The Real Reason Erin Andrews And Jarret Stoll Got Married So Quickly

Erin Andrews was eagerly waiting for Jarret Stoll to propose after the couple had been dating for two years. "I've definitely dropped hints here and there," she told ABC News in 2014, while discussing her future husband. "Nothing there yet, the ball's in his court," the Fox Sports reporter added. By the next year, the status of their relationship was up in the air. "I have no idea what tomorrow will bring," Andrews told Redbook in 2015 when asked about their long-term plans(via Us Weekly). Andrews did, however, know she eventually wanted a family. "All of my friends from college and high school have three kids now. I'm not even engaged!" she added.

By the end of the following year, Andrews dropped a serious hint that the NHL veteran had finally asked her to marry him. "This weather at Lambeau is really going to put a damper on my ring game @jarretstoll," she tweeted in December 2016, alongside a screenshot of the weather in Green Bay. A week later, the NFL reporter officially announced her engagement on Instagram. She uploaded a snap of her planting a kiss on Stoll's cheek while showing off her engagement ring. Stoll had popped the question while the couple were at Disneyland.

Later, Andrews revealed she had been diagnosed with cancer that same year. Apparently, the health scare prompted the couple to start working on their wedding plans, as Stoll proposed shortly after she was diagnosed. 

How Erin Andrews's cancer changed her relationship with Jarret Stoll

When she had cancer, Erin Andrews continued to work and kept her diagnosis under wraps. Andrews found out she had cervical cancer in September 2016, and months later her longtime boyfriend Jarret Stoll proposed. During an interview in July 2017, the Fox Sports personality spoke about how doctors advised her to freeze her eggs. "It was a huge step for my relationship with my boyfriend at the time," she said in a cover story for Health (via Page Six). "We hadn't even been discussing marriage. We hadn't discussed babies!" Andrews added. That led the couple to sit down and seriously discuss their future. "I'm like, 'Hi, hon. I love you. I hope we're spending our lives together,'" she recalled.

On top of dealing with stress in her personal life, Andrews was also balancing her career while undergoing treatment as the television personality did not want to be sidelined. "I'm not watching any football games at home. This is (Fox's) Super Bowl year, and I'm not missing the Super Bowl," she recalled to CBS New York in January 2017. She did take brief time off from working on "Dancing With the Stars," but continued her work for Fox Sports. Fortunately, treatment was successful and doctors were eventually able to surgically remove the cancer.

Just over six months after getting engaged, Andrews and Stoll tied the knot in June 2017 in an intimate ceremony in Montana. The newlyweds then wanted to start a family right away, but Andrews faced fertility issues.

Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll finally started a family

Almost two years after marrying Jarret Stoll, Erin Andrews recalled how supportive her then-boyfriend had been while she underwent treatment for cervical cancer. "I was screaming, crying, and I remember my husband being like, 'It's OK babe, we got this. We're going to beat this. We got this,'" she recalled to Entertainment Tonight in 2019. Andrews added that Stoll's history as a professional athlete was helpful, as he was focused on overcoming the obstacle. That was not the only health issue Andrews had to overcome, though.

The NFL on Fox reporter and Stoll welcomed their first child, son Mack, in summer 2023, which was especially happy after the trials they faced. "It was 10 years of hell," she told Today in July. They used a surrogate to give birth, but there were still complications. "We lost twins via surrogacy and that was really hard," Andrews added. The couple were down to their last embryo, which wound up being their son. They were both in the delivery room when the surrogate gave birth and rooted her on as if "she was [their] quarterback."

After being together for more than a decade, Andrews finally had everything she'd ever wished for: marriage and a family. However, being a mother while balancing a successful broadcasting career came with its own challenges. "I'm not accustomed at all," she told Fox Sports in November when discussing motherhood. "I don't even know how to make it work. It's really, really hard," Andrews added. Despite all these challenges the couple has always made things work.