Ashanti And Nelly's Reported Baby News Sparks Hot Takes From Fans

Ashanti and Nelly have found themselves in a bit of a "Dilemma" because fans have polarizing opinions on the couple's recent baby news.

You would think we were back in the early 2000s, but nope, it's 2023, and Ashanti and Nelly are in a full-blown relationship. The couple's relationship reportedly began nearly 20 years ago after meeting at a 2003 Grammy Awards press conference, per People. For years, the couple denied they were in a relationship and insisted they were just friends. It wasn't until 2015, after they had broken up, that Ashanti seemed to confirm they'd dated and revealed why they had broken up. She told "The Meredith Viera Show," "I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities, it allows them to act out of character. I've been betrayed. You just have to grow." But, while it may not have worked for them back then, fate had other plans for the couple.

After reconnecting at a festival in 2022, Ashanti and Nelly began spending a lot of time together, per People. In September 2023, Nelly confirmed the rekindled relationship on the "Boss Moves with Rasheeda Show." He said, "I think it surprised both of us. It wasn't anything that was planned." The couple's relationship picked up right where they left off, and this time it moved quickly. In December 2023, Us Weekly reported that the pair was expecting. While this is usually a joyous time, it has become tainted with controversial opinions about the couple's baby news.

Ashanti and Nelly's announcement sparked controversy

Ashanti and Nelly are about to become parents! After raising speculation about a potential pregnancy over the December 2 weekend, a source confirmed to Us Weekly the two musicians are expecting. They shared, "Nelly and Ashanti are welcoming their first baby together." It seemed like congratulations were in order for the happy couple, but that's not what happened. A heated debate on social media sparked, with some fans thrilled for the couple and others not so much, and the conversation seemed to surround a certain TikTok video.

Podcast host Amani Talks posted a TikTok criticizing Nelly and Ashanti. In the video, she called Nelly out for breaking it off with his ex, Shantel Jackson, whom he had dated from 2014 to 2021, per People. Talks said, "He [Nelly] was with that other woman for nearly a decade, and she went on that show, and she said I don't want to just be a baby mama, I want to be a wife." The podcaster was referring to the now-deleted social media post where Jackson said she wanted to be married, per People. Talks continued to criticize Nelly and Ashanti, and even went as far as to call the "Foolish" singer a "rebound."

The podcast host said, "Probably the only reason he's with Ashanti is because he's already middle-aged... and he wants somebody to spend the rest of his life with, and he wants a kid, and Shantel was not going to give him a kid without marriage."

People are divided on Nelly and Ashanti's baby news

People had polarizing opinions about Nelly and Ashanti's baby news. Some sided with Amani Talks' TikTok, while others criticized the podcast host. One user on X, formerly known as Twitter, replied to Talks' video, agreeing with pretty much everything she had to say. They wrote, "Thats why I dont even speak on the Nelly and Ashanti thing cause Im one of few that aint really seeing it for that duo sorry. Only thing I disagree here is I do think he will marry Ashanti...for entertainment purposes only." Another user said they thought they were the "only one not feeling" Nelly and Ashanti's rekindled romance. While some people were eager to say they don't like the couple, others came to their defense.

In response to Talks' video, an X user wrote, "Ashanti is 40, what if it's less about being a 'baby mama' and more about just wanting to be a mother. We don't know her maternity struggles. What if she doesn't wanna get married? Maybe her and Nelly are happy right where they are.." Although Amani's video seemed to focus on the Nelly and Ashanti baby conversation, there were fans who just wanted to wish the couple well. One user tweeted, "I'm so happy for Ashanti and Nelly they are gonna [be] such fun happy great parents." With ranging opinions, it seems the internet is divided on how to feel about Nelly, Ashanti, and their soon-to-be new addition.