How Ice Spice Confirmed She And Latto Can't Stand Each Other

The beef between Ice Spice and Latto started as mere fan speculation — but turned into a verified feud. Previously, Latto had spoken about the pitfalls that fanbases can create by turning female rappers against one another. "Because it's like, we will all be fans of each other and commenting and following each other ... [but] they will turn us against each other, which is very weak-minded of us as female rappers," the "777" artist told Complex in November 2023. That was before her issues with Ice Spice came to a simmer and then boiled over.

Fans first believed the two rappers had tension when Latto was asked during a red carpet interview in January 2023 to complete the lyrics to Ice Spice's "Bikini Bottom" and she drew a blank. An Ice Spice fan account posted footage of the video on X, formerly Twitter, but others pointed out that Latto appeared to genuinely not know the lyrics.

A couple of months later, Latto took heat when she reposted a photo from 2020 where she's seen bending over in a pose that fans quickly pointed out bore a striking resemblance to Ice Spice's "Like..?" EP cover art. "I don't like how y'all take my tweets & make them fit ur weak a** narratives," the rapper tweeted in March 2023. Then, in July 2023, Ice Spice tweeted out "i h8 a b**ch wit no identity," which fans took as a shot at Latto for copying her style. At that time, the feud was still speculative, but later it became more definitive — and Ice Spice even confirmed she was taking a jab at Latto.

Ice Spice releases Latto diss track

Latto appeared to take aim at Ice Spice when she featured on Offset's "Fine As Can Be" track in October 2023. The Atlanta artist evoked Ice Spice's hit song "Munch" in her guest verse. "That n***a a munch/ Yo bookin' fee, ate it for lunch/ I don't do backends, need it up front/ I'm big dawg, you b***hes is runts," she rapped. While the verse did not outright mention Ice Spice, the rivalry would intensify in the following months.

In January 2024, Latto dropped a snippet on X for an upcoming song. "I just want a one-on-one, don't know why she so nervous," she rapped. What made the clip so notable was that Latto had the music video for Ice Spice's "Pretty Girl" playing in the background, which fans were quick to point out. Ice Spice wasted little time responding and dropped a snippet for "Think You The S**t (Fart)" on Instagram. On the track, Ice Spice rapped, "I got my foot on they neck, I can't let up / She on the floor, told her get up," which was an obvious reference to Latto's hit tune "On the Floor."

The following month, Ice Spice confirmed that she was indeed taking shots at Latto on the diss track, and it was in response to Latto's post. "The thing for me is, why am I seeing that I'm in the back [on the television screen] of your weak a** snippet," she said during a Twitter Space session in February 2024. The feud only escalated from there.

Latto responds with her own diss track

Not long after Ice Spice made it clear that "Think You The S*** (Fart)" was a dig at Latto, the "Soufside" singer was spotted gearing up to shoot a video in the Bronx. Some fans believed Latto was taking a subtle jab by filming in Ice Spice's hometown amid their boiling beef. A couple of days later, Latto turned up the heat on the feud when she released the cover art and video for her "Sunday Service" track which featured a series of female rappers with black rectangles over their eyes — including Ice Spice.

"Sunday Service" was released thereafter. "Think I'm the s**t, b***h, I know it, h**/ Jesus walked on water, I got ice boilin' though," Latto rapped on the track. "Do you rap or do you tweet?/ 'Cause I can't tell, get in the booth, b***h," she added, which was a reference to the "In Ha Mood" rapper saying she mined social media captions for inspiration. Fans were quick to notice the inflammatory lyrics. "[I]f I was ice spice I'd be crying right now," one YouTube user commented.

Later that month, Ice Spice escalated the feud by dispatching trucks featuring "Think You The S**t" billboards — albeit in emoji form — to Latto's stomping grounds in Atlanta. As captured on Instagram, one of the billboards was vandalized with "777" (the title of Latto's album) spray painted over the advertisement.

[Ice Spice image via Instagram]