Is Reba McEntire Married To Rex Linn? The Singer And Her Man Are Closer Than Ever

Reba McEntire knew Rex Linn for decades before the pair started seeing each other romantically. There was a lot of build up to the two finally sharing a kiss, and the "I'm a Survivor" singer said it was "incredible" when they finally did, as she told Page Six in October 2023. The pair fell head-over-heels for one another quickly, which made many wonder if the singer and actor had plans for marriage

"If I say I wanna get married, I'm sure he'd say that's fine, but we get along so well right now why rock the boat?" McEntire told E! in January 2023 while discussing the prospect of tying the knot with the "CSI: Miami" actor. Later that year, as the couple became even closer, McEntire was once again asked about walking the aisle. "I told him if he wanted to get married that's up to him totally. He doesn't seem pressured one way or the other," the "Reba" star told Taste of Country in November 2023.

He may not be her husband, but Linn still has an impact on McEntire's career. The "Does He Love You" singer recalled being offered a chance to sing the national anthem at the 2024 Super Bowl by her manager. "And Rex is bouncing off the walls. 'Absolutely she'll do it!'" she recalled to Apple Music in February. Linn was so amped about his girlfriend's opportunity that he kept pushing her to practice. The couple even joked about betting on McEntire's Super Bowl performance.

Their low-key Valentine's Day celebrations

The day before Reba McEntire performed the national anthem at the 2024 Super Bowl, she uploaded an Instagram video with Rex Linn. "When Rex wants to bet on the National Anthem length," she wrote in the caption — as a reference to the popular prop bet among gamblers. In the clip, the couple lip sync audio from a famous scene on "Friends" in which Joey and Rachel hint to each other that they know Monica and Chandler are dating. "Do you know something?" Linn mouthed over the audio of Joey. "I might know something too," McEntire lip-synced while comically covering her mouth. Fans loved seeing the playful pair. "Give these two a show," one fan responded.

Even though the couple spend a lot of time together and post about each other often on social media, McEntire had not changed Linn's contact name in her phone since their early days of dating. She said on "Today" in October 2023 that he was still saved as "long distance bf." Meanwhile, the "Cliffhanger" actor saved his girlfriend under the nickname "Tater Tot" (they call themselves "The Tots").

The pet name is fitting when you consider that the duo went to Sonic for Valentine's Day. "We just sit in the car and eat," McEntire told "Today" when discussing their low-key celebration. The couple enjoyed In-N-Out Burger for Valentine's Day in 2023, as Linn shared on his Instagram page. "Sorry, we didn't take a picture of the best Valentines dinner ever before we devoured it!!!" he wrote in the caption.