The Two A-List Celebs Daniel Radcliffe Admits Crushing On

Yes, the "Harry Potter" books are about how Harry Potter and his friends defeat Lord Voldemort, but they also feature a lot of teenage angst and romance. Outside of the wizarding world, everyone wants to know the details of "Harry Potter" actor Daniel Radcliffe's love life IRL, too. Per People, the "Equus" star has been dating Erin Darke since they met on the set of the 2013 film "Kill Your Darlings," and in 2023, the pair welcomed a son. "It's great. It's crazy and intense, but he's wonderful and Erin is amazing — it's a real privilege also to have this time with him," Radcliffe told Entertainment Tonight in July.

Before Darke was ever in the picture, Radcliffe was just a kid thrust into the spotlight who had a crush on two of the three Charlie's Angels. Relatable, right? "Cameron Diaz was my first celebrity crush. I had pictures of her and Drew Barrymore taped to my bedroom wall," the actor admitted to Us Weekly in 2014. Radcliffe reiterated this opinion during an April 2022 interview with "Capital Breakfast." "Cameron Diaz is still very high on the list, Drew Barrymore is there," he said.

We imagine that appearing on "The Drew Barrymore Show" in November of that year was a dream come true for his younger self! Naturally, Barrymore couldn't help having a little fun at Radcliffe's expense.

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz made a video for Daniel Radcliffe

When Drew Barrymore asked Daniel Radcliffe about crushing on her and Cameron Diaz on "The Drew Barrymore Show," the star owned up to it. "Yes, I did have posters of both [of] you," he told the host, per People. Barrymore was visibly giddy, calling it "so cool" and telling her fellow actor that she was going to "milk this for all it's worth." She went on to tell Radcliffe that in honor of his teenage feelings, she and Diaz had collaborated on a special video.

In the video, Barrymore teased Radcliffe's upcoming appearance on the show, while Diaz sported an ever-growing collection of "Harry Potter" gear — before the pair eventually jumped on a broomstick and "flew" away. Radcliffe loved it. "I mean, seriously, if you could tell [a] 10-year-old or 11-year-old me ... that would happen one day ... This is a weird, cool life moment. Thank you, Miss Diaz," he responded.

Apparently, the actor's childhood feelings for Diaz and Barrymore were an open secret on the set of "Harry Potter." In his memoir "Beyond the Wand" (via Insider), actor Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) explained that Radcliffe brought a picture of Diaz to assist him during filming. As the producers were increasingly asking them to look at different things during a broomstick scene, "We chose pictures of something or somebody close to our hearts. Daniel Radcliffe had a picture of a particularly beautiful Cameron Diaz," Felton wrote.

Have they found their happily ever after?

It's interesting that Daniel Radcliffe has remained true to his childhood crushes for so long, continuing to mention their names in interviews as recently as 2022. When he named both Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore during an April 2022 "Capital Breakfast" interview, host Roman Kemp teased him for his "old-school choices." Radcliffe was quick to defend them, responding, "Those people are still around!" And Barrymore, for one, certainly appreciates the support. She responded to Radcliffe's interview on her own show, telling co-host Ross Matthews (via Hello! Magazine), "That is crazy, it seems like [Daniel] has a type!"

It's all in good fun though, because Radcliffe, Diaz, and Barrymore are all currently off the market. In October 2023, Barrymore revealed she's been seeing a special someone for a while. "Funny enough the person I have been seeing sort of in and around the last three years I met on Raya," she explained (via ET). Meanwhile, Diaz has been happily married to Benji Madden since 2015, per People.

As for Radcliffe, he and Erin Darke seem to be in it for the long haul. As far back as 2014, the actor teased that he may have found The One. Telling Us Weekly that Darke was special, Radcliffe added, "I think that's the kind of relationship I always aspire to have with someone I'm in a relationship with. You want that person to be your best friend." We think his onscreen counterpart Harry Potter would absolutely agree!