Ryan Reynolds Looks Nearly Unrecognizable Without Facial Hair In Latest Outing

Ryan Reynolds is a certified Hollywood heartthrob to many, with or without facial hair. We have seen Reynolds rock both a bare face and scruff throughout the years, but it's been a while since he has completely shaved off his facial hair. But, it looks like the "Deadpool" star wanted a change and has ditched the scruff for a clean-shaven look.

Facial hair can completely transform a man's looks, and Reynolds knows this, which is why keeping a beard and trimming became an essential part of his routine. When asked by GQ in 2019 about his number one grooming item, he said, "Probably a beard trimmer. I don't shave a lot with a razor, I just use a trimmer so I don't get an unruly Canadian lumberjack beard." To get "The Proposal" star's look, you don't need fancy shavers, as he told the outlet that he uses a standard Remington product.

Reynolds has been rocking a fully bearded appearance for the past couple of months. Instagram photos from November 2023 showed the actor's beard on full display. It wasn't long enough to reach his chest, but the beard would definitely not be labeled as just scruff. Lately, his facial hair has gone through different changes through trimming and shaping, but it was never fully shaved down. But RIP to Reynolds' bearded phase, because the actor has decided to strip his facial hair down to nothing, making him nearly unrecognizable.

Ryan Reynolds goes completely bare faced

Ryan Reynolds' beard is a thing of the past. The "Deadpool" actor began teasing his scruffless face a couple of weeks ago when he shared several posts on social media. The first was a video of the actor promoting his upcoming film "If," and Reynolds' facial hair was nearly gone besides a bit of tiny scruff. Days later, Reynolds posted a photo of himself promoting the upcoming "Deadpool" film, where it looked like maybe the scruff was starting to grow back. But, it seems it may have all just been the lighting, because the actor's latest outing proves he has completely shaved his facial hair.

Reynolds was walking the streets of West Village, New York when paparazzi snapped a photo of his new look. The "Free Guy" actor has a more youthful look as he rocked his newly bare face. Not one hair is left on Reynolds' face, and it's a bit of a drastic change from what many are used to. It makes him almost unrecognizable, not because there are plenty of people walking the streets of New York or because he has a baseball cap and shades on to hide his celebrity status, but having facial hair or not can truly change the way one looks. We don't know whether or not Reynolds will keep this look, but it shouldn't take him a long time to grow back a beard if he does change his mind.