How Snooki's Career Has Changed Since Her Jersey Shore Debut

Listen, we have all seen the video of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi getting arrested on the Jersey Shore after being completely wasted, but the reality star has come a long way since her "Jersey Shore" days. From fake tans and bump-its, to becoming a business owner, Polizzi has made the most bang for her buck.

The MTV series "Jersey Shore" took over the world and had people living the G.T.L. (gym, tan, laundry) life. The show premiered in 2009 with a standout cast, but one member in particular stole the show: "Snooki." In 2011, Polizzi revealed to "Good Morning America" why she believes the show became such a huge success. "[W]e're all real and we like to have a good time and we say what other people are scared to say," she  said. The show went on for another year before ending in 2012.

After the show wrapped, each cast member pursued different ventures. Polizzi knew the show gave her a platform to be much more than a reality star. She told Forbes, "It has definitely given me opportunities that I would never have gotten if I wasn't on TV. It has allowed me to have my own brand and businesses, and also be fortunate enough to take care of my entire family." So, how did "Jersey Shore" completely change Polizzi's life and career? She's been keeping busy, to say the least.

Snooki opened a boutique shop

It seems like Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi learned a thing or two from working at the Shore Store on "Jersey Shore" because she too opened up her own clothing business. Ever since she first graced our television screens, Polizzi's fashion has been a topic of conversation. From cheetah print clothing to fuzzy boots, the reality star became a style icon. Her creative fashion side has always been a part of her life. Polizzi revealed to Hudson Valley magazine, "I've always been obsessed with clothes and fashion and stuff like that, and I always love working in a store setting." All of these passions led the reality star to open up her own boutique, called The Snooki Shop, in New Jersey in 2018. The boutique became incredibly successful and led Polizzi to open up a second store in New York.

But you can't have a "Snooki" shop without one being on the Jersey Shore, and Polizzi knew this. In May 2022, the reality star announced that she was opening up her third shop in Seaside Heights on the Jersey Shore, per She shared a sneak peek into the shop before the grand opening on Instagram, and showcased all the things fans can expect from the new store. From New York to New Jersey, it's surely only a matter of time before you will see The Snooki Shop near you!

Snooki created a wine brand

If there was one thing the cast of "Jersey Shore" knew a lot about, it was alcohol. Much of the show revolved around the group getting together, drinking, and partying. However, as Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi got older, she transitioned from her binge-drinking days to a casual wine drinker and went on to create her own wine brand.

Polizzi established Messy Mawma wines in 2021 after being inspired by her usual mom routine, per Morning Honey. She shared, "I have three kids ... and it's a lot, so when I open that glass of wine at 5 p.m., it literally just gives me so much peace and it's a saving grace when it comes to being a mom — it's my mom juice." Although the brand was inspired by Polizzi's mom life, it's not just for parents who are stressed out. She shared, "If you just had a horrible day at the office or if your life is just chaotic, go home and have your Chaos Cab and you're good to go."

What started as two varieties of wine called Chaos Cabernet and Tantrum Chardonnay has now grown. According to Messy Mawma's website, Polizzi has added more wines to the mix called Raunchy Red and Rowdy Rosé. Messy Mawma is still in the early years of its business and we can only imagine that the reality star has big ideas for the future of her wine brand.