Inappropriate Outfits Sydney Sweeney Has Been Caught Wearing

Sydney Sweeney might star on a show known for serving iconic fashion moments, but her outfit choices don't always induce a state of sartorial euphoria. From dragging around way too much floral fabric to trying to revive the visible underwear waistband trend, she's rocked her fair share of questionable looks that aren't always appropriate for the occasion she's dressing for.

Sweeney told Harper's Bazaar that she's a "T-shirt and jeans kinda girl" when it comes to her personal style. But as her "Euphoria" character Cassie Howard, she wears a lot of crop tops, mini skirts, pastels, and plunging necklines. Her on-screen outfits always seem to fit her impeccably, but it can be a struggle to find red-carpet looks that don't require a ton of tailoring to accommodate her bust. If one of her outfits is deemed inappropriate for her body type because she's sporting the dreaded quadra-boob, this often is not her fault. "A lot of times, when I see trolls online slamming me, or whoever is styling me, for things that don't fit my boobs, it's because it's samples," she explained to Glamour UK. In other words, some designers won't allow her to alter their clothing, so she just has to squeeze into it.

But while this irritating issue might explain some of her less-than-stellar looks, it's not an excuse that applies to all of them.

Her Venice prom look

Sydney Sweeney arrived at the 2021 Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show in Venice via boat, but she looked more like she'd taken her first limo ride. While speaking to Glamour about how she deals with red carpet nerves, the "Madame Web" actor said, "I kind of pretend to be different characters when I go onto these carpets and do it that way." So, what was her character for the Alta Moda event? Well, she could've been playing a modern-day Cinderella in this teen comedy plot: When a mean girl ruins her aspiring designer character's prom dress by "accidentally" spilling Olive Garden minestrone on it during a pre-prom dinner, it just gets on the skirt, not the tissue paper rosettes on the garment's waist and single shoulder strap. So, Cinder-Sweeney can use her talent with a sewing machine to transform it into a mini dress and confidently strut into her school gym, turning heads by being the only girl there who isn't wearing a full-length gown.

Being in Italy, Sweeney could have channeled the country's voluptuous silver screen icon Sophia Loren by opting for something more elegant and glamorous. Or she could have taken a page from her "The White Lotus" co-star Jennifer Coolidge by taking style notes from "L'Avventura" actor Monica Vitti (as long as she avoided Peppa Pig pink). Her gown's aqua hue was also jarring against Venice's lush greenery; an outfit in white or gold would have looked so much better in photographs.

She looked beach-ready at an Anyone but You premiere

For the Sydney, Australia premiere of her rom-com with Glen Powell, "Anyone but You," Sydney Sweeney wore a sheer chiffon dress in the palest shade of seafoam green. The Givenchy design featured a short slit at the bottom and a wrap-style top with a neckline that plunged down to the actor's waistline. She wore it over a bralette and high-waisted underwear of the same color. The combination brought to mind a bikini beneath a gauzy swimsuit cover-up, and perhaps it was meant to be a nod to Sweeney's bikini scenes in the movie. On X, formerly known as Twitter, there was a heated discussion about Sweeney's swimsuit top not fitting her properly in the film, so maybe she was trying to show everyone that she actually is capable of finding a bikini-style top that fits.

Sweeney's beachy look wasn't a hit with many Redditors, some of whom felt like the sheer dress trend is starting to get stale. On top of this, there were suggestions that her outfit looked cheap. "It's giving SHEIN. Is her stylist hating her or what's going on? This is not serious," one person wrote. Several armchair fashion critics also disliked the way the gown hung on her. "I love her and I think she's beautiful but this is what I look like when I come back from the bathroom when I'm drunk, dress tucked into the undies and everything," another comment read.

She's trying to bring back peek-a-boo underwear

The visible underwear trend just won't die, so it's becoming harder for celebs to rock it in fresh ways. One successful example is Kristen Stewart's awesome jock strap and leather vest combo that she rocked for her Rolling Stone feature. But Miu Miu didn't go quite so bold when it decided to do visible underwear differently. Instead of having Sydney Sweeney rock yet another sheer dress over lingerie, it enlisted her to help make visible underwear waistbands great again.

As a Miu Miu ambassador, Sweeney is contractually obligated to wear its clothing, but maybe she should have put her foot down and refused to help resurrect the peek-a-boo briefs trend; it's already been overdone once, after all. For the label's Spring/Summer 2024 show at Paris Fashion Week, she wore a pair of black tweed shorts over white briefs with visible Miu Miu branding. Her shorts sat low on her hips, so it kind of looked like she wanted to also bring back the low-rise trend that Britney Spears helped popularize, but wasn't ready to fully commit to it (hence the higher-waisted undies). Sweeney's top was a matching cropped jacket adorned with gold buttons.

Sweeney attended Paris Fashion Week with her younger cousin, Lucille Hancock. Unfortunately for the actor, the little girl managed to outdress her in a chic black shift dress, black baker boy hat, and Mary Janes. However, Hancock did get a little help from Sweeney's stylist, Molly Dickinson.

She defended her Rolling Stones video outfit

When Sydney Sweeney took to Instagram to tease her appearance in the music video for the Rolling Stones' song "Angry," some people criticized her for rocking a revealing look and spicing up the screen by writhing around on top of a convertible. "Aren't you tired [of] being sexualized by Hollywood?" one Instagrammer wrote. "Showing her boobs and a**? Move on people, nothing new to see here, same ol' same ol'," another commented. For the shoot, Sweeney wore an all-black ensemble that consisted of a bustier, cheeky-cut hotpants covered with silver studs, sheer tights, and leather chaps formed from star shapes linked together with silver rings. Her accessories included a choker and studded fingerless gloves.

The fans who were enthusiastic about Sweeney embracing her inner rocker chick seemed to outnumber the critics, but the actor felt the need to address her detractors while speaking to Glamour UK. After revealing that she chose the look herself, she said, "One of the questions I get is, 'Are you a feminist?' I find empowerment through embracing the body that I have. That's sexy and strong, and I don't think there's anything wrong with it." And while some people might feel that her Rolling Stones 'fit is inappropriate for an era where women are pushing back against being objectified, she has no regrets about wearing it or doing the video. She revealed that she had a blast and added, "I felt hot."

When she flooded the floor with floral fabric

A lot of thought goes into what Sydney Sweeney wears to events. "We usually do a moodboard and we craft all these ideas together of what I want to be and who I want to look like on a red carpet," she told Elle UK. So, did she want to look like upholstery at HBO's 2019 Emmy Awards afterparty? Thanks to the Givenchy gown that Kim Kardashian wore to the 2013 Met Gala, it's difficult to not look at a garment featuring a busy floral print and not think "couch dress." However, for Sweeney's high-low Giambattista Valli gown, it looked like Granny's sofa wasn't just skinned — her matching drapes were also torn down and tacked onto the back.

When a celeb wears a dress with a super long train, it better be attached to something deserving of the drama. But the leg of mutton sleeves, high neckline, and long ruffles in the front of Sweeney's dress were not a serve. The silver belt around her waist also felt like an afterthought that was quickly thrown on in a vain effort to improve the look.

In other photos from 2019 Emmys fêtes, Sweeney's "Euphoria" costar Zendaya is one of the few other celebs who is sporting a dress with a train. However, the "Dune" star's dress looks like a work of art with its unique silhouette and less-dated take on a floral print.