RHONJ: Where Teresa Giudice Stands With Her Cousin Kathy Wakile

When it comes to her family joining "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Teresa Giudice is not all "love, love, love." Along with Melissa and Joe Gorga making their debut in Season 3 was their cousin Kathy Wakile. It may have seemed like it would be a big family affair, but it turned out to be more like a family feud. Giudice and Wakile went head to head at the reunion after the latter stated that her cousin had left baby Audriana unattended during the infamous christening brawl. The "Skinny Italian" cookbook author thought Wakile was implying she was a bad mother, and later jabbed back by saying her husband called the cannoli baker a "raccoon face."

The next season was no better. Giudice's feathers got ruffled after Wakile casually claimed one of the recipes in "Fabulicious!" was her mother's. The Season 4 reunion turned explosive when Wakile called Giudice's father a "coward," who then retaliated by saying her own father was more of a presence to her cousins than their own deceased dad. After years of back and forth, Giudice had a sit-down with Wakile and her sister Rosie Pierri, telling them, "I want to cut the cancer out" (via Bravo). Season 7 was the last time viewers saw the two sisters on the show, and it looks like time has not healed all wounds.

Teresa Giudice can't forgive Kathy Wakile for supposedly joining RHONJ behind her back

After Teresa Giudice cut ties with Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, she decided to speak her mind. "It's hard because it's sad that people, that your family, come on the show and do things and do nasty things for money and fame," she told "The Daily Dish," per Bravo. The reality star added that she doesn't talk to the two anymore and stated, "They put our family through the mud, it's disgraceful."

As reported by Us Weekly, during the 2019 BravoCon, Giudice told the audience, "My family came on the show behind my back, and that was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. That's why I don't speak to Kathy anymore. I'll never speak to her or Rosie ever again because I don't want family like that." She added that she forgave Melissa and Joe Gorga for her parents. 

Wakile shot back, "First of all, I never approached Bravo to do the show. Second of all, I never did it behind anyone's back. I followed the protocol that Bravo set before me, you know? And so to keep pushing that and saying that, that I went behind Teresa's back and ... Enough already. I wish everyone well." Although Wakile was ready to move on from the drama, Giudice clearly wasn't and she doubled down on her accusation two years later.

Teresa Giudice claimed Kathy Wakile contacted a former RHONJ producer to get on the show

Teresa Giudice can't seem to let go of her years-long feud with Kathy Wakile. During a podcast episode with Carlos King, who was a producer on the first two seasons of "RHONJ," she claimed her family members were "jealous" that she was too busy to be around much because of the show. "I'm calling a spade a spade, because then they started contacting Carlos King," she said. "I don't know, Kathy was probably the same thing because ... Melissa and Kathy got [cast] together."

Following the podcast episode, Wakile told The U.S. Sun, "For the record, I've never, ever met Carlos King. And, from what I understand, he's a very talented producer, but I've never met him." She added that she didn't know who he was as he didn't produce her seasons of "RHONJ."

Wakile shared on "Life After Bravo" that she didn't initially want to be on "RHONJ" because of the "drama" but when the network made the decision to cast her, Giudice found out through the producers. The "Indulge" author revealed her cousin called her up to say, "How dare you?" As for what she would tell her past self, she quipped, "I'd tell people to go f*** themselves a lot more!"