The Untold Truth Of Conor McGregor's Sisters

UFC champ Conor McGregor is a household name in the world of mixed martial arts and beyond. While he's no stranger to landing headlines, this "notorious" athlete has also made quite a name for himself on social media with equally glamorous and outlandish posts. As of this writing in 2019, the status of the pro fighter's retirement is reportedly in flux, according to CNN. However, he's not the only McGregor who's enjoyed the luxury life in recent years: sisters Erin and Aoife McGregor have also joined in on the fun.

They may not be famous in North America, but Conor McGregor's older siblings are well known in their native Ireland, where they've regularly dominated their fair share of press. Erin, who's the eldest, has built a multi-faceted career in her own right, including her professional bodybuilding portfolio and a stint on Dancing with the Stars Ireland Meanwhile, Aoife has become known as more of the wild child due to her reported public spats with everyone from Instagram influencers to her dog groomer ... but more on all of that below. Keep on reading to find out the untold truth of Conor McGregor's sisters.

Erin has juggled a number of gigs

You may not be familiar with Erin McGregor, but you certainly know some of her (hair) work, as she's the hairdresser behind Conor McGregor's popular man bun. "Everyone loves Conor's hair and so many men want it," Erin told Sunday World about the 'do (via the NZ Herald). She added, "It's great to be able to express my creativity through him. Conor is very stylish, always has been. It runs in our family." As does an affinity for athletics, apparently, considering Erin also used to compete as a professional bodybuilder. 

While opening up about the "huge amount of sacrifice" that went into this second gig, she told the publication that it gave her newfound respect for her famous younger sibling. "I was totally naive going into the bodybuilding scene," she admitted (via the Irish Mirror), adding, "It was only when I began to compete that I turned to my mom one day and said, 'Now I truly understand how hard Conor works.'" Adding to her already impressive resume, the paper noted that Erin has also found work as a bikini and fitness model. Indeed, a scroll through her Instagram feed will reveal multiple swimsuit photos, as well as numerous workout snaps with motivational captions.

Erin killed it on Dancing with the Stars Ireland

In 2018, Erin McGregor donned yet another hat when she competed on Dancing with the Stars Ireland. When asked whether she was shocked by the amount of work required, she told The Mac Life, "I know that everything that you're good at needs sacrifice, so no, I wasn't surprised. And when I took it on, I was willing to train six to eight hours, seven days a week. Whatever it took." However, that's not to say she wasn't nervous ahead of her first-ever performance. "The day of the actual show I thought, 'Oh my God, I'm not gonna be able to do this,'" Erin admitted, adding, "But when I went out there and I heard the music and the energy of the crowd ... I was like, 'I can do this.'" 

She certainly did. Out of the 11 celebrities who competed, Erin and dance pro partner Ryan McShane made it to the Top 4, according to The Irish Times. However, her elimination that week came partly as a result of an illness she unexpectedly caught from her son. "Obviously I couldn't commit fully to training on the last day but I went out there and did what I could," Erin explained to RTE Radio One (RSVP Live). The competitor went on to say, "I'm proud of our journey. Ryan really put everything in to me to try and get us through, but he doesn't [realize] that I've already won in myself."

Online trolls almost crushed Erin's confidence

Erin McGregor has made no secret about her struggle with insecurities and body image issues, but that hasn't stopped online trolls from targeting her with hateful comments over the years. While speaking on Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast in 2019, for example, she revealed that she was once brought to tears due to a round of social media bullying following an appearance on The Late Late Show. "I'm a grown woman. I done the Late Late Show and I got into bed and ... I literally howled," she explained, adding, "I could hear myself crying and it was actually like a wild animal being wounded. I couldn't believe that these — and women — were saying this s**t."

However, Erin managed to find her inner strength and learned a valuable lesson from the experience. "One positive thing out of the journey I've been on is I've learned to be less judgmental," she continued. "At the end of the day, no one knows what anyone is going through ... Life has shown me if I judge somebody, you bet your bollocks in a year or two time, something will happen to me."

Erin is all about family

If there's one thing Erin McGregor's even more devoted to than her multi-faceted career, it's her family. According to the Irish Mirror, she's a proud mom-of-two who had daughter Taylor when she was just 19 years old, before welcoming son Harry with partner Terry Kavanagh in 2016. In a sweet anniversary post two years later, Erin revealed that Kavanagh has been her rock. "Happy anniversary @terrykavanagh77," she wrote on Instagram at the time. "I love you. I know it's not easy juggling everything in life but I couldn't think of anyone I'd else I'd rather do it with."

As of this writing, the cute pair are not yet married. However, Erin has dreamed of walking down the aisle one day. "I would love to get married, I would love the big bright dress and the big day out," she told RSVP Magazine in 2018. "For me, it has always been a dream of mine to be dressed like a princess." Erin went on to reveal that she also hopes to keep growing her brood, saying, "The plan was to have a baby again almost straight away and obviously that hasn't happened. Look, we are not actively putting a plan in place to try for more children, but we would love to expand the family in time."

Erin's been candid about her plastic surgery

While some celebrities downplay plastic surgery rumors, Erin McGregor has been exceptionally open about all of her cosmetic procedures, which have ranged from facial injections to breast enhancement surgery. "I had my boobs done, vampire facials and a little bit of botox," she told RSVP Magazine in 2018. "I would be big into non-invasive treatments like deep-cleanses and peels. I have also had a bit of skin tightening around my belly and my neck."

The former DWTS star has also regularly shared details of her plastic surgery journey on Instagram. "So [this is] the dreaded day I show my before @clearskin_clinic tummy!!" she wrote in 2017, while showing off before and after photos of her stomach. "This is something I thought long and hard about showing the world. I felt it was time to show that not all woman bounce back after a baby and sometimes our skin needs help that no amount of exercise or diet can fix!!" Erin added, "Hope this helps a mammy who hates her tummy and thinks she can never show it off again." She also uploaded a video of herself getting a vampire facial two years later, writing, "This is one of my favorite facials ... There is downtime and you are a little swollen after but I feel it's so worth it."  

Aoife isn't big on Instagram influencers

Don't tell Aoife McGregor about your Instagram successes, because she probably doesn't want to hear it. The makeup artist — somewhat ironically — took to her own Instagram Stories in late 2018 to lash out at the platform's influencers. "I love the insights posts people post on [their Stories], 'Oh look how popular I am guys, over 3 million views,'" she shared in a series of text-posts, according to Her. "Relax yourself there Mary, it's just a bunch of nosy f**kers [bored] out of their bollocks!!" However, her tirade didn't end there, as Aoife went on, "You still live in your MA'S box room selling your stuff on Depop, [you're] not Beyonce. You's crazy attention-seeking motherf**kers. Social media is not real life!!!!!"

Despite the admittedly head-scratching outburst, Aoife ended her post with an important message by encouraging young folks to live in the moment. "To all my beautiful teenagers who follow me, please don't live your life for likes on Instagram, go see the world, meet people in real life from all walks of life," she wrote. "Make amazing memories for YOU, not for followers you don't know." It should be noted that the younger McGregor sister has since deleted her Instagram account.

Does Aoife dream of 'world domination'?

In November 2017, Aoife McGregor teased some top secret plans to launch a new project, but refused to give away any real details. "I'm not going to say what it is, but I am bringing out my own collection. Two different collections under my name," she told the Independent at the time, before quipping, "The plan for the future is world domination. I want to do Ireland and the world." According to the Daily Mail, these two collections included a fashion and beauty range — a logical move considering Aoife actually got her start as a makeup sales rep before training to become a makeup artist. While both lines were scheduled for release in 2018, these plans unfortunately appear to have fallen through, seeing as there haven't been any updates as of May 2019.

That said, this sense of drive seems to run in the McGregor family. While speaking about her younger bro's "amazing self-belief," Aoife told the Independent, "I'm learning to have that. It is making me think, if he can do it, I can do it' ... Watching his dreams manifest in front of all of us, and in front of the world, has made me want to chase my dreams."

Aoife's a proud wife and stepmom

Just like older sister Erin, Aoife McGregor is devoted to her family. As the world rung in 2017, she tied the knot with longtime partner Mark Elliot after six years of dating, according to The Irish Sun. While their nuptials proved to be a lavish affair in Wicklow, Ireland, the couple's romance had a slow-burn start after first meeting through mutual friends. The media outlet reports that neither had made much of their initial encounter as both were in relationships at the time. However, things changed two years later when they ran into one other again. 

"He asked me for my number that day and I gave it to him. He chased me for a while. He wouldn't stop," Aoife later shared on Instagram (via The Irish Sun). She went on to elaborate on her apprehension, writing, "I was single for a long time and I was enjoying the single buzz. I didn't want to get into a relationship. And then I met him for a coffee, and straight away I knew. I just knew." When she and Elliott jumping into marriage, Aoife also became a proud stepmom to her husband's twin daughters, Amber and Chelsea.

Aoife had a viral-worthy spat with her dog groomer

Aoife McGregor had her very own viral moment when she got into an alleged feud with her dog groomer in April 2018. According to GCN, said dog groomer could reportedly be heard scolding the makeup artist for bailing on her at the last minute in a leaked Whatsapp voice message you have to hear to believe. "When my business is being affected, I will send whatever voice messages I wanna send," the audibly furious groomer appeared to say. "I don't have time to be standing around texting because some of us actually have to work. Now you're affecting my business by letting me down a second time." She went on, "You didn't even have the decency the last time to apologize to me for leaving me around for two hours ... I'm sure if you had your little skincare to go to today — no snow, no f**king tornado would stop you. You'd be there, broadcasting it all over Instagram as usual."

The audio clip in question later appeared to cut to Aoife, who could supposedly be heard shrieking at the top of her lungs, "Who the f**k do you think you are, sending me messages like that?! ... You haven't a clue about me and what I go through in my life." Yikes.

Are the McGregor sisters spending Conor's money?

Both Erin and Aoife McGregor are undeniably close to baby brother Conor McGregor. However, multiple reports have claimed that they apparently don't seem to mind spending his hard-earned UFC money. The McGregor sisters have become known for flashing their lavish lifestyles and designer purchases on social media. According to the NZ Herald, the sports legend himself reportedly gifted them with some of their poshest items, from Rolex watches and Louis Vuitton bags to BMWs, as well as luxury holidays and travels via private jet.

While both sisters, of course, work hard for their own money, the rumored source of this extra cash doesn't seem to phase them. reports that an online hater took to the comments section of Aoife's Instagram in 2017 to criticize her costly lifestyle, writing, "Keep p**sing away your brother's money, he's gonna be one broke a** b***h one day." However, in true Aoife fashion, she immediately fired back in jest with, "Nope having too much fun spending it my brothers gonna be a #billionaire." Burn.