Lisa Rinna Outfits That Were Super Inappropriate

Lisa Rinna has never been afraid of bringing the drama on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," and even though she's off the show, the former soap star still loves the spotlight. Rinna frequently takes selfie videos of her dancing at home in skimpy outfits, which even she admitted was eyebrow-raising. "Oh, this one caused quite a commotion. This one made em Clutch their Pearls," she wrote in the caption of a video she recorded grooving to Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" in a bikini. "I love you but this is a thirsty post," a fan commented.

Thirsty outfits aside, Rinna also loves high fashion and isn't afraid to take risks. However, her ensembles are often way too over-the-top and sometimes even controversial, which she doesn't mind. "I love to get in there and make people feel uncomfortable. I'm polarizing. I love that about myself," she told People. Rinna certainly loves to get people talking about her looks and while she invites the attention, many of her 'fits have crossed the line into being just plain inappropriate.

Lisa Rinna's Balenciaga monstrosity

Lisa Rinna was one of many celebrities at 2024 Paris Fashion Week, and she caught a guest invite to Balenciaga's fashion show. The former soap star attended dressed in a giant black vinyl floor-length coat with the shoulders puffed out so much that it swallowed her up. Not only did she look like she was wearing a garbage bag, but wearing the brand was a controversial move on Rinna's part. In 2022, Balenciaga faced backlash when their campaign featured children holding teddy bears dressed in bondage gear, per the New York Post. Many celebrities distanced themselves from the fashion house and Rinna gave a vague response about the controversial Balenciaga ad, but it appears she still supports them.

The former "RHOBH" star shared a snap of her in the getup on Instagram and fans called her out for wearing the scandalized brand. "Absolutely zero morals to stay relevant..." one commented. Another wrote, "You're stun stun but Balenciaga? I mean seriously?" One Instagram user simply replied, "This is a new low."

Lisa Rinna hopped on the no-pants trend

Many celebrities rocked the pantless trend during 2024 Paris Fashion Week, including Sydney Sweeney who wore Miu Miu micro shorts, and Emily Ratajkowski, who was spotted in an oversized sweatshirt with nothing else on. Lisa Rinna must have wanted to join in on the pantless fun when she tried on a shiny black Mugler bodysuit with sheer black tights with bizarre lining in the inner thigh area. "Mugler fittings," she shared on Instagram. "Where's the rest?" a fan asked.

It's unclear what the fitting was for, as Rinna wore a structured black strapless dress for the Mugler Fall/Winter 2024 show, as shared by the designer on TikTok. The gown was layered in the front with an angled hem and a beautiful corset back. "I like it. It's cool, right?" Rinna stated in the video while turning around for the camera. The dress was way more appropriate than the bodysuit she tried on, which looked impossible to sit in comfortably.

Lisa Rinna's oversized housecoat

Lisa Rinna takes extreme dressing to the max. She either wears super tight bodycon dresses or she engulfs herself in mountains of fabric, and it looks like she chose the latter for Richard Quinn's 2023 fashion show in London. Rinna donned a huge black maxi dress with white polka dots and lavender flowers that flared around her ankles. As if the print wasn't dizzying enough, the QVC star had on a matching scarf, equally as large. Rinna accessorized her look with cat-eye sunglasses and white gloves, completing her dramatic 1950s housewife ensemble.

Rinna, who has upped her appearance at fashion shows since her "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" exit after Season 12, told Vogue, "It's already been so much fun, but, I must admit, I didn't expect to pivot so fast. It's been a long time in the making, though, so it does actually make sense for everything to happen this quickly." While many of her outfits worked for her, this Richard Quinn wallpaper look was not it — but at least her hair looked on point.

Lisa Rinna's Stéphane Rolland dress was a tripping hazard

Lisa Rinna went for the drama at Stéphane Rolland's Haute Couture show in 2023 with a super long white one-shoulder gown. While the look was striking and elegant, the hemline dragged way past the floor, which had us wondering how Rinna was able to walk without tripping. She undoubtedly had on high-heeled shoes, which proved even more of a tripping hazard. We know the whole aesthetic was meant to be theatrical but we think the hemline could have been shortened a bit — and the odd circular structure on Rinna's shoulder looked a little too much like something you'd find in the bathroom. 

When Rinna shared her Stéphane Rolland 'fit on Instagram, she unsurprisingly got a lot of compliments from fans and her former "RHOBH" castmates Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley. However, one commented, "Gorgeous... minus the shoulder boulder." Another asked, "Is that dress made out of toilet paper for a commercial!!! Is that a roll of toilet paper on her shoulder?"

Lisa Rinna looked like a lampshade

High fashion doesn't always land, which Lisa Rinna proved at Viktor & Rolf's 2023 fashion show during Paris Haute Couture Week. She wore a multi-colored patchwork mini dress with frayed hems, confusingly paired with sheer white panels on the shoulders and arms, and a lacy mock turtleneck. The whole thing looked like a sewing project gone wrong and was definitely one of Rinna's biggest fashion fails.

At least Rinna wasn't the most bizarrely dressed person there. One of the runway looks was a sideways gown perched on a model. In another look, a long periwinkle dress was put on horizontally, with the model wearing undergarments underneath. The strangest one yet was a dress worn completely upside down, obscuring the model's whole upper body. With Rinna's quirky fashion tastes, it wouldn't be surprising to see her in one of those creations on the red carpet or in one of her dancing videos. As she's known to say, "Own it, baby."