Do Patrick And Brittany Mahomes Have A Nanny For Their Two Kids?

There were off-the-field issues for Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes when the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback made it to Super Bowl LVII. Those came thanks to their two children, Sterling Mahomes and Patrick "Bronze" Mahomes. "The biggest challenge was packing all their stuff and making sure we had everything we needed for them for a week," Brittany told USA Today in February while discussing Patrick's big game. According to the Instagram influencer, not bringing the kids was never an option, as they wanted their youngsters to see their dad play on the sport's biggest stage. Of course, Patrick's main focus was preparing for the game, so Brittany outsourced some of the parenting duties. "I do have help! ... I could not do this without them," she added.

Taking two toddlers on the road would be a challenge for any parent, but Brittany mostly holds the fort down when the family is at home. "I fall in love with my wife all over again every time I see her parenting," Patrick told Today in July, while mentioning how touching it is to see his wife read to their daughter.

Brittany does the majority of the parenting while her husband is away, but does not do it all on her own. "Yes, I have help," she said during an Instagram Q&A in April (via People). "And I'm very thankful for it! Chef, nanny, a virtual assistant lol, and our security team," she revealed. In the past, Brittany had been scrutinized for using a nanny.

Trolls bashed Brittany Mahomes for using help

Brittany Mahomes was using a nanny before her second child was born, and she only had Sterling Mahomes. The former soccer player offered support to a fan who mentioned feeling guilt for using a nanny during an Instagram Q&A in August 2021. "Never feel [guilty], you gotta do what you gotta do!" Brittany responded (via People). The wife of Patrick Mahomes was also asked how often she kept a nanny on the clock. "No specific hours, really just when I have something to do or we are away on a trip!" she replied.

In December 2022, the fitness model came under fire after posting a seemingly innocuous tweet about napping. "Best friends that will come over and watch your kids and tell you to take a nap are just a blessing," she wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. This caused multiple trolls to attack her parenting style. "Needing a break from all that time off and letting someone else raise your kids. You should be ashamed," one user replied. "lol you think 'the help' is your friend," another added. However, several fans came to Brittany's defense.

Online trolls are not the only ones who have taken issue with Brittany's parental decision-making. She poked fun at herself in March after bringing Sterling to a sporting event. "Brought a toddler to a Professional Tennis Match today, not the brightest idea," she wrote on Instagram. Patrick Mahomes has gushed over his wife's parenting, while trying to be a more present father himself.

Why Patrick Mahomes finds football easier than parenting

When Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes were expecting their first kid, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was asked about possibly getting help raising the child — in the form of a teammate. "I can't let Trav [Travis Kelce] or anybody [babysit]. You never know what would happen," he jokingly told ESPN in September 2020. Fast forward two years, and the couple were now parents of two. "It's awesome to bring in a son to add to my family. Everything went great, and everything went smooth, and Brittany's a champ, so it's been really cool," the NFL star told KMBC 9 in November 2022, after the birth of their son Patrick "Bronze" Mahomes.

Juggling a high-profile NFL career with parenting is not an issue many can relate to, so Patrick turned to retired quarterback Peyton Manning for advice. "What stuck with me is he said, 'At the end of my career, I wish I would have [brought my kids to games], so my kids could've seen what I was doing every day,'" Patrick said while appearing on "CBS Mornings" in July.

That work Patrick puts on the gridiron pales in comparison to the difficulties at home. "I wish it was as easy as it was on the football field," the Chiefs franchise player told The Kansas City Star in August. "Sterling kind of runs the household so I talk to her but she doesn't always listen," he said about his oldest kid.