Why Fans Think Will Devane And Jenna Sinatra Broke Up

Will Devane and Jenna Sinatra became a social media sensation in a span of three years with their goofy TikToks centering on their relationship, but devoted followers have been left wondering if the two have split up. Like many content creators, Devane and Sinatra started making videos out of boredom but they quickly set themselves apart from others with their viewpoints as high school-turned-college students.

"Like everyone else, we were bored in quarantine, and we were seeing the content everyone was creating. And we knew of so many couples' channels that were over the age of 20, and family channels. And we were like, 'We could be that younger couple, with the Gen Z perspective,'" Sinatra told Tubefilter. The two first started out with their respective TikTok accounts and then ventured into making vlogs and shorts for YouTube on their shared page. Devane and Sinatra were super dedicated to updating their content for their subscribers but they abruptly stopped posting videos of themselves five months ago, leading fans to believe that their favorite Gen Z couple had broken up.

Will Devane and Jenna Sinatra are conspicuously absent from each other's social media

Social media is a tell-tale sign of how a couple is doing and things don't bode too well for Will Devane and Jenna Sinatra. Although their YouTube channel "Will and Jenna" hasn't had content for several months, Devane and Sinatra are still active on their solo social media accounts. However, fans are left wondering why they haven't posted any pics or videos together since July. The two shared similar videos on Instagram of themselves all dressed up for a friend's nuptials. "Us going to a wedding wishing we were next," Devane wrote. Since then, it's only been solo content for the social media stars, save for a cameo by Devane in Sinatra's Instagram video of her at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September.

On November 28, Sinatra shared a YouTube video of her preparing for a solo trip. "I'm traveling alone for my very first time. I'm flying alone," she told the camera. A fan posted in the comments that many are asking what happened between Sinatra and Devane and acknowledged that it was likely annoying. However, they continued, "I understand if they need a break or having problems, but it's just kind of upsetting when you have a big platform and just kind of abandon it and never tell us what's going on." Another YouTuber agreed and fans are demanding to know what happened between the social media couple.

Fans want answers about Will Devane and Jenna Sinatra's status

These days, Jenna Sinatra's social media posts either feature her solo or with family and girlfriends. On November 25, she shared an Instagram pic of her lounging with a friend in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. "Cozy szn," she captioned. "Wait where's will at," one Instagram user asked. "Are her and will still together. They are my favorite couple," another wondered. "stay tuned I think Jenna's doing a Q and A Vid. She mentioned it on [Snapchat]. But the evidence suggests they either aren't together anymore or they are not together temporarily like on a break or something," a fan answered.

Devane and Sinatra stans are making their own TikToks dedicated to the couple. "Another day of checking Will and Jenna's socials and they have yet to post them being together," one fan posted. Devane may have unknowingly predicted a possible breakup in September when he jokingly shared a TikTok with the text, "my gf texted me she wants to break up ... Nvm she said 'Wrong person.'" A fan responded with, "Okay who will tell him?" The maybe-couple still have each other on their Instagram bios so perhaps they're just trying to establish their own individual presence on social media and are still together. However, they've garnered enough interest in their relationship that fans are thoroughly invested and need answers ASAP.