Everything We Know About David Bromstad's Three Older Siblings

David Bromstad found a place in HGTV viewer's hearts when he first starred as a contestant and won "HGTV Design Star" in 2006. A few years and several HGTV shows later, it feels like we know just about everything about David. The television star has even given us a taste of his personal life as his siblings have appeared on some of his shows — but what more do we know about David's three older siblings?

David is the baby of the Bromstad bunch. The "My Lottery Dream House" star has three older siblings — two sisters and a brother. Dean Bromstad, Dynelle Bromstad, and Dyonne Bromstad have always been supportive of all of David's aspirations. In February 2017, David shared a sweet photo of his family gearing up to watch one of his shows. He captioned the photo, "My super weird and fabulous family and I will be watching My Lottery Dream Home at 8pm est on HGTV! Join us cutie pies!" Both of David's older sisters were in the photograph, but Dean was noticeably missing as he tends to live a more private life.

While some of David's siblings seem more comfortable in the spotlight than others, they all share a penchant for privacy when it comes to their personal lives. However, HGTV fans are curious creatures. So, for those hungry for a peek behind the curtain, here's the lowdown on David's three older siblings.

Dean Bromstad and David Bromstad look alike

You may think David Bromstad and his older brother, Dean Bromstad, are among the celebs you didn't know were twins. But don't get it twisted; they just happen to look a lot alike. Dean isn't as public about his life as the rest of the Bromstad siblings, but when he does share a post on Facebook now and then, it's clear that the genes are strong in the Bromstad family. From the shape of their nose to the overall structure of their face, David and Dean share a lot of physical similarities.

And although he is more private about his life, Dean's apparent new romance had him shouting it from the rooftops. In February 2023, Dean revealed on Facebook that he had met someone, though he remained somewhat coy about the situation. He wrote, "Meet Bonnie!! She is a great soul and friend!!" 

Dean dropped his post right before Valentine's Day, hinting he and Bonnie might be an item, with the comments below seemingly confirming the exciting news. In November 2023, Dean shared a sweet photo of the two with a graphic of arms hugging with a heart in the middle of their hands. It seems like Dean has been struck by love, and it's one of the rare things about his life that he is willing to share with the public.

David Bromstad's sisters joined him on HGTV

David Bromstad and his sisters, Dynelle and Dyonne Bromstad, showcase a tight-knit family bond. The HGTV star frequently lights up social media with snapshots of his older siblings and their parents, proving closeness runs deep in the Bromstad clan. In 2017, he shared a photo of each family member, minus his older brother, on social media. He captioned the post: "Having the best time with my fantastic family!" David's social media is a testament to his sibling admiration, but the ultimate proof? They joined him on one of his shows.

In 2021, Dynelle and Dyonne participated in "My Lottery Dream Home Holiday Extravaganza." David shared photos of him and his sisters on set alongside the caption: "I don't think I've ever said this in my entire career, but I do believe this is the best thing I've ever been a part of. Probably because I had the most amazing team and part of the team was my fabulous sisters!" Offering a better glimpse at the bond they share, he added, "We are goofy, weird, delightfully strange, fashionable, intensely honest, Hyper creative, and deliciously dorky. These pictures describe everything about us. I'm so honored and proud to have worked with these incredible women and create memories that will always be cherished."

While he may be a big shot on TV, it's nice to know that David hasn't let it affect his relationship with his family.