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De La Salle University
Boy Bands, Celebrity Couples, Pop Music
  • Nicole's celebrity writing experience dates back to 2016, when she contributed to building content for the blogs of celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Snooki, and JWoww.
  • While she has yet to interview a celebrity for work purposes, she once had a chat with Post Malone, and can confirm that he indeed does not smell bad.
  • She likes taking yearly trips to Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California, so she can pay a visit to the set of Central Perk in "Friends," her second home.


In her decade of experience writing professionally, Nicole has written all sorts of content, from tweets and greeting cards to listicles and long-form think pieces. While she enjoys working on different projects and thrives in taking on a challenge, the only time writing doesn't feel like work is when she's spreading the good word of Kim Kardashian. Nicole joined Static Media in 2021 as a writer for Nicki Swift, but she has since gotten the chance to contribute to other brands, including The List. Over the years, her writing has appeared on various places on the interneet, including Hello! Magazine, Insider, E! News, and Us Weekly.


Nicole holds a bachelor's degree in organizational communication from De La Salle University, where she was part of the dean's list for several trimesters. For her thesis and internship, she helped create social media and direct mail campaigns for Make-A-Wish Foundation to help more kids get their wishes granted.
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