Snooki's Daughter Giovanna Is Growing Up To Be Her Mini-Me

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi may be known for her wild "Jersey Shore" days, but being a mom is her true calling — and her daughter Giovanna is growing up to look just like her! 

As the only daughter and middle child of Polizzi's three kids with husband Jionni LaValle, Giovanna is proving that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. In July 2021, Snooki shared a side-by-side pic of her daughter and former self wearing identical clothing. "I had my daughter reenact a pic of me when [I] was 6," the self-described meatball wrote. Many fans commented that they looked like twins, and they weren't wrong.

Giovanna even came out of the womb looking like her mom. When she was born in September 2014, Polizzi posted to Twitter, "So happy to let you know we had our beautiful daughter this morning Giovanna Marie LaValle. 6.7 lbs, full head of black hair & perfect." Now, Snooki's daughter not only physically resembles her, but she's well on her way to becoming her little mini-me, too.

Giovanna is following in Snooki's cheerleading footsteps

Believe it or not, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is talented in areas other than fist-bumping in Seaside Heights. Back in the day, she was a trained gymnast and cheerleader. 

"I was really good at floor and vault and I actually made it to states once. I quit when I was 13 because it was just too much," she told USA Today High School Sports. Snooki's daughter Giovanna seems to share her passion for cheering. In another side-by-side Instagram pic, Polizzi posted the two of them in the same pose, balancing on the hands of their teammates. "Twins. Super blessed that my daughter shares the same passion for cheer [as I] do!" she wrote.

Giovanna is well on her way to becoming a competitive cheerleader. "Congrats to my daughter @sissygiovanna for her National Champ win at her first comp!" Polizzi gushed while posting a pic of her daughter wearing a medal. Standing next to Giovanna, the "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" star looked more like her older sister, and it's clear her doppelgänger enjoys the spotlight, just like her mom.

Snooki is Giovanna's cheerleader all the way

While Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's clothing style may not be for everyone, it's clear she has a love for fashion, which she channeled into her online boutique, The Snooki Shop. As reported by People, Snooki was one proud mama when her daughter Giovanna strutted down the runway for the Rookie USA Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Polizzi shared pics of Giovanna posing with her outfits and wrote, "So proud of my beautiful baby girl! You can do it all my baby! ... (you can totally tell I'm a cheer mom with me yelling)." In another post, Snooki shared some shots of her young twin walking the runway for various clothing lines. "Still over the moon with my baby girl crushed it," she wrote.

In June, Snooki celebrated another milestone in Giovanna's life. In an Instagram carousel, the reality star shared pictures of her daughter's first communion. "God bless my baby girl Giovanna Marie," Polizzi shared. In one shot, she's wearing a long, white gown and is standing next to her brothers, Lorenzo and Angelo. In another picture, Giovanna is showing off her cheer skills by doing a stunt with three friends supporting her. Although it seems her daughter isn't afraid of the public eye, Polizzi does not want Giovanna to follow in her reality television footsteps. The meatball shared with Today, "We already have a whole next generation of 'Jersey Shore' little babies, but I doubt that I would ever let my kids do 'Jersey Shore.'"