The Trump Ozempic Rumors Are Heating Up Amid His Campaign

When a mysteriously thinner Donald Trump emerged towards the end of 2023, the gossip mill went into overdrive. Trump has been open about his daily diet, and it didn't include any salad or veggies. So, how did he go from fast-food guzzling to slim and almost healthy-looking? Speculation soon surfaced that Trump was injecting the controversial diabetes medication, Ozempic, to lose weight, and the rumors continued to ramp up amid his 2024 presidential campaign.

Melania Trump was credited with helping Donald lose weight by encouraging him to eat healthier, which seemed doubtful given his well-documented love of fast food. Exercise was also ruled out of the equation. The book "Trump Revealed" claimed that Donald believed any athletic pursuits — aside from golf — were to be avoided like the plague. A source recalled that Trump insisted "the human body was like a battery, with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depleted."

Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin added fuel to the Ozempic fire on the May 10 episode of "The View." They started by discussing the former president's notorious tan. Hostin, who was in court during his hush money trial, said Trump's skin is so orange it looked "radioactive." The chatter quickly progressed to Donald's weight loss, though. Hostin commented on his thinner physique. "I don't know if he's taken the shot," she said before Behar quickly jumped in. "He's on Ozempic, you know it," she insisted.

Honey, I shrunk the Trump

Social media pounced on the Donald Trump Ozempic rumors. "If US banned preservatives, trump's fav McDonald's would implode and Trump could get off ozempic," a commenter posted on X, formerly Twitter. "The projection never ends. Especially since it's been a well known thing for years that Trump takes anphetimines [sic] and now ozempic," another alleged while defending Hunter Biden from allegations of drug use. Meanwhile, a third user went straight in for the kill. "Trump is on Ozempic. He's got the early droop face," they claimed.

Technically, Trump is open about his weight. However, the pounds he admits to vary depending on the date and circumstances, so his numbers have some credibility issues. As for Trump's sudden slimdown, he claimed it was simply because of a reduced calorie intake, insisting that his busy workload — or all his time in courtrooms — impeded less essential things like eating.

"I haven't seen you in a while. You look like you're in fighting shape! How much weight did you lose?" Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade gushed to Trump during an interview on his private jet in January 2024 (via Daily Beast). "Maybe 15, maybe 20," Trump said before insisting he'd dropped the pounds because he works too hard. The former president claimed his packed schedule left him little time to eat. "I'm not able to sit down and eat like a person like you," Trump explained. "You can sit down and eat. Me, it's a little bit tougher."

Has Donald Trump really kicked his fast food habit?

Given Donald Trump's self-professed love of anything fattening, fried, and served up fast through a drive-through window, some people were skeptical about his "hard work" weight loss explanation. "I eat it a little bit when we're traveling," Donald told Jimmy Fallon in September 2016 (via Y! Entertainment). "They have a name, whether it's McDonald's or Wendy's or any of them, and at least you know what you're getting." However, don't expect Trump to combine some light exercise with his fast food intake. He admitted he always sends a staffer to pick up his order. "I don't know what they're going to do to that hamburger," Donald explained to Fallon. "If they like me, I'm happy. If they don't like me..."

In March 2024, Trump's doctor spoke out about what he credits for his weight loss. "President Trump has reduced his weight through an improved diet and continued daily physical activity while maintaining a rigorous schedule," Dr. Bruce Aronwald, a New Jersey osteopath, wrote in a one-page report (via X). "His physical exams were well within the normal range, and his cognitive exams were exceptional." Aronwald concluded that Trump will enjoy a healthy active lifestyle for years to come.

Meanwhile, when Trump stopped by East Palestine, Ohio, in February 2023, he boasted to a McDonald's server, "So I know this menu better than you do. I probably know it better than anybody in here."