The Untold Truth Of This Alaskan Bush People Star's Marriage

When it comes to relationships, the cast of Discovery's the Alaskan Bush People is pretty quiet in the drama department. But if one couple had to take home the prize for the most controversial pairing, there's a good chance fans would vote for Noah and Rhain Brown, the son and daughter-in-law of matriarch Ami Brown and patriarch Billy Brown

Ardent fans of the show remember Noah's hapless attempts at romance, which included him serenading a date with a song about — get this — his ex-girlfriend. Oh, and that poor woman who was subject to what was possibly the world's worst reality TV date? She might have been a plant by producers, as it was later revealed by Radar Online that she's a professional "model and actress." 

Luckily for Noah, he was able to eventually find love — with a woman who happens to share his sister's name. Yep, that little piece of drama became a whole thing, which we'll get into in a moment. But aside from that, as one might imagine, it can be difficult to integrate a newcomer into a family of nine, and fans are especially curious about all of that is going — all the way from the origins of their love story to the nitty gritty behind their supposed family feuds. 

If your interest is also piqued, keep reading to check out everything we've uncovered in the untold truth of this Alaskan Bush People star's marriage.

Breaking down the Alaskan Bush People's move to Colorado

It's no secret that the Alaskan Bush People cast prefers to live off the land and in remote areas. So, it was a little surprising when fans learned in March 2019 that Noah and Rhain Brown had left the family's home in Washington for a cottage on a nice tract of land in Colorado. As for what inspired the sudden move? A source told Radar Online that the family "did not leave on good terms" after "Rhain got into a huge fight" with Noah's younger sister, Snowbird. The insider went on to allege that the couple headed east because they were done with "the family drama," and were eager to "raise their son as far away as possible." Yikes.

If the report is true, we can't say we're too surprised because Snowbird has always been open about her issues with Rhain. "It's definitely not that I don't want the family to expand or things to change," Snowbird said about accepting Rhain into the family (via Pop Culture). "Having more sisters is something I always wanted, but Noah's girl and I, we've never really seen eye-to-eye; we've never really gotten along. I guess our personalities clash." 

Well, sometimes you can't force a connection. That being said, we wish the sisters-in-law the best moving forward.

Noah and Rhain Brown supposedly received a pricey gift

There are conflicting reports about why Noah and Rhain Brown left Washington for Colorado, but we can confirm who bought them their new house. The culprits? Look no further than patriarch Billy Brown and matriarch Ami Brown, who bought the Weston-area property in 2017, according to property records obtained by Radar Online. The dad then transferred the home's deed to Noah for $0, a very generous offer if you ask us. "Noah and Rhain are living in Colorado now, and they are much happier," a source told the outlet about the pair's cushy living arrangements.

We're not 100 percent sure on this, but it's possible that the parents gifted the couple the home because they were eager to support Noah's growing family. Ami expressed major joy when the couple announced their pregnancy news, after all. "Noah brings great joy to my heart," Ami said about the sweet development. "It's amazing that the youngest of five boys, he was the first to get married and the first to have a child. It's very wonderful."

These two stars of Alaskan Bush People adore parenthood

Shortly after their August 2018 nuptials, Rhain and Noah Brown revealed the following November that they were expecting their first child. The news was exciting, to say the least, especially given how thrilled the soon-to-be parents sounded. "I'm starting construction very soon on a cradle for the little one," Noah told People following the announcement. "I'm gonna build them their cradle and Rhain's gonna build a mobile and I'm gonna build a little baby rattle. That should be cool, I think." Cue the "awws" folks, because we can't think of anything more adorable than parents constructing a nursery for their unborn child. The cuteness is too much.

The couple later welcomed their son, Elijah Connor Brown, in February 2019. "Rhain is a wonderful mother already, I am truly in awe of her and we are both very grateful and excited to welcome him to our family," Noah said in a statement to People. How sweet. 

Although it's fair to reason that Rhain and Noah might want to take some time off before welcoming baby number two, a source told Radar Online in May 2019 that the two were already thinking about expanding their family again. "They really want to have their children be close in age so that they can grow up together, like Noah and his siblings did," the insider claimed.

Yep, it's pretty clear that the pair love being parents, and we look forward to watching this family grow. 

Is the matriarch of Alaskan Bush People overplaying the grandma card?

Grandparents can be a great source of help and comfort for new parents, but this might not be the case for Noah and Rhain Brown. Case in point: matriarch Ami Brown supposedly went into full-on controlling mode after the couple welcomed their first son, Elijah, into the world in February 2019.

"Ami is trying to tell Rhain how she parented because it is important for Ami to be able to have that connection with her first grandson," a supposed insider explained to Radar Online in March 2019. Eep. If this claim is true, we wouldn't be surprised if Rhain felt overwhelmed by Ami's needling. 

The source also alleged that Noah was "finding that his family and mother are a bit overbearing right now and he just kind of wants some space for a minute." Noah's supposed frustration was also compounded by Billy's alleged insistence that baby Elijah make his debut on Alaskan Bush People sooner than later. "Noah hasn't fully agreed with all of that yet. He just wants everyone to chill," the source continued.

All of this information hasn't been confirmed publicly, so we'll give Ami the benefit of the doubt for now. But if there is any truth to this story, then we wouldn't blame Rhain and Noah for doing their own thing.

There's a Rain Brown and a Rhain Brown - yeah, it's confusing

One of the stranger things about Rhain and Noah Brown's relationship concerns a curious name change. Wait, what are we talking about exactly? Let us explain: Rhain's birth name is "Ruth Alisha Merrill," but she legally changed it to "Rhain" in 2017, about a year before she got married to Noah in August 2018. The move was a bit odd considering that Noah's younger sister is named Rain, the only difference being that her moniker isn't spelled with an "h." Yeah, we're confused too.

Although Rain (above) supposedly compared the situation to a "single white female" scenario, Rhain's mom, Marilyn Merrill, claims that this isn't the case. "Rhain was in junior high when she told me that she was no longer going to be called Ruth anymore," Marilyn told Radar Online. "She told me that she wanted to be called Rhain, and I thought that it was a beautiful name choice. Her father Ward and I, as well as everyone who knows her, has called her Rhain ever since."

Honestly, we're not sure what to make of this situation. Family can be complicated, right?

About Noah and Rhain Brown's crowdsourced honeymoon...

Many couples save for months beforehand to cover the cost of their honeymoon, whether it be an international getaway or a staycation at home. We're not sure how much Noah and Rhain Brown squirreled away by the time they got hitched in August 2018, but we do know that they launched a crowdfunding page (via Travelor's Joy) in order to help with the costs. "Help us enjoy our honeymoon in Montana!" they said about their fundraising efforts. "Thank you with lots of love! We have never needed a lot, but these few things would go a long way and be much appreciated." There's no shame in being upfront about what you want, right?

Shortly after the two launched the page, however, they received some backlash for supposedly not being forthcoming about the financial details behind their fundraiser. "I tried to send them a dime but a dollar was the minimum to be able to leave a gift card with whatever you wanted to say," a fan alleged to Radar Online. "Then there was an additional dollar for handling charges."

Noah and Rhain reportedly tried to clear things up on Facebook (via Radar Online) by saying that the page was actually for "invitees" of the wedding, meaning it was basically a wedding registry. We can't say for certain what happened here, but we hope the supposed miscommunication was eventually cleared up. Sometimes things get lost in translation, folks.

Rhain Brown is Noah Brown's rock

The cast of Alaskan Bush People went through a difficult time in 2017, when Ami Brown was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. While the situation was, of course, tough for everyone in the family, Noah Brown was able to find support in his then fiancée, Rhain. The reality star gushed about his "patient" love in an October 2017 Facebook post, writing in part (via In Touch Weekly): "Rhain Alisha has been so patient and supporting [me] through everything that has been happening, my mothers cancer, having to leave Alaska, my car keeps breaking down, and all in all I have been thinking of how thankful I am that she moved in with [me] instead of going back to Oregon and now we are engaged and planning our life together."

If you've ever wondered what brought Rhain and Noah together, you now have your answer. It sounds like Rhain was there for her now husband during a very tough period in his life. 

"Rhain Alisha is everything I could have ever wanted, she is my soulmate, my angel, my dream girl, she makes me the best version of myself," he concluded his message. "I know that as long as she loves me that someday I can be the man that Rhain deserves. Thank you, God, for giving me Rhain Alisha Merrill." Be still our hearts.

Are the stars of Alaskan Bush People pushing for fame too hard?

The cast of the Alaskan Bush People seem like salt-of-the-earth kind of people, living off of the land in Alaska for years before moving to Washington state. But Rhain and Noah Brown pulled a move that put that persona into question when they threw together a fan meet-and-greet in March 2018, months before their August 2018 nuptials. 

"This is an informal gathering of anybody wishing to come and be a part of our wedding story," Noah penned on Facebook about the event (via Radar Online). "We have seen a lot of people wishing that they could be included in our wedding and now is your chance because we want to give you all the opportunity to be there with us." Alrighty then. 

Unfortunately for Rhain and Noah, however, their fan event reportedly didn't go so well. "It was a total bomb and Noah and Rhain looked completely upset by it," a person who supposedly attended the event told Radar Online. "From preparations it was obvious that they were expecting a large crowd. What they don't realize is that they only have a few die-hard fans. Most of the residents do not want them here."

Of course, it's possible the fan's account isn't accurate. Either way, it's clear that the pair enjoys their level of fame to some degree. 

Nothing gets in the way of the Alaskan Bush People stars' family

Ever since Noah Brown brought his now wife, Rhain Brown, into the picture, there have been rumors of rifts within his family. One of the supposed estrangements involved Noah's mom, Ami Brown, due to her reportedly overbearing nature as a grandma. The good news? Days after Radar Online reported in March 2019 that the couple moved to Colorado because of a family feud, Noah told the outlet that everything has since smoothed out with his mother and Rhain, referring to the situation as "great."

"Rhain is talking to my mom now and it is just amazing," he told the outlet. "My mother is even knitting baby blankets for Elijah." Talk about an amazing development.

Noah also denied that his move away from Washington was out of spite, sharing: "We are living in Colorado for a little while because we just wanted to take some time away to be with our son and didn't want the family to have to deal with the baby crying and such."

We don't know about you guys, but we're thrilled to hear that the gang is mending fences. Family is forever, after all.