All The Times Brooke Shields Has Starred On The Hallmark Channel

Former model Brooke Shields took on gritty, controversial roles acting from a young age. Between "Pretty Baby," "Blue Lagoon," and several other projects, Shields dove head-first into mature roles during the first stage of her successful acting career. Shields later dabbled in comedy, starring in her own sitcom, "Suddenly Susan," after making her an iconic cameo in "Friends" in the '90s. In recent years, Shields ventured even deeper into the family-friendly lane by joining the ranks of stars earning a check from The Hallmark Channel – the network where even villains are guaranteed to get a happily ever after (at least most of the time).

While appearing on the "Today" show in 2016, Shields spoke on the appeal of working on "Flower Shop Mysteries," a mini-series that aired on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. "Especially at a time like this, it's really fun to be a part of something purely pleasurable and entertaining," said Shields, adding that although the show involves murder mysteries, it steers clear of graphic violence. The light-hearted nature of the show is the reason that her young kids were able to enjoy the franchise. "My daughters, my younger one's already seen it twice. She likes giving me notes," said Shields. "There's so much I can't watch with them. It's nice to have something that we can share together."

Let's dig more into Shields' experience on "Flower Shop Mysteries," along with her other popular Hallmark title.

Brooke Shields produced Flower Shop Mysteries

"Flower Shop Mysteries" — a mini-series centered around a flower shop owner who moonlights as a private investigator — was Brooke Shields' first Hallmark project. The three-part series, made up of pun-filled titles like "Snipped In the Bud," marked the first time Shields worked as an executive producer. As Shields revealed during her "Today" interview, she was the boss behind the production, where Hallmark alum Brennan Elliot starred as her partner in crime. "This is the first time I'm executive producing something, so I have much more to say, and you know I can say a lot," said Shields. The experience also introduced her to the business side of filmmaking.

The chance to become a producer something initially attracted Shields to the project, according to TV Insider. "Hallmark agreed to let me be an executive producer," Shields told the outlet about how she landed the starring role of florist Abby Knight. "I wanted to really be involved and be part of something I could learn from. It was my first foray into executive producing. It's been a real education for me." However, Shields also enjoyed the series' comical aspects, which reminded her of the sketch comedies she gravitated to when she was younger. "My favorite part about [the Flower Shop films] is the comedy. I think the banter between the characters keeps them alive," added Shields.

Brooke also starred in When Comes The Heart

Brooke Shields' second Hallmark project also came in 2016. Months after "Flower Shop Mysteries" aired in January, Shields landed a two-episode stint on Season 3 of "When Calls The Heart," a frontier-era series following a school teacher's journey to a coal-mining town. Shields signed on to portray series regular Daniel Lissing's mother, Charlotte. "She's a poker playing, horseback riding, call-it-like-it-is woman," Shields said of the character during an interview with People. "I identify with her energy — she's one [of] the guys but also a really good mom." Shields also spoke of her fondness that the project was a period piece.

During an interview with Reel Life With Jane, Shields revealed that while she'd seen the show, she hadn't indulged in the books that inspired it. "I had watched the show. I had not read the book," said Shields, who also revealed that her character, Charlotte, wasn't in the source material anyway. Interestingly, Shields was approached to participate while "Flower Shop Mysteries" was filming. "So, it was while I was doing the mysteries and movies channel movie that they came up to me and said, 'How would you feel about this?' And I said, 'Absolutely!'" said Shields. "Makes Annie Oakley look like Emily Post? I was like, 'Sign me up!' She's just a fun character."