Jason Derulo's Son Jason King Lives A Wildly Lavish Life

Jason King lives a wildly lavish life that's very different from how his father, Jason Derulo, grew up. During an August 2023 interview on Dax Shephard's "Armchair Expert" podcast, Derulo revealed how he and his brother coped with being poor and experiencing hunger pangs while growing up. "We had some nights where my brother and I, we created this thing, we'd call it sleep water. And all it was was water and sugar," said Derulo. "And when we were really, really hungry, we couldn't fall asleep, we would have this water and sugar so that it could ease our stomach and we could fall asleep."

Fortunately, Derulo's son, Jason King, hasn't experienced any of that hardship, thanks to Derulo's $16 million net worth. Born to Derulo and his ex, Jena Frumes, in 2021, Jason has already experienced the way the other half lives. Seriously, Derulo dropped $30,000 for Jason's second birthday party. The "Glad You Came" singer revealed the festive deets while appearing on the "Kyle & Jackie O Show" in June. "It was pretty big. It was probably around $30,000," Derulo revealed. "The theme was 'growing 2 soon,' like, using [the number] two," added Derulo about the party, which featured a bouncy house, catered food, and a ball pit. Of course, this is just the tip of Jason King's lavish life.

Jason King already has a luxury car

Jason King's life is so lavish that he's already the proud owner of a luxury car. Jason Derulo took to Instagram in July 2023 to rub his son's mega fortune in everyone's faces. "I'm actually looking for an investment car, but not for me. It's for Bubba," Derulo revealed as he walked into the high-end car lot. Derulo and Jason then tried out several luxury cars — including a $900,000 Ferrari SF90, which they ultimately drove away in. Derulo even brought Jason's car seat to christen the car. Derulo captioned the video, "Market is down so wanted to get @jasonking an appreciating asset."

Even though it'll be about 14 years before Jason can legally drive his new car, he certainly has way cooler options for traveling in style in the meantime. This past February, Derulo promoted his new "Uzo" graphic novel on Instagram. During the promo, Derulo sat comfortably in a private jet while Jason played in the seat behind him. So far, Jason boasts a dream birthday party, an almost-million-dollar car, and private jet access. Yeah, something tells us that Jason is going to be pretty popular once he grows up.

Jason Derulo bought his son a $3.6 million dollar home

Jason King doesn't just ride in style and party in style; he also lives in style. According to TMZ, Jason Derulo dropped $3.6 million on a home for Jason King and his mother, Jena Frumes, to live in. The glorious home has an in-home movie theater and pool with a built-in spa, among other amenities. It also has five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms — in case little Jason wants to invite friends over, we presume. Since Jason splits his time between Frumes and Derulo, he actually has two places to call home — and Derulo's home is even more impressive! 

According to People, Derulo's primary residence is a California mansion that boasts nine bedrooms and five bathrooms. And per Derulo's admission, it's chock full of bars. "There's a lot of bars throughout the whole compound," Derulo revealed in 2020. "It would suck to come all the way downstairs if I wanted a mojito," he added. The home also has another impressive feature. While most celebs have parking garages dedicated to their luxury cars, Derulo has something even better. Derulo stores his cars under his living room floor. Like, literally under ... the ... floor. The R&B star revealed his fancy party trick on Instagram in December 2022. Nope, we're not jealous at all.