What We Know About Brittany Mahomes' Parents And Siblings

Most of the family updates that Brittany Mahomes shares on social media nowadays are about her life with her husband, Patrick Mahomes, and the couple's two children, Sterling Skye Mahomes and Patrick "Bronze" Lavone Mahomes. But before she married the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and moved to Missouri to be with him, her mother, father, and brother made frequent appearances on her Insta.

Brittany grew up in Whitehouse, Texas. Her father, Scott Matthews, and her mother, Diana Lindenberg (née Zoellner), divorced when she was very young. "I don't even ever remember them being together," she said on "The @HoboDia Show." Brittany has one biological sibling, a brother named Devin Matthews, with whom she seems to have a loving relationship. Devin worked as a missile technician for the U.S. Navy, and Brittany is proud of his military service. "Such a great brother and role model!!" she captioned an Instagram photo of her hugging her bro while he was in uniform. In another pic, Brittany rocks a T-shirt that reads, "My brother is a sailor." Devin seems to have a good relationship with Patrick. In a 2015 tweet, Brittany revealed that her then-boyfriend, brother, and dad wouldn't shut up about an obsession they all shared: the mobile game "Clash of Clans." Devin has also attended some Chiefs games to root for his brother-in-law.

Most of Brittany's family members are pretty private people, but thanks to her dad's tweeting, we know that he's not exactly a die-hard Chiefs fan.

Brittany Mahomes' dad is a proud Cheesehead

On "The @HoboDia Show," Brittany Mahomes said that her dad moved away to Dallas when he got remarried, but he visited her often while she was attending college at The University of Texas at Tyler. Brittany played soccer there, and her dad thinks that he deserves some credit for her performance on the pitch. "I taught her how to use her left foot!!" Scott Matthews wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. He also tweeted his pride when Brittany went pro and joined the Icelandic team Afturelding/Fram. But when it comes to his son-in-law, Matthews might have a tougher time supporting Patrick Mahomes' athletic endeavors. He's revealed that he is a huge Green Bay Packers fan, tweeting a photo of what appears to be a man cave all decked out with green and gold paraphernalia. In one of Brittany's 2013 Instagram pics, she and her dad are also pictured rocking Packers gear.

Matthews rarely shares photos of his wife, but in one such pic, the two of them are demonstrating their shared dedication to their team. "True Fans, literally the ONLY ones at Lambeau Field on Christmas Eve!" he captioned it.

Brittany's dad clearly adores his daughter. In one sweet tweet, he advised her against wearing makeup, writing, "You're pretty enough without it." Awww!

Brittany Mahomes' mom found love after loss

Brittany Mahomes and Diana Lindenberg's mother-daughter connection is so special that they immortalized it with matching tattoos: a heart entwined with an infinity symbol. Mahomes also cared deeply about her late stepfather Paul Massey. Both of Massey's children tragically died — he lost his son Lance in 2005 and his daughter Jenny in 2013. When Mahomes shared a Father's Day post for her stepdad in 2014, she prefaced it with the words, "I know today is extremely hard for you." Sadly, Massey died while attending a Kansas City Chiefs game in 2018. "I KNOW 100% he is so happy up there with his kids looking down on us cheering loud that his Chiefs won today!" Mahomes later wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Massey's survivors include a grandson named Landon who appears often on Diana's Instagram page. She also shares plenty of photos of her and her family members rocking Chiefs gear while rooting for the team. Their cheering squad gained an additional member when Diana found a new love named Lance Lindberg. He popped the question on Valentine's Day in 2021, and the couple tied the knot that May.

Like her daughter, Diana is athletic and is also rather adventurous. She enjoys activities including hiking, indoor rock climbing, and playing tennis with Lance. She and her husband seem to share a love of the great outdoors, too — for their honeymoon, they stayed in a small cabin in the woods.