Who Is Bill Belichick's Ex-Cheerleader Girlfriend, Jordon Hudson?

Bill Belichick just pulled his shadiest stunt by embarking on a relationship with a 24-year-old cheerleader. The 72-year-old former New England Patriots coach, who's had a tense relationship with NFL pro Tom Brady, has heart eyes for Jordon Hudson, a successful cheerleader. According to TMZ, which confirmed the news this week, the unlikely pair have been carrying out their taboo matchup for much longer than it's been public knowledge. While the outlet didn't offer up a concrete origin for this age gap relationship, it started sometime after 2021, when Belichick and Hudson first met while riding the friendly skies together. 

Just as NFL star Rob Gronkowski did during Tom Brady's roast, social media has been hurling jokes left and right about the relationship. "Imagine your 22-year-old daughter comes home for the weekend with her new boyfriend and it's bill belichick," tweeted one user on X, who misidentified Hudson as 22. "Going to be an interesting dinner with the parents," tweeted another user. A third denizen posted a snarky take about Hudson's possible motivations. "I'm sure this is the unconditional love everyone keeps talking about," they wrote. Meanwhile, another cynically tweeted: "I wonder if his money has anything to do with it." Of course, these are just a few of dozens of jokes circulating online. 

Jokes aside, there's much more to Hudson than being Belichick's girlfriend.

Jordon Hudson is a cheerleader

According to her purported LinkedIn profile, Jordon Hudson attended Bridgewater State University, where she practiced competitive cheerleading. In a 2019 Instagram post highlighting how she balanced her dual enrollment in a cosmetology program and modeling for Rebel Athletics with her cheerleading aspirations, Hudson revealed that she started learning from West Bridgewater cheerleaders before she enrolled and officially joined the BSU team. "I made the BSU cheerleading squad and toured with Gabi Butler around New England," she said. While she thought she might have to give up one of her passions, she managed to keep up with her cheerleading practice while graduating from her hair academy.

Fortunately, Hudson's can-do attitude paid off because she went on to win a National Cheerleaders Association championship with her BSU squad in 2021. The athlete announced the happy news by posting an Instagram photo of herself on the ground in front of her team's trophy while covered with an NCA flag. "That's a wrap @ncacheer @bsu_cheerleading #NationalChampion," she captioned the post. Hudson also posted a throwback photo of herself wearing her championship ring in February 2024. "National champion has a nice ring to it," she posted to Instagram. Given Hudson's clear passion for the sport, it's not surprising that she has un-retired and has returned to competing. According to TMZ, Bill Belichick has attended at least one of her competitions.

Jordon loves birds and nature

Although Jordon Hudson's Instagram account is full of photos of her cheerleading triumphs, it's clear she also has a healthy appreciation for birds and nature. Speaking of her avian friends, the cheerleader seems to have plenty. In February 2024, Hudson visited Parrot Mountain and scored an Instagram photo of herself posing with several of the colorful birds. The second slide featured a video clip of Hudson with her feathered and very noisy friends. And while it's clear that she was having a blast, none of these birds likely compare to her adorable pet parrot named Mango, who turns five in July 2024.

Unsurprisingly, Hudson is also an avid nature lover who often posts about her various outdoor adventures. In the caption of a photo showing her feeding birds and admiring more of her animal friends, she revealed that her human friends thought of her as a Disney princess. "Hi there! My name is Jordon, but my friends call me 'Snow White,'" she posted to Instagram. Hudson also pinned photos and videos from her 2023 trip, where she traveled "340 miles off the coast of Costa Rica for 14 days," per her Instagram. During her trip, Hudson sailed on a boat, scuba dived, and even wore a mermaid costume with one of her friends. Well, it sure sounds like she had the trip of a lifetime.