The Sad Reality Of Britney Spears' Mother Lynne's Life Today

Britney Spears and her mother Lynne Spears have often had a rocky relationship. It has been well-documented that the conservatorship the "Toxic" singer was under, and the use of Britney's fortune, was a source of family tension. Apparently, the Spears family was "in the gutter financially" before their daughter became a pop star, as Lynne said in her 2008 memoir "Through the Storm" (via The US Sun). After her father, Jamie Spears, stepped down from the conservatorship, Lynne came on to help her daughter with her finances. "Britney trusts Lynne and has asked her mother to be part of her conservatorship," a source told ET in 2020, as Lynne helped the singer gain more financial "autonomy."

Eventually there was a falling-out between the pair — more on that later — but they were on good terms in May. "My sweet mama showed up at my door step yesterday after 3 years," Britney wrote in an Instagram post alongside a photo of herself as a youngster. "Time heals all wounds," Britney said about her relationship with her mother.

Later in the year, Britney and Lynne would hit another rough patch which coincided with Lynne facing financial hardship. In September, it was reported that Lynne was working as a substitute teacher. "She is struggling to pay her bills, but she has already substituted for several classes," a source told the Daily Mail. There was also a claim that Lynne sold her daughter's old clothing to make ends meet, which did not sit well with Britney. 

Did Lynne Spears sell her daughter's old belongings?

Not long after reports circulated that Lynne Spears was struggling financially, photos were released that showed the mother of Britney Spears shopping at a Dollar General on November 30. The pictures, published by TMZ, were taken in Britney's hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana. While seeing the mother of a pop legend shop at a discount store may be jarring, it should be noted that Lynne had a designer purse and was driving a Mercedes.

Earlier that month, the Daily Mail reported that Lynne was selling old clothing that the "I'm a Slave 4 U" singer used to wear for events and shows. According to the source, Britney was in the dark about the reselling operation. "She has no clue and would be fuming if she did," the insider said. At the same time that report was published, Lynne took to Instagram to make it clear that old dolls and journals — which Britney claimed had gone missing — were still safely stored at her house. "@britneyspears I'm not sure who told you I got rid of your dolls and journals but I would never do that!" Lynne wrote on November 9. A couple days later, Britney responded with her own Instagram post. "Ps mom I love you so so much ... Nope, I don't want them. Keep it all," Britney wrote on November 11.

This exchange came two years after Lynne filed a suit seeking court fees from her daughter.

Lynne Spears tried to get $660,000 from Britney Spears

As the legal battle over Britney Spears' conservatorship came to an end, Lynne Spears filed a request to recoup $650,000-plus in court fees from her daughter that she had incurred. In documents filed by Lynne in November 2021, she had joined the conservatorship in order to help Britney, per People. Around the time the request for over $650,000 was filed by Lynne, the "Oops!...I Did It Again" singer took a shot at her mother in a quickly-deleted Instagram post. "What people don't know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea [to start the conservatorship] ... She secretly ruined my life," Britney wrote (via People).

In April 2022, Lynne submitted court documents that defended her decision to seek money for legal fees from her daughter. The documents outlined how Lynne had helped Britney with the conservatorship. "Within one month of Lynne Spears becoming formally involved ... the personal restrictions on [Britney] began to be removed," the request read while saying that Lynne's involvement is what ultimately led to the dissolution of the conservatorship, per Page Six. Regardless, the singer was not interested in paying her mother's legal bill. "Britney Spears opposes the Petition in its entirety," her lawyer Mathew Rosengart said at the time, per Variety.

Ultimately, Lynne withdrew the request for $650,000 in 2022. Documents from The Blast said she cared more about repairing her relationship with Britney than getting the money, but they still remained on rocky terms.