Trump's Eyebags Clash With His Tan Like Never Before During Hush Money Trial

Rest is important, and Donald Trump may not have gotten much ahead of his trial. The former president has faced many legal issues in the past couple of years but is currently dealing with a monumental case in U.S. history.

Trump has become the first former president to stand trial on a criminal court for allegations that he falsified business records concerning the hush money payments his former attorney, Michael Cohen, made to adult film star Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, just before the 2016 election. Trump has previously pleaded not guilty to the charges and has claimed this as an attempt to prevent him from becoming president again. He said, "I never thought anything like this could happen in America. This fake case was brought only to interfere with the upcoming 2024 election and it should be dropped immediately." Despite his denial, Trump must attend court during the case, and as it has kicked off, his appearance has become all the talk.

It's no secret that Trump loves a good tan session, which is why his skin is so orange. But his tan in his latest court appearance only highlighted how heavy his eyebags were. Trump's eyebags were a shade of pink, more toward his natural skin color, so they contrasted with the rest of his orange tan. Online users were not afraid to throw jabs Trump's way about how exhausted he looked because of how much his eyebags clashed with his tan.

The internet roasts Donald Trump's court look

Donald Trump has been roasted plenty of times before, and now the public has found something new to make fun of. With his latest appearance in court, his eyebags have become all the rage, and people haven't been afraid to poke fun at them online.

One user on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote, "Pink eyeliner was a bold choice." No, Trump didn't rock pink eyeliner to court, but you wouldn't be able to tell, considering the color of his eyes and eyebags. To many, the rosy shade of his eyes only proved that Trump may not be getting the rest he needs for these legal issues. Not only that, but it seems to show the public that the former president may not be as calm and collected about these issues as he has let on. One person tweeted, "Wow, those eyes and the bags under them tell the story on how he's handling this." These were just a couple of the hundreds of tweets that have made fun of Trump's latest look, and if he's going to want it to stop, he either has to hold back on the excessive tanning or get more rest, especially considering how long this trial may take.

It's reported that the case can take up four days a week for potentially eight weeks. Trump must appear in court for the case, so expect many more roasts to come about his appearance.