Melania Trump's Ex-Aide Claims Her Body Language Around Donald Speaks Volumes

Melania Trump's recent appearance at a Mar-a-Lago fundraising event has been trailed by comments about her relationship with Donald Trump. The couple, who got married in January 2005, have been plagued with controversies ranging from cheating rumors to an alleged separation. Yet, time and time again, the pair have continued to defend their partnership and their commitment to each other. "She's a very calm person. It's very interesting. And I think that's what people like about her. Our dinners are nice. Dinners are like other people's dinners. We get along. We actually get along very well," Donald once told the "The Megyn Kelly Show," putting rumors about Melania not being all that fond of her husband to rest (or so he hoped).

The former FLOTUS has also put up a united front with her husband, even amid his many controversies through the years. "I'm a mother and a First Lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do. It is not concern and focus of mine," she explained during a 2018 interview with ABC News. In the same interview, Melanie defended her marriage to the business mogul, clarifying that they were actually going strong. "Yes, we are fine," she said. "It's what media speculate, and it's gossip. It's not always correct stuff," she said.

Regardless of their comments, however, critics, fans, and even Melania's former senior adviser, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, have continued to point out the obvious tension between the former president and his wife.

Melania Trump is presumably uncomfortable around her husband

On April 7, Winston Wolkoff took to X, formerly known as Twitter, giving an analysis of Melania Trump's body language at the recent MAGA fundraiser. Alongside a clip from the event that showed the former First Lady looking uneasy while standing next to Donald Trump, Wolkoff wrote: "Looks like Melania Trump is about to dive head-first into a pool of sharks & nobody's going to protect her. I was the only life guard on duty when she was First Lady. She chose to live a life in a minefield, where every step is treacherous & never sure when it might explode."

Similarly, X users took to Wolkoff's comments section, agreeing with her and calling Melania's body language into question. While one person pointed out that the former first lady looked unhappy, another wrote that she looked like she would be sick. "Can you interpret that look on her face? Lol, She looks like she's about to crawl right out of her skin!" a third user commented.

Since her fallout with Melania in 2018, Wolkoff has continued to leverage her time and familiarity with the Trumps. Particularly, in recent times, Wolkoff has become critical of Donald and Melania's marriage. Back in March 2024, the former White House staffer shared a post on X, pointing out that the former president was no longer chivalrous to his wife and concluding it to mean trouble for the pair's marriage. 

Melania Trump is reportedly 'embarrased' by Donald Trump

As Donald Trump's April 2024 hush money trial loomed large, another ex-aide revealed how the former first lady might be feeling. "I would imagine that she is pushing him to make this stop," former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said during a recent appearance on CNN. "I would imagine that she will push him to go on the stand and defend himself because this is, this is very, very embarrassing for her. It's humiliating for her, and I can guarantee you that she's not happy right now, and that he's quite worried about that," Grisham added. Even more, Grisham claims Donald is equally just as embarrassed by the allegations against him.

Regardless, Grisham says Melania is not keen on playing dutiful wife to her husband amid his legal woes. Recounting her reaction to the Stormy Daniels affair scandal in 2018, the former press secretary explained that Melania did not take it lightly. "We went to the State of the Union separately, [and] she refused to walk out to Marine One with him because she did not want to be like Hillary Clinton and standing by her man ... she is a very independent and strong woman," Grisham shared.

But while she might have no interest in playing dutiful wife, Melania is reportedly ready to go back to the White House. "She's ready to be first lady again," an insider recently told Page Six.