The Cosmetic Procedures Sylvester Stallone Admits To Getting

When Sylvester Stallone grudgingly agreed to star in a reality TV show, he was concerned that people would wonder what happened to his career. Still, he needn't have worried, as viewers were more interested in what had happened to Sylvester's face.

The actor went from 1980s action movie hero to browbeaten dad in "The Family Stallone." Sylvester's three daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet Stallone, have their father wrapped around their little fingers, and it's clear he'd move mountains for his pampered princesses. In fact, it was only because of them that he agreed to sign up for reality TV in the first place. "I was like, 'Reality? I don't know if I fit into that world,'" Sylvester admitted to USA Today. "But I'd do anything for my daughters."

It's been over 30 years since "Rocky" first hit the screens. So, it's little surprise that on the small screen, Sylvester looks markedly different from his old Balboa days. He still manages to look remarkably fresh-faced for an AARP card-carrying senior, though, and Sylvester definitely has a spring in his step. But how much is down to good genes, and how much is down to good surgery? The star has 'fessed up to getting a little work done here and there over the years — including half of a facelift.

Sylvester's not all about the vanity

Sylvester Stallone is the only man in a house of four women. Sylvester's wife, Jennifer Flavin, a former model, is 23 years younger than the actor, and their three daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet Stallone, are all drop-dead gorgeous. "It doesn't get much better than this. Brain wise, body wise, looks wise, we're at our peak ladies," Sistine announced during the trailer for the first Season of "The Family Stallone." So, it's understandable why Sylvester feels the need to have a little work done so he can keep up. Although, it's not all been purely for vanity's sake.

In 1992, Sylvester admitted to having had an operation on his face. During his birth, doctors were forced to use forceps, damaging the nerves on the left side of Sylvester's head, resulting in his trademark crooked smile. After he slimmed down during training for "Rocky," Sylvester's face began to sag, so he turned to surgery to repair the damage on that side of his face.

"People see this scar and think I've had a face-lift," he told People, "What they don't notice is that I don't have a scar over here by my right ear. What do they think? That I could only afford to have half of it done?" Sylvester has no shame in his plastic game, though. "You have body work done on your car," he said. So why not?

The surgical family Stallone

Sylvester Stallone works hard to stay looking his best. In addition to the operation on his face that he copped to, plastic surgeons speculate he's had numerous other procedures carried out. "His strong jawline and tight neck look like they've been maintained with a well-performed lower facelift," Dr. Adam Hamawy told Closer Weekly. "He's also had an upper and lower eyelid lift and a browlift that really gives everything away. Those brows look really over-pulled. While high, arched brows can look great on a woman, brows that are too high can look awkward on men."

He's not the only Stallone in the house to get a little cosmetic intervention, though. Manhattan surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich claimed in an interview with The U.S. Sun that Jennifer Flavin, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet Stallone had also had a little work done — albeit nowhere near as much as their reality TV adversaries, the Kardashians.

"The Kardashians consume plastic surgery like it's breakfast," Westreich told the outlet. "At the moment, the Stallones are at the early stages of it." He estimated the family had splashed out in the region of $200,000 on procedures. "I believe they've had two breast augmentations, one rhinoplasty, an eyelid lift, an eyebrow lift, and Sly's facelift from the past," Westreich speculated. "I don't think there is a lot of need for them to go crazy as they all look fantastic."