Tragic Details About Harry Jowsey

The following article includes descriptions of mental health issues.

Reality stars (like it or not) have become pop culture fixtures who use their television stints to shortcut their way to B-list fame. Whether they are fighting for a chance at love, competing in a survival-like game show, or attempting to become the next big influencer, they usually have one goal in mind. Most of the time, reality television personalities are looking for a shot at fame and fortune, whether that comes in the form of Instagram followers or simply becoming relevant in the public eye.

Harry Jowsey achieved both of those goals after he was introduced to viewers on Season 1 of the Netflix series "Too Hot to Handle" in 2020. The show takes contestants to a beachside location under the impression that they will compete in a show to find love. Shortly after mixing and mingling, the reality stars later find out that they must refrain from any romantic activity unless granted by Lana, a talking robot cone. As rules are broken, money from the overall prize fund is deducted. In short, Jowsey became infamous on the series for his trysts with Francesca Farago, with whom he depleted (and later earned back) a large portion of the cast's prize money.

Jowsey has gone on to become a well-known celeb, competing on other shows and even becoming a "Dancing with the Stars" contestant. But while his Instagram presence depicts a lavish life speckled with several photos of his wash-board abs, the "THTH" star has had his fair share of struggles since he's become famous. We're breaking down the tragic details about Harry Jowsey.

Harry Jowsey spent all of his money trying to become a model

Before Harry Jowsey was breaking rules on "Too Hot to Handle" or dancing his way into our hearts on "Dancing with the Stars," the tall brunette had visions of being a model in Australia. Jowsey was born in a small town in central Queensland, where he spent most days on his family's farm feeding the resident bull. But his days pursuing higher education were often overshadowed by his desire to make a name for himself. 

"I was at university, but it wasn't working for me. I wasn't really happy. I was trying to become a model," Jowsey told Forbes. The Aussie native admitted to signing up for a modeling agency but being gauged with steep prices for sign-up fees and casting call photos that had him going broke. "I spent all my money trying to get to like Sydney. I didn't have a lot of money and was at university trying to figure it out," he added.

Jowsey left his modeling dreams behind when he tried out for the Australian reality show "Heartbreak Island," which debuted in 2018. He went on to win the show and split the $100,000 cash prize alongside his then-girlfriend Georgia Bryers. Afterward, he invested in his social media brand in a major way (boasts over millions of followers). "... Since then I have spent so much time, money and effort into growing my account to where it is at. Which has been the best thing I have ever done!" he told Nathan Tito

Harry Jowsey's reached a dark point in his relationship with Francesca Farago

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago's whirlwind relationship began when they both starred in Season 1 of "Too Hot to Handle" together. While they lost (and later re-couped) tons of prize money for their cast mates due to their intense physical chemistry, it turned out to be for the best, as their connection continued offscreen. After meeting while filming the show in 2019, Farago visited Jowsey in Australia, but their relationship ended shortly after due to the long-distance factor (Farago was based in Vancouver at the time). 

The two got back together in 2020, and Jowsey even proposed to Farago on the reunion episode for "THTH." The two split yet again months later with COVID-19 quarantine restrictions and the distance between them taking a toll on their relationship. While they seemed to reconcile briefly after being seen together in Instagram snaps celebrating Jowsey's 24th birthday in 2021, Farago admitted on the "Domenick Nati Show" that the two had called it quits after Jowsey had reportedly made disrespectful remarks about the Canadian online.

As for Jowsey, he admitted in a YouTube video that the pair broke up after dealing with the highest highs and the lowest lows. "We would have the highest highs — the best highs, like, the happiest moments of my entire life were with her," he admitted, adding, "But when things were bad, they were really bad. So every time we would fight, it would just be the worst and most depressed times in my entire life. I can't stress that enough."

Harry Jowsey's puppy died suddenly

Harry Jowsey suffered a heartbreaking loss when his French bulldog died in the Fall of 2023. Social media users started noticing something was off with Jowsey when the influencer went quiet on his Snapchat account, something unusual for the reality star as his social media presence is a huge part of his brand. When a fan asked the star why he wasn't posting any photos, Jowsey replied (per The Sun), "Because it's been a really sad weekend. I'll explain it later. Just a little heartbroken."

The "Too Hot to Handle" star followed up the reply with a photo to his Snapchat Story featuring him holding his black puppy alongside his dance partner Rylee Arnold. He cleared up the confusion when he later confirmed that the Frenchie he had gotten just weeks before had died. "We lost bean this weekend, when we were about to leave this weekend she fell off the couch and landed flat on her back," he wrote on his Snapchat Story. He added that he and Arnold rushed the dog to the emergency veterinarian, but doctors told him a recovery was unlikely.

While he admitted he did everything in his power to save his pet, attempts were unsuccessful. "Yesterday they called me and told me that I had to come say goodbye, so me and Rylee came down and gave her one last kiss and cuddle before she passed," he continued.

Harry Jowsey received death threats from 'Dancing With The Stars' fans

Harry Jowsey's past may be coming back to haunt him. The Queensland native came under fire in 2021 for making homophobic remarks about Youtuber James Charles on his podcast "Tap In with Harry Jowsey." TMZ posted a video of the star heard on a hot mic saying: "James Charles is trying to f*** me," later adding, "He's just some f*****." While Jowsey later apologized for the comments, some "Dancing with The Stars" fans haven't forgotten. 

"People finally remember that Harry said a whole a** homophobic slur, I see," one user wrote on X (per The Sun). "I'm honestly scared for the outcome [at this point] because there's no wayyyyyyy Lele just went home before Rylee and Harry I'm sorry ... this is rigged I'm calling it now," another wrote. Some viewers were happy to see Jowsey go after week nine when he and his partner Rylee Arnold were eliminated on a Taylor Swift-themed night. 

The reality star referenced the comments in an Access Hollywood interview, admitting that some fans took their hatred to a severe level. When asked what his takeaways would be from the show, Jowsey responded: "... Trying something new ... and not being afraid, and also being able to put up with so much hate. It's been crazy, I can't believe I've had people give me death threats over my terrible dance moves." But the former "DWTS" contestant admitted he's not taking anything personally. "Winners focus on winning and losers focus on winners," he later posted on his Instagram Story (per The Sun).

Harry Jowsey's tearful 'Dancing with the Stars elimination

Harry Jowsey may have danced his way off of viewers screens after being eliminated on week nine of "Dancing with the Stars" Season 32, but it wasn't before a tearful goodbye. The "Heartbreak Island" star gave an emotional final performance dancing the Rumba alongside Rylee Arnold to Taylor Swift's track "August." After being confronted with rumors all season concerning a potential romantic relationship between him and Arnold, the pair seemed to lean into their undeniable chemistry during the tearjerking dance. 

It wasn't enough to save the pair, however, as they were eliminated just ahead of the semi-finals. The two scored a 30 for their Rumba, and they weren't able to beat out competitors Alyson Hannigan and Sasha Farber in the dance relay to Swift's track "Shake It Off." With tears in his eyes, Jowsey reflected on his experience dancing for millions of viewers — one that seemed unimaginable years ago while he was living in Queensland. "It's just kind of crazy," he told Extra TV. "I'm just from a small farm in Australia, never danced in my life, I'm the size of a tree ... and we just wanted to have fun this whole time," he added.

Jowsey posted to Instagram following the elimination, writing: "I cannot believe we made it as far as we did, we really owe it to you guys. If it wasn't for your votes, comments, love, and support, we would have been out a long time ago. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Harry Jowsey accused Georgia Hassarati of cheating on him

Harry Jowsey made some shocking claims about his ex-girlfriend Georgia Hassarati, and she's not exactly keen on his comments. Jowsey started dating Hassarati, a fellow "Too Hot to Handle" alum, in June of 2022 for a few months before the two briefly parted ways. The reality stars later reconciled in the Winter of 2023 but split up again just a few months later. Their breakup was anything but smooth, however, as they both have different versions as to why they split. 

Jowsey seemingly shaded Hassarati when he guest-starred on Alex Cooper's "Call Her Daddy" podcast when he alluded to his ex-girlfriend cheating on him. "I think when they start to take a fancy for other guys while you're in a relationship, that tends to like ... that will really set you over that line," he admitted without naming names. "You have a boyfriend — you shouldn't be, like, bouncing on that guy."

Many fans took that reference to be a dig at Hassarati, as did the reality star. She took to TikTok in a series of videos defending herself, admitting Jowsey broke up with her with a handwritten letter that he left on her bed. The star denied cheating and admitted it was the "DWTS" alum who had been unfaithful to her — just two days after the pair said "I love you." She also claimed he was controlling in the relationship, saying, "He needed my location, he was so obsessive over everything I did because he has such a guilty conscience."

Harry Jowsey has a dark mental health history

Behind his beaming Instagram smiles and charismatic demeanor, Harry Jowsey has battled some serious inner demons. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the reality star admitted that his seemingly perfect life on social media is a stark contrast to his life before fame. "I used to cut the top of my arm instead of the underneath. There is a scar there," he told the publication, adding that he told his parents the scars were due to accident injuries as a cover story. 

The "Too Hot to Handle" star admitted that negative thoughts plagued him throughout his adulthood, sometimes due to toxic relationships. "There was more recently as well where I had a really dark time and I couldn't figure out how to get through it," he explained. While Jowsey admitted that he still experiences obstacles with his mental health, he's used therapy as a coping tool. "It comes in waves, but there's never been a moment where I've been like, I'm going to end it all now. There has always been light," he exclaimed.

Staying single may be the key to Jowsey's ups and downs with mental health. He admitted as much after his breakup with Georgia Hassarati, which was the trigger for him to start seeing a therapist. "I think that I just need to focus on myself a little bit because this last breakups [sic] have possibly been the hardest thing I've ever been through," he told E! News, adding that he plans to stay single until he turns 28.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.

Harry Jowsey's journey to sobriety

Harry Jowsey is often remembered for his candid banter, witty sex jokes, and endless amounts of crazy antics, but nowadays, he's changing his course. While his loyal fan base discovered him indulging in booze-filled parties and trying his best to keep his hands off his cast mates on "Too Hot to Handle," Jowsey admitted that his path forward is a sober one. 

"My goal isn't to go out and party and get f***ed up all the time, I just need to realign my goals and focus on the man that I want to be in five years," he explained to Newsweek. "I'm moving my career in a different direction, maybe I should be a little bit more serious about it and be a little bit more focused. The "Heartbreak Island" star admitted he wants to try his hand at acting, and he didn't want alcohol to be a limiting factor in the future.

The "DWTS" alum revealed he gave up drinking for 100 days after New Year's Eve in 2022, only allowing himself beverages during a music festival that April. He went sober again afterward, vowing to stay alcohol-free until his next birthday the following year. "For me, maybe it's the universe helping move the needle along a little bit or maybe it's just the right time at the right place, but I stopped one thing so drastically and it's opened up a bunch of doors. It feels like I'm taking a step in the right direction," he explained.