Joyce Randolph, Trixie From The Honeymooners, Dead At 99

Joyce Randolph, famous for playing Trixie Norton in the 1950s black-and-white sitcom "The Honeymooners," died on January 13, 2024, TMZ confirmed. She was 99 years old. As disclosed by her son to TMZ, Randolph "Randy" Richard Charles, Randolph passed away in her sleep at her New York City home. Due to old age, the actor hadn't been able to walk and was being assisted through hospice care. 

Randolph, who was the last surviving main actor of the beloved TV comedy, burst onto the scene decades ago. After moving to New York City in 1943, she started performing in Broadway plays, commercials, and TV shows, per People. Her feature in a 1951 chewing gum commercial caught the attention of future "Honeymooners" co-star Jackie Gleason, who booked her in his variety show "Cavalcade of Stars." Gleason went on to star in "The Honeymooners," which proved to be the pinnacle of her career. Randolph won the hearts of viewers with her portrayal of the charismatic Trixie, the wife of Art Carney's Ed Norton. 

Inside Joyce Randolph's career

The late Joyce Randolph started acting at 19 in a touring production of "Stage Door," according to The New York Times. In 1945, the Michigan native made her Broadway debut in "A Goose for the Gander." She also made her way to the TV screen, with her career and fame reaching new heights in "The Honeymooners." In 2012, Randolph reflected on playing Trixie with The New York Times (via The Hollywood Reporter.) "We just played ourselves. Nobody told us to characterize in any way. It was learn those lines and go on," she shared.

Aside from occasional TV cameos, Randolph mostly stopped acting after starring in "The Honeymooners." In 1991, Randolph revived Trixie in an episode of the TV sitcom "Hi Honey, I'm Home." As for Randolph's personal life, she married business executive Richard Charles in 1955. The couple had one child, son Randolph "Randy" Charles. Richard died in 1997, leaving behind his wife and son.

Following Randolph's death, fans shared their tributes on X, formerly known as Twitter. One fan tweeted, "RIP Joyce Randolph, Trixie from the Iconic and greatest show ever, The Honeymooners. The last living member of main 4 End of an era." Actor James Woods wrote, "Joyce Randolph was a one-woman acting class in deadpan comedy. To go toe-to-toe with Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, and Audrey Meadows without blinking, you had to be the best. A comedy genius. Thank you for hours of laughter that will never be topped."