Post Malone's Tattoo-Free Face In Taylor Swift's Fortnight Music Video Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

Post Malone is sporting a new look and fans can't get enough! The rapper, who collaborated with Taylor Swift on "Fortnight," the lead single from her eleventh studio album, "The Tortured Poets Department," appeared in the song's music video — with his face tattoos noticeably covered up. The video, filmed in black and white, opens with Swift in a psych ward, where she proceeds to wipe off her makeup, revealing her own (fake) face tattoos.

In the next scene, Swift is seen in a black Victorian dress walking into a room where Malone sits with a typewriter. Though the "White Iverson" rapper first appears on camera with his face tattoos visible, both his and Swift's ink soon disappears. In subsequent scenes, Swift and Malone are captured embracing and staring into each other's eyes. And while the intimate scene between the two artists got many in their feels, a few others couldn't get over Malone's new look. "Good morning I'm down bad for Post Malone without his face tattoos," one user wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. "Don't kill me but Post Malone without the face tattoos is so hot," another commented. "Post Malone without face tattoos is...shocking. intriguing... I like it and it feels wrong for feeling that," a third person tweeted

However, beyond the shock factor, fans also believe Malone's surprising look to be symbolic.

Fans think Swift and Malone's looks are metaphorical

Though neither Taylor Swift nor Post Malone has spoken about the inspiration behind their "Fortnight" music video, Swifties continue to try to decipher its meaning. "Okay here me out: I think Taylor wearing Post Malone's face tattoos is a metaphor for her taking on her lovers' pain, slowly morphing into them, losing part of herself until she 'mirrors them' and thus herself is lost... hence I love you it's ruining my life," one user tweeted, referencing the song's lyrics. Another user also shared their interpretation of the video, writing, "His tattoos disappear in the video too, so I took it to mean that they both saw things in each other they wanted to see in themselves."

In an Instagram post shared ahead of the video's release, Swift shared her excitement, while also stating her respect for Malone's artistry. "I've been such a huge fan of Post because of the writer he is, his musical experimentation, and those melodies he creates that just stick in your head forever," she wrote in the caption. In a separate post on Instagram, Swift shared pictures from the music video, admitting it to be a layered metaphor for other parts of her album.

Released on April 19, "The Tortured Poets Department," is already making history, with Spotify announcing it's become the platform's most streamed album in a single day.