The Sign Lana Del Rey Has Bad Blood With Her Ex Sean Larkin

Lana Del Rey did not date Sean Larkin for long, but the fallout from their relationship lasted years. The former couple were originally spotted together in New York in September 2019, and the "Summertime Sadness" singer made their relationship Instagram official a couple of months later, in December 2019, when she posted a snap of Larkin hugging her while planting a kiss on her head. A month later, they made their red carpet debut when the "On Patrol: Live" star accompanied Del Rey to the Grammys in January 2020. She sported a silver dress that Entertainment Tonight joked matched her beau's silver hair.

Only a couple months after their appearance at the Grammys together, the duo had apparently called it quits. The former police officer spoke about their relationship to The New York Times in March 2020. "When we were in Tulsa, we hung out with my law enforcement friends and their spouses," Larkin told the outlet. "Normal things couples do with their friends," he added while mentioning he and Del Rey had become "just friends" who stayed in contact. Less than two years later, Larkin had not only fully moved on but had married another woman, Carey Cadieux.

That did not sit well with Del Rey, who seemed to throw shade at her ex-boyfriend by adding revised lyrics to her track "A&W" in February 2023. "I had no idea you were engaged," she sang in a TikTok shared with fans. In fact, Del Rey had a slew of lyrics that appeared aimed at her one-time boyfriend.

Why fans think Sean Larkin cheated

In the video recorded while driving her car in February 2023, Lana Del Rey softly sang revised lyrics to "A&W" that seemed to take shots at Sean Larkin. Fans believed the new lyrics were a reference to Del Rey dating the former Tulsa police officer while he was planning to marry his future wife. "Got a policeman who turn on the backbeat ... Slips out the back door to talk to me ... You should've told me," she sang. One Redditor speculated that the "White Dress" singer started seeing Larkin again after they broke up, but he never disclosed his relationship status. That was not the only time Del Rey used lyrics to strongly hint at how Larkin had mistreated her.

While performing "Chemtrails Over the Country Club" in July 2023, the singer once again revised her lyrics. "He's born in December, and he got married when we were still together," she sang. Larkin's birthday happens to be December 7. "Sometimes I wonder what his wife would think if she knew that I didn't know anything ... he got married while we were in couple's therapy together," Del Rey sang. The Lana stans had all the evidence they needed as they flocked to Larkin's Instagram page after footage of that performance surfaced. "Lana is too much sand for your truck," one fan wrote

Prior to the updated lyrics, Del Rey had made other digs directed at Larkin.

Lana Del Rey's billboard sends a message

Long before Lana Del Rey revised lyrics as thinly veiled shots at Sean Larkin, she opened up about how difficult the split had taken a toll on her emotionally. "I remember when Sean and I broke up, and I just thought it was the end of the world," she said during an Instagram Live in October 2021. "Relationships completely break people. They really do. Even if you go on to the next one, it's not like it gets better," she added.

The following year, in December 2022, Del Rey showed evidence that she was still struggling with the breakup — and that she had a petty side. To promote her album "Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd," the singer put up a billboard. One single billboard. She posted a photo of the billboard to her Instagram account. "There's only one and it's in Tulsa," she captioned the post alongside skull and bones emoji. Tulsa, of course, is where Larkin lives. In case the message was not clear enough, the "Black Beauty" singer added, "It's. Personal," in the comments.

Earlier that year, Del Rey spoke about how "Ocean Blvd" differed lyrically from her other projects because she had an axe to grind. "For this new music, there's none of that at all. It's more just like: I'm angry. The songs are very conversational," she told W Magazine in May 2022.