Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani's Feral 2024 ACM Awards Looks Belong Back In Their Cages

It looks like Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani won't be making it onto PETA's Christmas card list this holiday season. In fact, it appeared that the only place they might end up was locked back in the cages where their outfits belonged. The singers were definitely two of the worst-dressed celebs on the ACM Awards red carpet on May 16, looking positively feral in fact.

Still, at least it gave the world a glance at how Shelton and Stefani spend some of their millions: slaughtering animals in the wild and then turning their remains into horrendous outfits to wear at award shows.

There are certainly more than a few odd things about Stefani and Shelton's relationship. One of them is their shared sense of "unique" style. Point in case: Stefani was clad in what resembled some kind of hunting trophy travesty — a jacket comprised of leather and feathers plucked from many dead birds. That said, her almost invisible skirt of matching feathers did show off her wondrous fishnet-clad long legs to maximum effect. Va va voom. However, it still wasn't enough to distract from the Big Bird homage going on above. Meanwhile, not to be left out, Shelton's black blazer had snakeskin shoulder panels attached with matching trim on the side pockets.

Stefani's a hunting trophy wife

It's clear that after nearly three years of marriage, Blake Shelton still sees Gwen Stefani as a kind of hot trophy wife. Sadly, it appears to be a hot hunting trophy wife, judging by her ACM Awards show ensemble. That said, at least it's an expensive hunting trophy; according to WWD, Stefani was decked out head to toe in Roberto Cavalli.

Hopefully, she had a change of outfit with her, though, as Stefani was set to perform a duet with Shelton of their song "Purple Irises" later during the awards show. Fingers crossed, there will be plenty of room between all of the performers' dressing rooms as Shelton's ex-wife, Miranda Lambert is also due to take to the stage.

That said, it appeared that Shelton was the furthest thing from Lambert's mind when she strolled the red carpet with her hot cop hubby, Brendan McLoughlin. And, sorry, Blake and Gwen, but Lambert and McLoughlin smashed it out of the ballpark in the style stakes. She looked gorgeous in a black cut-away full-length dress with jade beading, while he was clad in a classic single-button black suit. And, not a single animal was killed in their pursuit of fashion — presumably.