What You Didn't See On TV At The 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards

There's nothing like taking home a box of golden popcorn, and that's exactly what some of our favorite celebrities got at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jada Pinkett Smith ended up winning big and taking home the extreme honors of the Generation Icon Award and the Trailblazer Award, respectively, but what about everyone else?

The night managed to attract more MTV reality icons like Jersey Shore's Staten Island Dump — we mean Angelina Pivarnick — than it did megastar actors. Sandra Bullock was there to accept her award, but where was the cast of Riverdale? With the sheer number of reality stars in attendance, it's not surprising that the show, which was hosted by Zachary Levi, had it's dramatic moments — but a fair share of the excitement happened when the cameras weren't rolling or was simply left on the cutting room floor. That's just what you get when a show is pre-taped. From some Twitter beef with a Riverdale actor to Johnny Bananas' eye-rolling Kanye West moment, here's all the stuff you missed behind-the-scenes.

Johnny Bananas went full Kanye

Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio was definitely channeling Kanye West at the MTV Movie awards. All he was missing was the handle of Hennessy, and praise the TV gods for not giving him that. Actually, praise MTV's careful editors for editing him out all-together.

According to People, Devenanzio went a little bit off the rails when Love & Hip Hop won the Reality Royalty category rather than The Challenge. He decided to crash the stage, grab the mic, and make his own acceptance speech before being removed. "We finally won! After all these years, it's about time MTV finally gives The Challenge the recognition it deserves," he allegedly said (via People). "All the other shows that got nominated are essentially paying rent in the genre we created."

Uh, what? Devenanzio's charade happened on the 10th anniversary of West infamously interrupting Taylor Swift during her MTV VMA acceptance speech to basically say the network should have chosen Beyonce instead. That makes us simultaneously feel old and glad one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen at an awards is so far behind us. Well, at least until now.

The Rock shared some words of wisdom after his big win

Leave it to the Rock, who can simultaneously land a killer body-slam and convincingly play the tooth fairy in a children's movie, to deliver some inspiring words of wisdom surrounding his honor at the MTV Movie Awards: The coveted Generation Icon Award.

The former pro wrestler took to Instagram to celebrate his win with a clip from a 2001 MTV interview. His message? Always, always be yourself.

"In 2001 there was no 'Hollywood blueprint' for a guy like me — a 6'5, 275 lb. half Samoan/ half Black pro wrestler with absurdly waxed eyebrows (Jesus Christ) with a southern accent," he wrote. "I was and still am, a walking contradiction who was willing to open my mind like a sponge to learn, put in the hard work, take the big risks and eventually I figured out that the most powerful thing I could ever be to Hollywood and the world – is myself."

Excuse us while we tear up a little bit.

Did MTV purposely snub Vanessa Morgan?

Did Vanessa Morgan's invitation get lost in the mail? There's no doubt that MTV has some serious explaining to do to the Riverdale actress, who was nominated for Best Musical Moment. Morgan, who plays Toni Topaz in the series, ended up calling out MTV after they tagged her in a tweet about her nomination but apparently failed to invite her to the awards ceremony.

"@VanessaMorgan can you believe it," wrote the network. "'Seventeen' from #Riverdale is nominated for Best Musical Moment at the #MTVAwards."

"Guess the invite got lost in the mail then lol," she snapped.

Morgan was nominated in the category alongside her co-stars Lili Reinhard, Cole Sprouse, and Madelaine Petsch for their song "Seventeen." The track was featured in the show's "Heathers: The Musical" episode. Of course, the theme of Riverdale High's musical was Winona Ryder's 1989 black comedy, but honestly, MTV's snub and Morgan's call-out is all the comedy we need for a while. According to the Daily Mailit seemed like none of the Riverdale cast was at the awards show red carpet despite the show being nominated in multiple categories.

Jason Mitchell's nomination was revoked

Because the MTV Movie & TV Awards are pre-taped, there's virtually no way for any of us to know who wins until the show airs or someone leaks sensitive information. We do know there was one person cut from the running before the ceremony even happened. According to Billboard, Jason Mitchell, who starred in Showtime's The Chi, had his nomination revoked following reports of alleged misconduct. The star was in the running for Best Performance in a Show alongside Elisabeth Moss, Emilia Clarke, Gina Rodriguez and Kiernan Shipka.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mitchell had numerous human resources complaints against him, including claims filed by Tiffany Boone, who played his on-screen girlfriend, and showrunner Ayanna Floyd, who claimed she became "a target of his rage and inappropriateness." He has since been fired from his upcoming Netflix movie Desperados, and, subsequently, The Chi. His manager, agent, and lawyer also cut ties with the star, and apparently, so did MTV.

The boys were back in town

Following the MTV Movie Awards, the men of The Hills left their ladies at home and hit the town for a good old boys night. Well, except for Justin Bobby Brescia because, if you haven't guessed, he still hasn't settled down. Nonetheless, he enjoyed a not-so-lowkey night out on the town with his dudes while wearing a black and white polka dot, satin suit just like he did in his MTV heyday.

According to Page Six, Brody Jenner, Frankie Delgado, and Brescia hit up Hyde Sunset in West Hollywood following the awards ceremony. Apparently, Delgado has spent less a lot less time on the reality TV circuit in recent years, and more effort working on a career outside of showbiz. He jumped into the world of nightlife and hospitality after The Hills ended, and is currently a partner in SBE, the lifestyle hospitality company that owns Hyde Sunset as well as Umami Burger, Katsuya and a wealth of other hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.

Perhaps the weirdest thing about the group's entire post-MTV Movie & TV Awards outing is realizing that Justin Bobby still has that haircut, and that the trio are still pals, but does he still wear combat boots on the beach? These are the questions we need answered in the reboot.

JWoww finally brought her new boyfriend home to MTV

At the 2019 MTV & TV Movie Awards, Jersey Shore's Jenni "JWoww" Farley finally made things network official with her brand new boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello. According to Us Weekly, it was the couple's first MTV-related appearance — and it was probably as nerve-wracking as bringing the professional wrestler home for his very first Sunday family dinner.

Farley filed for divorce from Roger Mathews, her husband of three years, in September 2018 before publicly accusing him of domestic abuse. Though Farley and Matthews remain committed to co-parenting their children despite her temporary restraining order against him, things have been rocky, to say the least. Nonetheless, Carpinello has been by Farley's side through a lot of the ups and downs. 

According to E News!, the wrestler met the Jersey Shore star years prior through his sister, and even attended Farley and Mathews' wedding. The couple started dating nearly seven months after Farley filed for divorce. It seems almost meant to be.

Lindsay Lohan probably didn't love her nomination

There's one person who probably doesn't want to be in the running for a golden box of popcorn: Lindsay Lohan. The Mean Girls star was nominated in the Most Meme-able Moment category for her Beach Club dance moves, which were kind of iconic if you ask us. Then again, we're not her, so we don't have to share the embarrassment of having millions of people watch us be awkward on stage.

Before Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club ever aired its first episode, the flame-haired star went viral after a clip of her dancing at a pride party in Mykonos hit Instagram. It spawned the #DoTheLilo hashtag and an onslaught of imitations and fanart. Lohan shared and deleted the clip, then later told Jimmy Fallon in a Tonight Show interview that the whole thing was "so embarrassing" that she's "like never dancing again." Really though, that hair-flip should be in a museum.

​Kiernan Shipka was on the struggle bus (or limo)

Kiernan Shipka must have cast a spell to make herself look lively and fabulous on the MTV Movie & TV Awards red carpet. By her own admission, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star wasn't doing so hot prior to the awards ceremony, even if she was wearing a sleek, one-shoulder Fendi dress.

In an Instagram post, the star revealed that she was sick and had only gotten two hours of sleep prior to the red carpet. Nonetheless, she attended the awards show like a total champ and you'd never be able to tell. Is it the hallmark of professionalism or some really good concealer? We'll probably never know. Nonetheless, once the star hit the red carpet she was absolutely glowing and full of energy.

Shipka was nominated in the Best Performance in a Show category and posed with her on-screen boyfriends Ross Lynch and Gavin Leatherwood for some snaps. Who doesn't adore a steamy, teen drama love triangle and/or men who can rock lace and metallics? Move over Harry Styles.