What Lisa Rinna Said About Her Bizarre Face Transformation

Lisa Rinna is among the "Real Housewives" alums who look nothing like they used to, but fans have grown accustomed to her plumped-up pout and sculpted cheekbones. She's also been upfront about the work she's had done, which makes it easier for fans to accept subtle changes in her appearance. But, while they might expect to see Rinna's cheeks occasionally looking a bit puffier than usual, one cosmetic procedure altered her face so drastically that she warned her Instagram followers to avoid it.

In a post on her Instagram Story (via the Daily Mail), Rinna blamed SkinVive injections for her face's pillowy appearance at recent events. She explained that she thought the treatment would improve the way her skin looked by giving it a youthful glow, but it had an unwanted side effect. "They claim it's not going to add any volume, It absolutely adds volume!" Rinna wrote. This is probably not the review that Francine Young, the owner of the Francine Queen of Threads medical spa, wanted to read.

Young was responsible for the new look that Rinna didn't love. In a video on her TikTok account, she's shown injecting SkinVive, a modified hyaluronic acid gel, into Rinna's upper cheek area. "I am using SkinVive to moisturize the skin from the inside out and smooth her nasojugal break without adding undesired volume," Young's caption reads. Luckily, Rinna was able to undo the damage after she didn't get the results she wanted.

The other cosmetic procedures Lisa Rinna regrets

Lisa Rinna informed her Instagram followers that she was able to have the SkinVive dissolved, but it hasn't always been easy for her to undo the results of a cosmetic procedure gone awry. Rinna has expressed regret over using silicone filler to add volume to her upper lip. The results of the injection were meant to be permanent, but the silicone didn't stay soft and squishy. Instead, it migrated and formed scar tissue about a decade after Rinna went under the needle. In a 2010 interview with People, she described the affected areas as feeling "hard and bumpy, like peas." Rinna eventually had to turn to a plastic surgeon for help repairing the damage. However, while she originally chose the wrong procedure to pump up her pucker's volume, Rinna believes making her lips larger helped her career.

In 2009, Rinna revealed that she also had a bad experience with dermal filler. The brand she used was Juvéderm, which happens to be the manufacturer of the SkinVive gel. "I saw a photo and I was like, 'Oh Jesus. That's no good. That's NOT good,'" she recalled to Momlogic. "What I learned is that I don't really need it." Rinna had tried to plump up and smooth out was her cheeks.

One injectable Rinna has had better luck with is Botox. "It doesn't change the shape of my face," she explained. "When you change your face, you don't look like yourself."