A Look At Harry Jowsey's Dating History

If you're not familiar with Netflix's "Too Hot to Handle" star Harry Jowsey, we'll recap for you. The Australian native got his big reality TV break in 2020 when the first season of "THTH" was released on the streaming platform. The show involves several singles traveling to a luxurious location under the premise that they would attempt to find love (as it goes with most reality dating shows), except this time there is a twist. 

After arriving at the villa, "THTH" stars are informed that they have to adhere to strict rules, which include no romantic interactions with their fellow cast members unless it's deemed okay by Lana, a talking cone robot. If the stars break the rules, each infraction subtracts money from the total prize fund. The idea is to generate real emotional connections between cast members aside from physical touch, but avoiding temptation proves a task too big for some season after season.

Jowsey was infamous on the show due to his inability to keep his hands off his co-star, Francesca Farago. Though he and Farago lost over $30,000 in prize fund money due to their forbidden trysts, they ultimately managed to earn it back by the final episode. His flirty nature, witty humor, and good looks quickly gained him star power after the show aired, and Jowsey quickly became one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. The Netflix star has since dipped — or should we say dove — into the dating pool, but he's still on the hunt for his perfect match. Here's a look at Harry Jowsey's dating history.

He was engaged to THTH co-star Francesca Farago

Out of all the women who have been on Harry Jowsey's arm, perhaps the most notable is Francesca Farago. After several forbidden hookups on "THTH" (much to the dismay of their fellow cast members), the two rode out the season together as a couple and vowed to stick it out off-screen. They ended up taking trips to see each other in their respective home countries, with Farago visiting him in Australia and Jowsey flying to Canada, but the two called it quits by the summer of 2019. According to a joint interview with Glamour, they took a break due to miscommunication and the stressors of a long-distance relationship.

Ultimately, they reconciled early the following year, with Jowsey popping the question to the Vancouver native on the Season 1 virtual reunion in April 2020. Their engagement only lasted a few months before the stress of COVID-19 and closed borders caused further strain on their relationship. While the pair sparked reconciliation rumors with since-deleted Instagram snaps after celebrating Jowsey's 24th birthday together in May 2021, Farago soon cleared their relationship status up. "We were getting back together," she said on the "Domenick Nati Show." "... We were getting to know each other slowly. And then, he was just being extremely disrespectful to me online."

As for Jowsey, he told E! News: "We'll never be together again. That was a very toxic relationship that definitely ran its course. I will always have love for her, and I'll always look back at that moment and cherish it."

Harry Jowsey secretly hooked up with Madison Wyborny

Harry Jowsey seems to have a thing for his "THTH" co-stars, because it's not just Francesca Farago that he's had his eye on. Madison Wyborny was a late addition to the Season 1 cast, and while she didn't find love on the show, she had a brief romance with Jowsey off-screen. According to sources cited by the Daily Mail Australia in May 2020, Jowsey and Wyborny were close pals who ended up dating for months during his 2019 break from Francesca Farago. However, he later claimed on Us Weekly's "Watch With Us" podcast, "We hooked up a couple of times, and then things ended with that quite quickly because she was, like, testing me." Jowsey added, "I do feel sorry for Madison because I think she was trying, she just didn't know how to communicate it." 

But Wyborny has a different version of events. The Instagram model told Elite Daily that things were more serious than that, and that she even flew to see Jowsey in Australia in August 2019. Things were apparently on-and-off until February 2020, when Wyborny claimed she found out Jowsey was secretly seeing Farago via his friend's Instagram Story. 

"The relationship we had was real," Wyborny said, going on to allege, "Harry saw he would get more clout by saying he is still dating the girl he was with on the show. Considering how negatively he would talk about Francesca to me, I would have never expected he'd get back together with her. So [their relationship] is 100% for publicity, and it's working."

He sparked dating rumors with Stassie Karanikolaou and Larsa Pippen

Amid Harry Jowsey's on-and-off relationship with Francesca Farago, the Netflix star was seen out and about with a few other high-profile beauties. Social media sleuths put two and two together quickly after Jowsey posted clips with model Stassie Karanikolaou on his Instagram in August 2020. Karanikolaou — who is famously BFFs with Kylie Jenner — was also seen grabbing dinner with the reality star in Los Angeles around the same time. 

Though the two never confirmed nor denied their rumored romance, some speculated that it seemed like more of a publicity stunt than anything serious. Prior to the two being spotted together, Jowsey was reeling about the loss of thousands of Instagram followers after his split with Farago. "I can't believe it, it's damaging my brand," he told The Courier Mail at the time. Dare we say a bit dramatic?

Jowsey also reportedly hooked up with "The Real Housewives of Miami" star Larsa Pippen in October 2020. Paparazzi caught the pair enjoying a night out in Beverly Hills at an Italian restaurant, leading fans to believe they were dating. Pippen posted a video with the reality star on her Instagram Story at the time, writing: "So, I decided I need dance lessons. So, I called my friend Harry." Jowsey jokingly added, "We're going to be doing salsa lessons," before they both advised, "Stay tuned." Despite the seemingly romantic outing, Pipped shut down relationship rumors, telling the "Hollywood Raw" podcast that November that the two were just friends.

Harry Jowsey claimed Julia Rose cheated on him

Harry Jowsey made some harsh claims about ex Julia Rose. The pair started seeing each other in October 2020, when they were spotted getting cozy together at brunch in California. Rose had split with boxer and YouTube star Jake Paul at the start of that year, and Jowsey was on his second break from Francesca Farago. However, their relationship was cut short after the Instagram influencer was spotted with Paul in Instagram pics that surfaced the following month. As you may have guessed, Jowsey and Rose have different versions of events as to what went down. 

"S***, it's crazy. That's how I found out she was cheating on me," the Netflix star claimed to TheHollywoodFix. "... If she has to use me to get back with someone that she is happy around, then that's fine." He went on to add, "She was saying she loved me and s***. ... It just sucks that she had to use me in the process to get back with him." He also somewhat jokingly threatened Paul, saying, "I'll box the f*** out of him."

Rose swiftly clapped back on the "Impaulsive" podcast, revealing, "It was super fast, and a lot of different red flags came up." Claiming that their relationship only lasted a week, she noted how she suspected Jowsey would call the paparazzi on them to get shots of their outings. Paul also chimed in on the alleged love triangle, telling No Comment: "I think he's a little delusional. ... They weren't dating, he thought that they were dating."

The THTH star's love triangle with Mia Francis and Jake Paul

In February 2021, Harry Jowsey got himself involved in another seemingly awkward love triangle, this time featuring Mia Francis and another familiar face. In footage obtained by TooFab, the "THTH" star — who'd reportedly reached out to Francis on Instagram prior to their hookup — was seen making out with the Instagram model as they went out together in Miami. The only problem? Francis was allegedly seeing Jake Paul at the same time. 

Insiders cited by the outlet suggested that the OnlyFans star wasn't in a committed relationship with Paul at the time. For his part, Jowsey supposedly later learned of her connection to Paul through one of the YouTuber's Instagram videos from that January, which features Francis laying cozily next to Paul on a beach. 

Given the drama that went down between Jowsey and Paul over their shared ex, Julia Rose, just months prior, it seemingly only added fuel to the fire. Now that's what we call drama that's too hot to handle. All that said, despite the apparent overlap, sources claimed to TooFab that Francis and Jowsey had nothing more than a short-lived fling.

Harry Jowsey's alleged fling with Tana Mongeau

Any publicity is good publicity, right? Just ask Harry Jowsey, as the "THTH" star is often dodging dating rumors surrounding whatever social media star he happens to post content with. It's not a bad strategy for Jowsey, given the fact that he wasn't happy about losing Instagram followers due to a breakup in the past. 

As such, fans questioned the Netflix star about his relationship with YouTuber Tana Mongeau after they posted TikTok videos together in November 2020 and May 2021. In the latter TikTok, from around the time Jowsey was rumored to have reconciled with Francesca Farago, Mongeau jokingly asked him, "Did you have to have two separate birthday dinners, one for me to come to and one for Francesca to come to?" She later claimed in another video that Farago insisted she take the clip down. "If you have such a problem with my existence, Francesca, [and] my friendship with your ex, why don't you text me?" Mongeau said. "Because you seem to be able to write my name just fine in all of your TikTok comments."

Following the online drama, Jowsey revealed he has nothing but love for Mongeau — but not in the romantic sense. "Honestly, from day one, we were just homies. We both immediately knew it wasn't going anywhere," he told The Things that August. "We play around with it on social media to keep people on their toes, but honestly, never been there, never plan to go there. It's black and white."

He slid into Khloe Kardashian's DMs

The sky's seemingly the limit in Harry Jowsey's dating world. At least, it seemed so when he admitted he took his shot at dating Khloé Kardashian. In February 2022, the reality star revealed on his podcast "Tap In" that he had previously DM'd the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star after she broke up with Tristan Thompson — albeit with no success. Despite his missed attempts, a Kardashian fan page posted a since-deleted rumor weeks later that the two stars were not only speaking, but that the "THTH" star had allegedly delivered flowers to Kardashian in a Bentley (these claims were later debunked). 

"I guess because I posted [the flowers] on my [Instagram] Story and I was like, 'Going to go surprise someone special.' That's where the rumor started with this Khloé s***," Jowsey explained on his podcast. "Ever since then, it took off." While Jowsey stayed quiet on the reports at the time, he admitted to posting strategically to generate more speculation and publicity. Meanwhile, Kardashian commented on the since-removed blind item: "ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE." 

Despite being publicly shot down by the Good American founder, Jowsey still had some hope. "Here's the thing. I wish I was a new Scott Disick," he said. "I wish these rumors are true, but they're not."

Harry Jowsey dated a third THTH star: Georgia Hassarati

In 2022, Harry Jowsey went on to date another "THTH" alum, but who's counting? The reality TV star found love with Georgia Hassarati, who was a cast member on Season 3 of the Netflix series and also later won Season 1 of "Perfect Match." Jowsey and Hassarati began seeing each other after taping a podcast together. While their connection seemed immediate (Jowsey claimed they slept together the same day they met, despite Hassarati later denying the allegation on Nick Viall's podcast), the two called it quits a few months later that September.

While Jowsey and Hassarati reconciled by February 2023, they officially broke off their on-and-off romance sometime that April amidst claims of infidelity. Jowsey alluded to an ex allegedly being unfaithful on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast that July, and while he didn't name names, it didn't take a rocket scientist to guess he was referring to Hassarati. "I think when they start to take a fancy for other guys while you're in a relationship, that tends to like ... that will really set you over that line," he said. "You have a boyfriend — you shouldn't be, like, bouncing on that guy."

The "Perfect Match" winner swiftly took to TikTok to defend herself. Denying the cheating accusations, she claimed that Jowsey insisted she send photos to him while she was working at Coachella to prove she was loyal — which she obliged — but that he ultimately ended things afterward due to a "gut feeling" she'd cheated.

He made out with TikTok star Charly Jordan

Let's back up just a bit. Prior to his serious romance with Georgia Hassarati, Charly Jordan and Harry Jowsey got the rumor mill buzzing in February 2022 when they were spotted packing on the PDA at a Super Bowl party (not long after the whole Khloé Kardashian thing went down). The two seemed to be getting quite cozy together, while spending Valentine's Day together and later posting a TikTok video featuring them locking lips, which naturally had fans wondering if they were an item.

However, after fans continued to speculate later that month, Jowsey took to Instagram to answer questions about the status of his relationship at the time. "Everyone needs to relax," he responded, adding of his connection with Jordan, "We haven't put a label on it yet." The pair's relationship seemed like nothing more than an innocent fling, and following his split from Hassarati a little over a year later, Jowsey was focusing on himself and his single life. 

On the "Call Her Daddy" podcast in July 2023, the reality star revealed that he was looking to settle down. "Everyone stay away from me, unless you're the wife — unless you're the one," he said, adding, "I've learned enough lessons."

Harry Jowsey's rumored romance with DWTS partner Rylee Arnold

Harry Jowsey's dancing skills weren't the only things catching the eyes of viewers on Season 32 of "Dancing With the Stars." With the Netflix star scoring a disappointing 15 out of 30 for his salsa performance on Latin night in October 2023, he had a rough start to the competition show. But things were looking up by Week 3, when he impressed the judges with his foxtrot. But as you may have guessed, viewers were less concerned about Jowsey performing the cha-cha and more interested in his love life.

Fans soon began shipping a potential romantic relationship between Jowsey and his professional dance partner, Rylee Arnold. The two have undeniable chemistry on the dance floor, but in typical Jowsey fashion, he played coy about the topic — neither confirming nor denying a love connection. "We just enjoy hanging out, and we love each other," he told ET. "So it's been great." His partner agreed with him, and Jowsey went on to say the pair were opting to simply "keep the mystery in it." When the two were spotted leaving a Tate McRae concert hand-in-hand around the time they were questioned about their relationship, it did little to quell the speculation.

While they say where there's smoke there's fire, no matter their relationship status, we just hope it's not too hot for Jowsey to handle. Calling the dating rumors "a little bit unfair" to Arnold, Jowsey told People, "We're trying our best to focus on the dance, and whatever happens, happens."