Celebs You Didn't Know Were Arrested In 2019

Police in celebrity hot spots (and rural Alabama) must be pulling double duty because it seems like the biggest Hollywood stars can't stop getting into trouble. 2019 has already seen some major arrests among A-listers. Empire star Jussie Smollett was arrested and charged with filing a false police report after an alleged plot to stage his own hate crime. Full House actress Lori Loughlin and Desperate Housewives Emmy-winner Felicity Huffman were both charged in a massive, college admissions scam that rocked the nation. Rapper 21 Savage was placed in ICE custody as fans discovered that the Atlanta-based rapper was actually British. You probably caught wind of those major cases, but some of the legal drama surrounding other celebrities has flown under the radar. 

Reality star Mama June and music celebs Soulja Boy and Bow Wow were also arrested in 2019, but headlines revolving around their previous shenanigans kind of distracted from the actual news about their more recent legal problems. From drinking and driving to drug possession to smashing cell phones, these are the celebs you didn't know were arrested in 2019.

Soulja Boy crank that probation violation

Soulja Boy has been subject to a lot of wild news in 2019. Remember when he claimed to have invented Drake? In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Soulja Boy also claimed to have "started this internet ... I'm the reason why there's a Lil Pump ... I was the first artist on YouTube." All that noise makes it hard to remember that Soulja Boy was also arrested in 2019.

According to TMZ, Soulja Boy (real name DeAndre Cortez Way) was arrested in March 2019 because police reportedly found ammo in his home after executing a search warrant in February 2019 in response to a woman claiming he'd kidnapped her. Got all that? The ammunition allegedly violates his probation terms, and it's not the first time he's been accused of ignoring the rules. In 2016, "cops descended on his home after the rapper threatened people online," reported TMZ. During that search, authorities found two guns, which violated his probation and got him charged with two counts of felony weapons possession, per Rolling Stone. All this probation drama reportedly stems from a plea deal he reached in 2014 after being arrested for having a loaded gun in a vehicle

The rapper has since been released from custody, sharing his thoughts on Instagram: "I had the biggest comeback of 2018 and they try to lock me up, they try to hate on me..." he declared (via USA Today) "...I'm the hottest rapper in the game."

Conor McGregor's 5 a.m. cellphone brawl

Conor McGregor reinforced tired stereotypes of UFC fighters when he got himself arrested in March 2019. C'mon, dude. Just because you throw down for a living doesn't mean you have to display anger management issues. The fighter allegedly smashed a fan's phone outside of a Miami Beach hotel — and we all know that cell phones are too expensive to be smashing these days.

According to TMZ, a fan passed McGregor outside of the Fontainebleau hotel and tried to snap a quick photo around 5 a.m.. McGregor allegedly slapped the phone out of the person's hand, then stomped on it. Cops told TMZ that McGregor proceeded to pick up the phone and walk away with it. The whole thing was reportedly captured on surveillance footage. Considering phones are no longer cheap hunks of plastic that come free with your plan, the pro fighter was taken into custody for "robbery/strong-arm and criminal mischief over $1000." His attorney reportedly called the altercation "minor," and the star was released on bail.

Joey Gaydos' School of Rock scam

If you don't recognize Joey Gaydos, that's because the last time you saw him was probably when he was a little kid. The actor was the tiny lead guitarist in School of Rock with Jack Black. As it turns out, he could have afforded to learn a little bit more during his rock n' roll education —  mainly, if you're going to steal from a music store, you're going to get caught because cameras are everywhere.

According to TMZ, Gaydos is facing charges of larceny and grand theft after being arrested for allegedly stealing guitars and an amplifier a whopping four times in five weeks. The heists were simple: He'd allegedly walk into a music shop, pretend to be trying out instruments, then walk out with the goods and pawn his stolen prizes. The lifted items reportedly included an $800 Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul, a $699 Fender Stratocaster, and a $1,900 Gibson Les Paul. Cops reportedly released security footage to the public, and when the actor allegedly tried to swipe a $2,000 Les Paul from a Sarasota Sam Ash on Feb. 11, 2019, employees recognized him. TMZ reported that he was followed to his car "where customers reportedly blocked him in until police arrived."

Young Thug's McDonalds excursion

Young Thug was not arrested, but the rapper was reportedly cuffed, which jeopardized his performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards. It's probably best to follow traffic laws if you've got some big things coming up — especially if you plan on riding around with an unregistered firearm.

According to TMZ, Thug was pulled over for a traffic violation while riding through West Hollywood in a van with a group of guys. All the passengers were reportedly taken out of the car, handcuffed, and lined up outside of a McDonald's. (We're wiling to bet nobody was lovin' it.) The tab reported that "one of the men in the vehicle — not Thug — told police that he was in possession of a registered firearm, but upon further inspection ... cops found the gun wasn't registered in California, so the guy got arrested on the spot." Everyone else was able to continue on their way.

Young Thug made it to the Grammys in time to stun the crowd during a performance of "Havana" with Camila Cabello. He closed out the night by winning song of the year alongside Childish Gambino for "This Is America." From handcuffs to a Grammy award, the life of a young MC is hectic.

Jordan Klepper was nabbed on the job

Comedian Jordan Klepper found himself in cuffs while doing his job. According to Deadline, the former Daily Show star was filming at a protest about undocumented immigrant students for an upcoming Comedy Central show when he and a group of about nine people were ordered to leave the Board of Regents meeting in the Georgia Capitol Building in February 2019. They refused and were arrested for criminal trespass. The incident was captured on Twitter, of course, and Klepper spoke out on social media following his arrest, saying, in part: "I learned many things. Police cars are not built for lanky giraffe bodies was one. Another, there are good people fighting good fights across this land."

The comedian is currently working on a documentary series with the working title Klepper, and according to Deadline, it follows him "in the field, traveling the country, and speaking to people." Undoubtedly, an arrest will make for some gripping footage. Klepper's previous series, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, was reportedly cancelled in June 2018 to make room for the newer gig.

Does anyone have an Uber code for Presley Gerber?

This arrest went down at the tail end of 2018, but the news hit the press after the new year, so we're adding it to the mix. In case you missed it, Cindy Crawford's son might look like a model, but that doesn't mean he displays model behavior. The celebrity offspring was arrested Dec. 30, 2018 and slapped with a DUI. According to TMZ, Presley Gerber was speeding around Beverly Hills in his Tesla — a totally normal car for a teenager to drive. (What? Do you want him to drive a hand-me-down minivan? It's 2019!) The Calvin Klein model was pulled over, and his car allegedly "reeked of booze." The tab claimed he failed a field sobriety test and got his driver's license "suspended for at least a year," which will make driving to Dolce & Gabbana go-sees or posing for Vogue kind of difficult, but hey, there's always Uber.

This was reportedly Gerber's first arrest, but disappointing the legend that is Cindy Crawford is still a very bad look. Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson to never drink before getting behind the wheel.

Tom Sizemore's on-going battle with drugs

Twin Peaks star Tom Sizemore is no stranger to drug-related issues. He aired it all out on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, but it seems like the actor still hasn't ditched his demons. According to Page Six, Sizemore rang in the new year by getting arrested for "misdemeanor drug possession charges" in California. The whole thing went down when the Saving Private Ryan star was pulled over on the night of Jan. 5, 2019 in Burbank. The vehicle had "expired tags and a missing front license plate," reported TMZ, but when police searched the vehicle, they allegedly uncovered bigger problems — drugs. 

TMZ reported that Sizemore was charged with two counts of possession of heroin and two counts of possession of medication without a prescription. The Blast said the Blackhawk Down star "was arrested on three charges of drug possession, two of them being for suspicion of methamphetamine and prescription Xanax." Regardless, this incident was not a good way for the actor to kick-start the new year, and it only adds to what's become a long, complicated, and expensive rap sheet. We hope this talented actor gets the help he needs to fend off this disease for good. 

Bow Wow's battery charge

Bow Wow's biggest affront may not be pretending to ride in a private jet when he was allegedly too broke to pay child support. In February 2019, the rapper, (real name Shad Moss) and his girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie Holden, were both arrested for battery. According to TMZ, Bow Wow and Holden were captured by security footage appearing to have a spat in the elevator of their condominium. In the footage, he grabs something out of her hand and gets in her face. That clip apparently foreshadowed trouble.

A dispute allegedly broke out between the two at home, and when cops arrived, Holden "claimed Bow Wow assaulted her. He claimed it was the opposite," reported TMZ. Both "sustained visible minor injuries" and because police "couldn't figure out which one was the true aggressor," TMZ said "they arrested both and charged them with misdemeanor battery." TMZ later published audio from a 911 call placed by Holden. During the call, she claims she was "physically assaulted" by her boyfriend. She says police responded to their home earlier in the night, but Bow Wow and two friends allegedly trapped her in a bedroom when the cops were there. 

Bow Wow's attorney released a statement that said: "For no logical reason officers arrested both parties despite having clear-cut evidence that Bow Wow was the victim in the case. Ms. Holden beat him with a lamp, bit him on his side and spit on him while Bow Wow continually made efforts to avoid her."

Mama June and her lover were arrested on drug charges

Mama June Shannon has served up her fair share of controversy. We're talking about more than just fueling her young daughter with a cocktail of Mountain Dew and Red Bull. According to USA Today, the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch prompted the cancellation of the series after news broke that she was allegedly hanging out with the man who'd been convicted of molesting one of her daughters. Somehow, Shannon managed to rebrand herself after her astonishing weight loss and land another reality series called Mama June: From Not to Hot. However, Shannon may be jeopardizing the future of that show too. 

In March 2019, TMZ reported that police responded to a rural Alabama gas station after someone called in reports of two people fighting. That's where cops allegedly found Shannon and her boyfriend, Geno Doak. According to AL.com, "deputies recovered a needle, a crack pipe and a white substance that was in a pill bottle. Court records indicate the substance was crack cocaine." Both Doak and Shannon were charged with felony drug possession and misdemeanor unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia; Doak was also charged with third-degree domestic violence, according to the site.

Ricky Schroder's apparently recurring domestic issues

There were no May flowers for NYPD Blue actor Ricky Schroder — the rain clouds kept on rolling. According to CBS Los Angeles, the star was arrested on May 1 after police were called to a Topanga, Calif. home shortly after midnight. When cops arrived on the scene, they allegedly found "evidence of a physical altercation" after interviewing a mystery woman. Schroder was then arrested on "suspicion of domestic violence." The woman reportedly didn't need medical treatment for whatever went down, and Schroder was released after posting his $50,000 bail.

This is the second time in about a month that Schroder has been arrested for the same charge. According to CBS Los Angeles, the actor was arrested on April 2 for a similar "suspicion of domestic violence" incident at the same home with the same, unidentified woman. Like the May arrest, Schroder was released after posting the $50,000 bail.

Kodak Black was allegedly rolling extremely dirty

It safe to say we know why Kodak Black missed a couple performances in April. According to Reuters, the rapper was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at the Canada-US border. Why? He allegedly tried to cross with a Glock 9mm pistol and some illegal marijuana (as you probably know, the sticky icky doesn't really fly in New York state unless you've got a prescription).

Black was reportedly the driver of the Cadillac Escalade in question. According to TMZ, officers discovered the rapper had weed, then inspected the car and found the weapon. No one in the car claimed the gun, and Black was reportedly arrested for "criminal possession of a weapon" (a felony charge) and a "misdemeanor possession of marijuana." He was released on a $20,000 cash bond.

Things didn't fare much better for three members of Black's entourage, who were following in a Porsche. Jeantony Saintmelus, the driver, reportedly owned up to having "2 loaded handguns," but cops found a third in the trunk. One of the guns was reportedly an "AK-style handgun with a 30-round magazine." Of course, the cops also found some more weed because it's definitely a wise idea to cross the border carrying illegal drugs. The two other people in the car — Stetson President and Madarrow Smith — were "arrested for criminal possession of a weapon." Saintmelus, was also booked for "criminal possession of a weapon and possession of marijuana."

There's nothing supernatural about Jared Padalecki's drunken arrest

Jared Padalecki has come a long way since his days on Gilmore Girls. Lorelai would never tolerate Rory dating a legitimate criminal. Dean, how could you? (We should note, he's still probably better than that blond guy from Yale).

Anyway, according to TMZ, the former Gilmore Girls boyfriend was arrested in October 2019 at Stereotype, a lounge in Austin, Texas. He reportedly hit a bartender in the face, then put his friend (who was fruitlessly trying to calm him down) into a headlock before police intervened. Page Six also reported that the star struck the general manager. A video from the incident shows Padalecki "getting physical" with his friend on the sidewalk in front of the club, where the actor is a regular. TMZ also suggested he might also be "an investor," but it's not really clear. Either way, hitting the staff is pretty grim.

Padalecki was brought in for "two counts of assault and one count of public intoxication," per TMZ. Page Six reported that his bond was set at $15,000, though it's unclear if and when he was bailed out. Odds are, he didn't stay in the slammer long considering he's got all that CW cash. 

Stacey Dash must have been totally buggin in cuffs

Clueless actress getting arrested? As if! Unfortunately, that's totally what happened to Stacey Dash. The '90s queen was arrested for domestic battery in September 2019, but a source who spoke to TMZ claims the star was only acting in self defense.  

According to WFTS Tampa Bay, the incident began around 7:45 p.m. when Dash got into a verbal argument with her husband, Jeffrey Marty, in their New Port Richey, Fla. home. She reportedly "pushed and slapped him in the face." Her push was allegedly forceful enough that Marty had "red scratch marks" on his "left upper arm." What's even more concerning is Dash's 911 call.

TMZ reports that Dash called emergency responders claiming her husband had "put [her] into a chokehold" (which her manager, Nick Terry, oddly later denied). The actress also reportedly claimed Marty's 15-year-old daughter started the argument by getting "in her face." The alleged source said Marty was the one who attacked first, but Dash was arrested because she didn't have any marks on her. 

Less than a month after Dash's arrest, Pasco County prosecutors dropped the charges, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Why? For starters, Marty apparently defended Dash during her first court appearance after the incident. Second, the State Attorney's office further concluded, after its investigation, that "there was not a criminal offense to prosecute."

Lionel Richie's son made bomb threats at the airport

Not that there's a good place to make a bomb threat, but an airport is probably the worst place to do such a thing. Even more confounding are people who make threats that don't even actually have a bomb. What could possibly be the point in bringing that kind of legal trouble down on oneself? In other words: what was Lionel Richie's kid, Miles Brockman Richie, thinking when he allegedly did this?

According to TMZ, Miles was arrested at Heathrow Airport in London after claiming to have a bomb and striking a security guard. London's Metropolitan Police told the tabloid that Miles "accepted a caution" for "communicating false information causing a bomb hoax and battery following an incident at Heathrow (Airport) Terminal 5." 

Here's what went down, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to the tabloid, Miles got heated after he wasn't allowed on a flight (it's not clear why he wasn't allowed on). He then allegedly claimed he had a bomb in his bag that would "detonate it" if they didn't let him board (because that's exactly the kind of person a flight attendant lets on a plane). Security showed up, Miles reportedly punched a guard, and police detained him. 

The model didn't end up serving any jail time. He was given a caution, which in the UK basically means you admit guilt, and it goes on your record. After that, he was released.

Henry Thomas phoned home from jail

The little kid from E.T. should have probably stuck to riding his bike, but unfortunately, he's all grown up. Yes, you can still get a DUI on bicycle, but driving a car under the influence is such a child star cliche (not to mention, really, really dangerous).

According to TMZ, actor Henry Thomas, who played Elliot in the Steven Spielberg alien flick, was arrested in October 2019 for driving under the influence in Oregon. It was so bad that he reportedly fell asleep behind the wheel in the middle of a residential intersection. Officers, who arrived on the scene after getting a 911 tip-off from a fellow motorist, allegedly had to wake up the actor. They booked him into Washington County Jail on "suspicion of DUI" for "signs of being intoxicated," though Tualatin PD wouldn't tell TMZ what those signs were. Falling asleep at the wheel in the middle of an intersection seems like it'd be a big one.

According to tabloid, Thomas was released around 9:30 a.m. the following morning. It seems like the cops let him sleep it off.

Jane Fonda accepted her BAFTA award while getting arrested

Most of us don't expect to see the famed, 80-something Grace and Frankie icon in cuffs, but Jane Fonda is sticking to her guns and getting her wrists zip-tied in the process. According to The Cut, the star has been arrested three times, as of October 2019, in Washington, D.C. for protesting climate change. During her third arrest, the actress, who was wearing a brilliantly bold red coat, used her walk of shame to the patrol car to accept her BAFTA Award. What a flex.

"BAFTA, thank you. Thank you for the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Films. Thank you. I'm sorry I'm not there. I'm very honored," she said to a cheering crowd.

In a prerecorded video, Fonda admitted that she moved to the U.S. capital for four months because she wanted to "do more" and "heighten the sense of urgency" about climate change. At the late October protest, she took fellow Ted Danson along for the ride. He was also arrested with the 30 other protesters who were allegedly unlawfully demonstrating at an intersection, according to CBS News. Danson was absolutely beaming in zip-ties.

Tatianna strut her stuff all the way to the slammer

In mid-October 2019, RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Tatianna sashayed away from an Atlanta, Ga. nightclub in cuffs. The reality TV star, who's real name is Joey Santolini, was reportedly arrested for disorderly conduct, according to TMZ.

Law enforcement told the tabloid that Tatianna was booked because she "followed a nightclub employee back into the building through a door she wasn't supposed to use." As far as crimes go, there seems to be a lot more serious stuff going on. The employee had just taken a picture with the reality star, and she tried to follow him back inside through the employees-only entrance. She reportedly ignored him when he said that wasn't allowed, and things escalated when cops arrived and Tatianna refused to leave the club. That's one way to be escorted out in cuffs.

The star later tweeted a defense of her mugshot. "It was a dumb situation that I wish didn't happen, but s**t happens and people make mistakes. There was no violence or ridiculousness. I'm crying in the picture because I was scared and had never been in that position before. Wish I would have just smiled," she wrote. Girl, you need to calm down.