What Was Scottie Scheffler's College GPA?

Two-time Masters champ Scottie Scheffler didn't need to be a stellar student in college when he seemed destined to make a good living on the links, but the pursuit of academic excellence was important to the world's No. 1 golfer. Despite initially not being able to get into the school of his choice, he worked hard to achieve a high GPA.

The pro golfer attended Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas, which is where Scheffler met his wife, Meredith Scudder. His high school achievements, which included three state titles, made him a top target of college recruiters. However, he decided to remain in the Lone Star State — before he wore a green jacket, he was all about that burnt orange. According to Scheffler, it wasn't just the golf program at the University of Texas that made the college an attractive option. He was equally as serious about the school's finance program. "That's one of the reasons I came to Texas — to get a degree because Texas is an incredible school," he told The Daily Texan during his sophomore year.

Scheffler began his collegiate career in 2014 and made the Academic All-Big 12 First Team in 2016. While he hasn't revealed his exact GPA, this meant that it had to be at least 3.2. But there was a time when his dream of getting a degree in finance seemed like a tall order.

Scottie Scheffler had a hard time getting into UT's business school

When Scottie Scheffler started attending college at the University of Texas in Austin, he didn't meet the qualifications for the esteemed McCombs School of Business. So, if he wanted a shot at earning a finance degree, he had to get his grades way up. According to NBC Golf, we're talking nothing but A's across the board. He then had to maintain his high GPA for two years.

During that time, Scheffler had a lot of stressors in his life that were likely making it hard for him to focus on his studies. The love of his life had decided to go to school at Texas A&M, so he had to adjust to not having her around. There was also the immense pressure to perform on the putting green. "That combination threw him off balance. ... It led to some poor golf that semester," UT coach John Fields told NBC Golf.

Those who knew Scheffler in college remember him being fiercely driven and focused. "He's probably the most competitive person I've been around," his UT teammate Taylor Funk said in an interview for the PGA Tour website. So, when Scheffler was presented with the challenge of improving his grades, he took it on like a champ. Not only did he get that degree, he did it in four years. According to ESPN, he didn't even have to attend summer classes to achieve his goal.

Scottie Scheffler got a lot of mileage out of a college gift

Many years before Scottie Scheffler found himself sitting in a jail cell worrying about how his stint behind bars for a May 2024 traffic incident might impact his potentially lucrative PGA Championship performance, he was just your average college kid driving a hand-me-down vehicle around campus. That vehicle was a GMC Suburban that once belonged to his dad. It was with Scheffler when he led the University of Texas golf team to three Big 12 Championship victories, and he was still driving the Suburban after winning his first Masters Championship in 2022. By that time, it had survived 175,000 miles on the road. Mark Schultz, one of Scheffler's pals at Dallas' Royal Oaks Country Club, told Golf magazine, "We ask him about it and he says, 'I travel all the time, I don't need a nice car." Saving a buck by getting the most out of a durable, reliable vehicle isn't a lesson that you need a fancy finance degree to learn.

According to Scheffler, his parents, a law firm exec and a stay-at-home dad, raised him to believe that what matters most in life is not owning nice cars and winning golf championships. "[My dad] never pushed me to become a good golfer, that was never what he wanted for me," he said during a press conference, per Reuters. "My parents pushed more education and being kind to people on me."