Everything The Vanderpump Rules Cast Has Said About Raquel Leviss Leaving The Show

Bravoholics, get ready to revisit the moment that changed reality television forever — Scandoval. A new "Vanderpump Rules" season is here, but Raquel Leviss will be noticeably missing after leaving the show following her shocking affair with Tom Sandoval. Now, fellow castmates are speaking about her exit.

"Vanderpump Rules" has had fans talking for months, sharing their opinion on the shocking Scandoval affair. Even Bravo host Andy Cohen revealed his feelings toward Raquel Leviss' abrupt exit, he told US Weekly, "I think it's a personal decision. If that was the healthiest move for her, I respect looking at it and saying, 'This was not something that brought out the best in me so I'm going to choose something else.'" Viewers couldn't believe the lies and deceit of Sandoval cheating on longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix, with her then-BFF Leviss. She returned for the reunion as the cast hurled insults at her, but little did people know, this would be the last time Leviss would be an official "Vanderpump" castmate.

After months of speculation, a source confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that Leviss wouldn't return to "Vanderpump Rules" for Season 11. They said, "Rachel will not be returning for Season 11 of 'Vanderpump Rules.' There was a possibility up until recently she'd be returning for the new season, but ultimately decided against it." Leviss' exit has been a hot topic, and a few castmates have weighed in. What they had to say may shock you.

Katie Maloney and Lala Kent were open to having Raquel Leviss return

Lala Kent and especially Katie Maloney were fierce protectors of Ariana Madix after news of the "Vanderpump Rules" bombshell affair broke. Kent even said on her podcast, "Give Them LaLa," that the cast had turned into "vicious dogs" when Raquel Leviss came to the reunion. But things have since changed, and Kent and Maloney were open to having Leviss return for season 11.

In January 2024, Kent revealed to Page Six, "I thought that she needed to come back to the group after dust had settled and people were willing to hear her out, make her amends in a calmer setting and then ride off into the distance." Kent believed that had Leviss returned, it would have brought a sense of closure to the entire group about what went down.

Maloney backed her co-star up, and while she wouldn't have been Leviss' biggest fan, she would have given her a shot to make amends. She told Page Six, "I don't think anyone was like, 'Dang I wish Rachel was here,' but I think given everything that had went down, I think now that she's got a podcast I think it would've been good." The business owner even revealed that "no one would've been upset" if she had returned to the show. Not just that, but Maloney felt Leviss had just as much of a right to return to the show as some other controversial castmates, namely Sandoval.

Lisa Vanderpump wanted Raquel Leviss to come to her to talk about Scandoval

The queen of it all, Lisa Vanderpump, would have loved to talk to Raquel Leviss one-on-one about her affair with Tom Sandoval. Now, whether this conversation would have happened on camera or off, the world will never know, but it definitely would have made for some good television. Still, Vanderpump was upset that Leviss' first interview post-Scandoval was on Bethenny Frankel's podcast, "Just B," per Page Six

Vanderpump said, "I wish she'd actually come to me instead of sitting in the safety of somebody else's podcast. Had she come to me, I think I would've been good to her." The SUR owner even addressed Leviss' remark about not seeing the money from her explosive affair with Tom Sandoval. "I know exactly how much money she made," Vanderpump continued. "It was six figures. It was good!" Vanderpump seemed open to Leviss' return to the show and had even hoped it would happen, but that wasn't what the reality star wanted.

Apparently, Leviss' decision to leave the show was out of respect for Ariana Madix. Leviss explained on her podcast, "Rachel Goes Rogue," saying, "I could only imagine the pain I would cause by filming in the same environment with Ariana. Being involved with somebody's boyfriend while they're still in a relationship is a huge betrayal and so painful as it is." Leviss didn't want to make Madix uncomfortable by returning to the show, but clearly Sandoval didn't mind.