Christina Aguilera's Rare Appearance Has Fans Saying The Same Thing

If there's one artist who has gone through more iconic eras than Taylor Swift, it's Christina Aguilera. From her early days with the Mickey Mouse Club, to her provocative "Dirrty" phase, to her Old Hollywood "Back to Basics" period, Aguilera is known for making a statement with her looks. Most of the time, she errs on the maximalist side of things — until now.

As part of the promo for her shows down under, Christina Aguilera took to TikTok to share a What's in My Bag? video in partnership with an Australian brand. A departure from her usual bold outfits and makeup, Aguilera sported a more toned-down get-up with a black off-the-shoulder top and matching sweats. She had her usual platinum blonde locks curled down to her shoulders, and her muted makeup accentuated her natural features. Aguilera's usual dramatic glam and 'do were nowhere to be found, prompting fans to take notice.

Apparently, for some of them, the "Beautiful" singer didn't look like herself at all. They rushed to the comments section to share their observations, with many noting that Aguilera had turned into a Kardashian clone. Khristina Kardashian? Hey, it has quite a nice ring to it!

Fans are calling her 'Christina Kardashian'

Can the real Christina Aguilera please come on over?

Fans of the "Genie in a Bottle" crooner found themselves taken aback as she appeared unrecognizable in her latest video. The prevailing sentiment was she was embracing the Kardashian aesthetic, while some speculated that she resorted to drastic measures to change up her look. "Is Christina Aguilera in the room with us?" one wrote, while another joked, "If I was only listening to this I'd swear it was Kim Kardashian talking lol." Another fan quipped, "That's it. I'm getting on Ozempic." Meanwhile, Aguilera's most loyal fans rallied in her defense, pointing out that she hasn't aged a day, and she's likely going back to her roots for her next style era. "This is very christina aguilera 2000 coded omggg," one tweeted, and another agreed: "If you are OG Christina fan you know this is her. She looked like she traveled back in time."

While opinions on Aguilera's brand new appearance may vary, it proves that she's a true fashion chameleon. Speaking with Vogue, she noted that her goal has always been to defy the status quo and be her authentic self. "There's such a rule book that we need to look at certain way, act a certain way, be sexy but not too sexy, be a good girl, but not too good, because that's boring," she explained. "I wanted to go against the grain, I wanted to be anti what a pop star should look like and sound like."