What Former Pawn Stars Star Olivia Black Is Up To Now

Olivia Black first appeared on Pawn Stars in 2012 when she was hired to work the nightshift at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. As she admitted, the gig wasn't exactly a dream of hers. In fact, she didn't even realize she'd appear on TV. "I got started in the pawn business cause I found this job on Craigslist," she revealed. "I was a personal assistant just looking for a second position." She went on to admit, "I hadn't actually realized exactly what I had applied for, so I was kind of blindsided when I found out everything that was happening." 

Despite the surprise, she soon became a key figure on the show, as fans of the History Channel's hit series watched the heavily tattooed beauty learn the ins and outs of the pawn shop trade. Black generally worked alongside Chumlee on the nightshift, and occasionally interacted with Rick and the others. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. Just 13 episodes in, Black was in for another major surprise, except this one wasn't as fun. When raunchy photos of her started making the rounds online, she was quickly dropped by the show. Here's what the former Pawn Stars star has been up to since then.

She was involved in a controversial photo scandal

Radar Online broke the news of Olivia Black's sudden firing from Pawn Stars on December 20, 2012 after The National Enquirer leaked risqué photos from the reality star's past. The images originally appeared on an adult website featuring alternative models, which Black contributed to in 2008 under the moniker Belladonna.

Black confirmed her termination on Facebook [via Radar Online], writing, "Nay, sadly this is not a joke. I no longer work for Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, it has been a whirlwind of a year, and now I must move on. Just as simple as down sizing. It is of no fault of the guys. I still adore my bosses fully!!!"

Despite speculation that it was the raunchy photos that got her fired, Black told Fox News in December 2012, "I don't have the actual reason as to why I am not a part of the show anymore. They didn't state it, and I didn't ask — I was just in such shock I didn't think to ask." However, she later told Radar Online that the photos were most likely the cause, as producers "definitely alluded to the fact that if there were any nude photos out there I should probably keep them under wraps and sweep them under the rug, and probably not talk about them any longer."

She started a petition to get back on Pawn Stars

Despite lack of confirmation of what got her fired, Olivia Black didn't waste time launching a petition to get back on the show. Posted on change.org, Black's petition used stats alleging that "36% of young women have posted nude or semi nude pictures of themselves on the Internet." She also explained that the Suicide Girls are not adult entertainers, but rather "a collection of punk rock pinups, tattooed and sexy women, who push the boundaries of beauty with fierce confidence" in order to "defy convention." She then pleaded with fans, writing, "Sign this petition to tell the Production company that nude pictures are not a big deal and you want to see Olivia back on the show."  

Speaking about the petition's goal with Fox News, Black declared, "We want to show that America doesn't mind that I am confident and naked, and I can still be part of the show." She echoed the same sentiment during a reddit AMA session, saying, "I am still trying to show the production company that if I was fired for the SG photos, that the fans don't care. I'd just like to have my job back. I think the fans are a lot more open than they're given credit for." In the end, the petition received 5,015 signatures, but Black was never invited back on Pawn Stars.  

A lawsuit against show producers was in the works

A few months after her dismissal, Olivia Black stopped trying to get back on the show. Instead, she started toying with the idea of suing the production company responsible for Pawn Stars, Leftfield Pictures, for wrongful termination. "A lot of people have advised me of that fact and informed me that it's possibly a form of discrimination and that I need to follow through with that idea and figure that out," Black told Radar Online in October 2013. "I have been discussing with a few close people and we've begun talking to lawyers about exactly what grounds I have for a lawsuit," she added.  

Opening up about the unfairness of her dismissal, she proclaimed, "I think it's very hypocritical that a female that has any nude photos or anything of that nature, that I'd have obviously willingly done, and participated in all of these, I'm looked at as being negative and it's looked at as porn or anything like that." She elaborated, "But if a male does it, takes nude photos or does a movie in which he's showing any nudity at all, it's looked as as art, it's looked at as being very up and coming and very courageous, but if a female does it it's always something negative and disgusting and pornographic."

She continued working with the Pawn Stars cast

She may not have left Pawn Stars on great terms, but Olivia Black holds zero resentment against her former colleagues. In fact, she raved about them during a 2013 reddit AMA, gushing that they were "all super sweet." She called Rick Harrison "an extremely intelligent man," and said that the Old Man was "full of wisdom, when he's not napping." Regarding Chumlee, she said, "He's very respectful. I loved my job very much!! I was mostly saddened about not returning to work."  

As Harrison told Fox News, the cast didn't have a problem with Black's past. "I never fired her," he proclaimed. "She's out doing her own thing now. It's just the production company did not want her working there anymore. What she does in her personal life is her business." Which is why they continued working together. During the reddit AMA, Black revealed, "I found out on Friday I will be at the shop, starting after the new year, taking pictures!" And their friendship didn't fade in the months that followed. 

Speaking with Radar Online in October 2013, Black said, "I have talked to the guys at the pawn shop actually within the last couple of days about working on something completely different. So it's really nice, it's really comforting knowing that the guys at the pawn shop are on my side and supportive of me and really could care less what I choose to do in my personal life."

Was she taking a crack at being an influencer?

Olivia Black appeared to try her hand at becoming an influencer when she was invited to share her fall must-haves in a 2014 guest post on Crazy Beautiful Makeup. While she had previously been interviewed by the site, this was her first crack at talking solely about her beauty routine and go-to products rather than about herself. As the site noted, she was making "her journey into new and exciting adventures" at the time, which apparently included schilling beauty products. 

Opening up about her skincare routine, the former reality TV star shared her favorites, namely, "Pure Organic Coconut Oil to wash my face and body — never anything else. Tea Tree Oil if my breakouts come back (it's always sad when they do for all of us!), Eucerin Q10 anti-wrinkle cream on my face, Frank Body Scrub for exfoliation, and baking soda and water for a facial scrub." As for fall fashion, her must-have is "layers, lots and lots of layers" and her favorite food of the season is "anything PUMPKIN!!!! I am a fall baby and just love everything that goes into it. The colors, the smell, the cold, the food  — all of it!" she enthused.

She fell madly in love

Her reality TV show dreams may have fallen apart, but Olivia Black's personal life blossomed when she met her partner, Maria Plaza (who goes by the name Bare Naked Chef), in Miami. Black, who identifies as queer and polyamorous in her Instagram bio, helped Plaza move to Las Vegas and the pair became inseparable. As they revealed in a YouTube video in 2017, in addition to pursuing their own careers (Plaza as a chef and Black as a cam girl), they began creating adult content together as a way to spend more time with each other.

In January 2019, Plaza opened up about their loving relationship on Instagram, writing, "November of 2015 I met this beauty... ever since then we've been inseparable. From day one I knew she was the one I wanted to spend my life with. Truly my better half. My best friend. My partner in life and in crime!" she declared, adding, "I still get butterflies when she looks at me, grabs my butt while I was [sic] the dishes. Pokes me. Kisses me. Hugs me. Everything. @missoliviablck you are and always will be perfect and the one for me. I have never met such a kind, humble, caring, strong woman like you! I am truly honored to have you by my side every day. I love you forever and always #mylittlemonkey."

She returned to her risque roots in a big way

As Olivia Black revealed in a candid YouTube video in 2017, which she shot with partner Maria Plaza, she began her career as an exotic dancer and model around 2004 — long before Pawn Stars. She also worked as a pole dancing instructor and had a number of other sexy gigs, so after her stint on TV fell through, it was only logical that she'd make a return to her roots. So she started modeling for Suicide Girls again, as well as go-go dancing, but it was cam girl work that was taking up most of her time. Then she met her partner, and agreed to something she had never done before...

Although Plaza was and still is a professional chef, it was actually her suggestion for Black to take her racy career up a notch. Explaining the transition on YouTube, Black said, "She expressed that she liked the idea of actually making adult scenes. That's something that I'd thought about for a long time but was never really comfortable with, so I never pursued it." After months of discussions, they went for it and never looked back. These days, they're regularly creating adult content together, from photos to videos, and enticing fans to pay for it. 

She started promoting hemp products

Olivia Black doesn't hide her love of marijuana from Instagram and, in 2019, she began showing off more than just smoking habits, as she started promoting her favorite hemp products. 

In April 2019, she uploaded a snap showing just her hand holding up a tube of hemp seed hand and body lotion with the caption: "Impromptu road trip to LA but I can't forget my @hempseedbodycare from @shopcupids." Then, the following month, she shared a photo of herself holding another product from the same collection, hemp seed massage oil, in front of her partner's nude back, which she captioned, "@_barenakedchef's massage brought to you by @hempseedbodycare from @shopcupids."

Hemp Seed Body Care was created by Earthly Body, and the range includes everything from hair care to candles, all made with hemp seed oil, which as the brand claims, is "known as one of the most powerful oils on earth" and "provides nourishing protection to the skin, while the high moisture content helps to repair and soften damaged skin cells." And while none of Black's snaps have been marked as ads or sponsored content, they sure do look like typical promo shots.