Vanderpump Rules: What We Know About Lala Kent's Brother Easton

"Vanderpump Rules" stars consistently put their lives on show for others to judge, but Lala Kent has managed to be a bit more reserved than her castmates. From the beginning, Kent kept parts of her life close to her chest, including her brother, Easton Burmingham, with whom Kent co-hosts her podcast, "Give Them Lala." It may be surprising, considering how often we see the reality star onscreen, but Kent wasn't part of the original "VPR" lineup, joining in 2015 during Season 4. Even back then, there was a lot of mystery surrounding her life. What did she do? How was she getting on private planes and taking trips around the world? 

Co-stars Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay questioned her from the beginning, and it almost became too much with Kent briefly quitting halfway through Season 5. As she explained to Too Fab, "I made it halfway through the season and just decided that I want no part of the people anymore. I feel like they don't deserve to be in my world in any way shape or form. So I dismissed myself." Kent eventually returned to "VPR" and was more open about her life, but the one thing she has continued to keep private is Burmingham, who has yet to appear on the show at the time of writing. However, he's a regular feature in his sister's offscreen life.

They have a super close relationship

Brother-sister relationships can be complex, but Easton Burmingham and Lala Kent's connection is untouchable. They grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have always been close, per Bravo. Burmingham even relocated to California to be closer to his family. The Give Them Lala Beauty founder revealed in the Season 11 premiere of "Vanderpump Rules" that, following Kent's messy split from ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Randall Emmett, who was a whole other mystery, she moved into a new place, and her family joined her. 

Kent shared, "My mama lives with me now. She picked up her entire life from Utah, moved it to L.A., and she helps me raise Ocean. My brother Easton felt a little bit left behind, and he actually moved into the same complex," (via Bravo). Kent explained that her family is like a "pod of orcas," meaning they're always together and working as a unit. In June 2023, Burmingham joined "Give Them Lala" as a co-host. He discusses elements of his life on the podcast but Burmingham is always the supportive little brother first and foremost. 

In January 2024, Easton was co-hosting with Kent when he gave her a sweet gift on the air to commemorate her being five years sober. The podcast host got the reality star a necklace with a bejeweled number five. The sweet gesture only further proved how close the siblings are, with a clearly delighted Kent gushing, "I love it!" (via Instagram). 

Easton loves taking care of his niece

Lala Kent and her former fiancee, Randall Emmett, welcomed a beautiful baby girl with the unique name Ocean in March 2021. Seeing how close Kent is with her brother, Easton Burmingham, it was no surprise that he developed a strong bond with his adorable niece. Burmingham takes his duties as an uncle very seriously and often shares his love for Ocean on social media, especially in his annual birthday posts for her. In March 2023, Easton shared a couple of snapshots to Instagram of his and Ocean's adventures, from daily walks to hangouts with her and Scheana Shay's daughter, Summer Moon. 

Evidently, Burmingham is head over heels for his niece. He captioned the post simply: "I love you." For Ocean's first birthday, Ocean's doting uncle posted photos of the two of them sharing a laugh as he carried Ocean in his arms. Burmingham's sweet caption read: "Happy birthday princess. Stay little forever please." Kent's brother proved his commitment to the little girl during a November 2023 episode of "Give Them Lala." 

During the podcast, Ocean joined as a special guest after Kent's mom had a sudden emergency with her dog and had to ditch babysitting duties. Although they thought they could do the show with the then two-year-old it proved incredibly challenging. So Burmingham offered to step aside from co-hosting duties for the day to take care of Ocean so Kent could continue with the episode. Talk about an all-star little brother and uncle!