple expanded their family and Azaria has shared what his life is like since becoming a father.

Hank Azaria and Katie Wright welcomed a son

In 2009, Hank Azaria and Katie Wright welcomed their son, Hal. However, the pregnancy was a complete surprise to the couple, and at the time, the "Friends" actor wasn't even sure he wanted to become a father, per Life of Dad. The "Birdcage" actor was recording a series titled "Fatherhood," asking friends about their experiences and advice as fathers to discover whether that was something he wanted to do. But Azaria had no choice, as amidst filming, he discovered his wife was pregnant. "I didn't want it [the series] to be an overshare," he said. "I didn't want it to be some reality series about my family. I had real questions that I wondered if other dads did. Real fears that I wondered if other dads had." 

Although he might have been fearful in the beginning, Azaria slipped into the role of becoming a dad. When Wright was pregnant, Azaria introduced his yet-to-be-born son to some iconic songs. "The baby likes Beatles music. We pump a lot of Beatles music into the womb," he said, per People

Nearly 15 years later, Hal is a full-blown teenager. Even though some teens may not want to hang out with their parents, Hal, Azaria, and Wright still have family time. In August 2022, the "Friends" actor shared a snap of him and his son mini-golfing during an outing with Wright. "Cinderella story," Azaria wrote. "Tears in my eyes I guess ... My wife insists I add: 'I will also remind you that I destroyed both of you on that course.'"