Princess Diana's Family Just Made Their Side In The William Vs. Harry Feud Crystal Clear

The feud between Prince Harry and Prince William just took an interesting turn as we finally know where the loyalty lies when it comes to the family of Princess Diana. For years now, Harry and William have had a strained relationship, and when Prince Harry released his memoir, "Spare," it solidified where the two stood. After the book's release, a source told US Weekly, "William feels that Harry is all smoke and mirrors and is not to be trusted. He's trying to move on with his life." But the future monarch can't always avoid his little brother, and unfortunately for William, it appears his mother's family may have taken Harry's side in the feud.

On May 8, 2024, Harry took a trip across the pond to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, which he founded. A special ceremony for the anniversary took place at St.Paul's Cathedral, and although King Charles and Prince William were M.I.A, Princess Diana's family made sure to attend the event. A video captured Diana's siblings, Lady Jane and Charles Spencer, entering the cathedral to show their support for Harry. Princess Diana's family has remained close to Harry over the years, and Lady Jane even gave a small speech at Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding ceremony in 2018. Clearly, after all the drama between Prince Harry and his brother, Princess Diana's family has clearly picked a side.

Prince Harry continues to be iced out

Prince Harry needs all the support he can get from his mom's side of the family because it doesn't look like he's getting it from King Charles or Prince William. The Duke of Sussex was not given the chance to visit his father during his Invictus Games trip. Per People, a spokesperson for Harry said, "In response to the many inquiries and continued speculation on whether or not The Duke will meet with his father while in the U.K. this week, it unfortunately will not be possible due to His Majesty's full program." For all you royal fanatics, they did give a little hope. "The Duke of course is understanding of his father's diary of commitments and various other priorities and hopes to see him soon," the rep said. 

Prince Harry has been trying to get back into the good graces of the royal family, but it seems he's having trouble doing so. Back when King Charles was diagnosed with cancer, a source revealed to the Mirror that the Duke of Sussex was willing to take on some royal duties to help his father, but Prince William wasn't going to let that happen. "Whatever has been discussed between William and the King is private, but it is absolutely and categorically clear that he [William] would not allow Harry to return," they shared. It seems the feud between the two remains ongoing, but at least he has his mother's side to lean on.