Ben Affleck Can't Escape The Plastic Surgery Rumors After Marrying J. Lo

Between his Hollywood career and his eventful love life, Ben Affleck has always been a magnet for salacious rumors. However, a certain rumor regarding Affleck's appearance has taken shape since he married mega-star Jennifer Lopez. The speculation is that the Hollywood heartthrob, whose relationship with Lopez has cast him back into the rumor mill, has given into the pressure to undergo a little plastic-surgery-aided physical transformation. This theory exploded after Affleck took the stage at Tom Brady's roast in May and went on a lengthy diatribe about social media trolls. But instead of people applauding his penchant for joke-telling, or lack thereof, they instead honed in on his looks.

The majority couldn't help but point out how different Affleck looked onstage. Unfortunately, they didn't mean different in a good way. "What happened to Affleck? He looks so gaunt. I'm not trying to poke fun, I'm genuinely concerned for his health," tweeted one fan. Others speculated about plastic surgery. "Ben Affleck couldn't afford good plastic surgery? No wonder he seems so angry. That's permanent," tweeted another. Ben Affleck is on stage fresh from a face lift," wrote yet another. However, fans aren't the only ones fueling the rumors that Affleck has had plastic surgery. Several plastic surgeons and a few well-placed sources have also contributed to the plastic surgery rumors.

Here's what the internet is saying.

Plastic surgeons have weighed in

Rumors stick around a bit longer when professionals enter the conversation. So far, a couple of plastic surgeons, none of whom claimed to have personally work on Ben Affleck, have shared their thoughts on his appearance. Dr. Ramtin Kassir, for example, shared his expert opinion with In Touch. "Ben Affleck's signature crow's feet have long been a defining feature of his appearance," said Kassir, who noted that recent images of Affleck show smoother skin around his eyes. "This suggests the possibility that he may have sought treatment for his crow's feet, possibly through injections like neurotoxin injections or similar procedures," added the doctor, who also noted that the lack of incisions made a possible face lift unlikely.

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Raha Mohan also ruled out the possibility of a facelift while speaking with the Daily Mail. "In my opinion, it looks like he has had Botox and filler treatment to rejuvenate and make his face look younger," said Mohan. "[But] it does not look like he had a facelift." Mohan also pointed to past photos of Affleck, which showed more prominent wrinkles and crow's feet: "And then, for the jawline and cheek area, you don't see that loss of volume like you do in earlier photos, so he's probably had some filler there." Mohan also noted that Affleck's change in appearance isn't drastic enough to link it to a facelift.

Did Jennifer Lopez convince Ben Affleck to get work done?

Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez is the person who convinced Ben Affleck to get work done. At least that's what insiders have been saying. In Touch, for example, quoted a source claiming that Affleck was upset about people's reaction to his Tom Brady roast appearance. "He's furious because he's getting slammed for fillers and Botox that Jen pushed him to get," said the source. "Ben's upset with Jen because if it wasn't for her he would never get work done, but she's convinced him that everybody in Hollywood does a little facial maintenance." They also claimed that, while Affleck has since taken responsibility for agreeing to experiment, he's now focused on "aging gracefully."

A source that spoke to the Daily Mail, however, claimed otherwise. "Ben looks great," shared a source, who laid out his supposed cosmetic work. "He had Botox — everyone gets it before events." The source also denied that he'd gotten filler or surgery. That said, Lopez apparently wasn't responsible for him tweaking his appearance at all: "Jennifer would not be keen on him changing his handsome face, nor would he want to. Ben is confident in his skin. He just wanted it tighter." Meanwhile, a different insider also shut down plastic surgery rumors. "Ben has been blasted over and over and over for the last few decades about everything, this is nothing new. And now that people think he has had a face lift is just a joke."