Jill Biden Phones It In With Lazy SOTU 2024 Outfit (But Viewers Are Here For It)

First Lady Jill Biden has worn some pricey outfits before, and she could have asked almost any of the designers who are fashionable with the rich and famous to create an expensive, one-of-a-kind outfit for her to don for President Joe Biden's 2024 State of the Union address. Instead, she opted to practice one of the easiest ways to participate in the sustainable fashion movement: She repeated an outfit. (Gasp!)

Many female Democratic lawmakers wore white for the SOTU as a demonstration of their support for women's rights. However, Jill showed up rocking a sage green belted suit dress from Ralph Lauren. It was the same garment she had worn less than a month earlier when she visited Green Bay, Wisconsin, for her husband's "Investing in America" tour. She was there to promote some of the work the president's administration was doing to improve education. Vogue suggested that Jill decided to repeat that particular outfit because it was something she wore while promoting a cause that she cares deeply about.

Sure, there were some haters who took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to snark on the First Lady's 'fit — one user even suggested that it looked like she raided Dr. Evil's closet — but it was mostly a big hit.

Jill Biden's other SOTU outfits have been meaningful

On X, many State of the Union viewers commented on how lovely Dr. Jill Biden looked. "Jill Biden knows how to dress, damn. Impeccable taste!" one person wrote. "Who permitted Dr. Jill Biden to look that amazing in that celery green?" another fan tweeted. A third compliment from an admirer read, "Jill Biden looks slammin' in that green." So, it seems that her choice of color in particular was popular with those who liked her look.

As reported by Express, the color Jill chose to wear for President Joe Biden's 2023 SOTU address also got a lot of attention. She rocked a belted purple dress that year, and there was speculation that she was trying to promote unity among the citizens of a very divided America — purple is the color you get when you blend Democratic blue and Republican red, after all. Jill's appearance at the 2022 SOTU also got everyone talking because her blue dress had a small sunflower embroidered on the sleeve. As pointed out by Vogue, the flower symbolizes Ukraine's fight against the Russian invasion. Jill has also possibly used her apparel to throw shade at Melania Trump, so she's mastered the art of sending meaningful messages through her fashion choices.