Why So Many People Can't Stand JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa rose to fame as a young dancer on "Dance Moms" after competing in "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition," and she is now a rising pop star that everyone is talking about. Unfortunately, not all of the public opinion is favorable, and it's safe to say that the "Boomerang" singer's fanbase has dropped considerably. Since Siwa's transformation from childhood to adulthood, she went from wearing colorful tutus and bows in her hair to giving them up for an edgier look. While child stars rebranding themselves isn't a new thing, many think Siwa's new persona is an act. "Her new brand also just feels very inauthentic. The way she talks and acts feels like a very over the top act which I believe is turning people off," a Reddit user wrote.

Siwa has always been pretty outspoken, even as a kid, and that hasn't changed as she got older. However, as an adult, she's going to be scrutinized for any outrageous comments she makes, and in fact, one statement she made in an interview had the public up in arms.

JoJo Siwa acted as if she revolutionized gay pop

In January 2021, JoJo Siwa came out by tweeting a picture of herself wearing a T-shirt gifted by her family member that read, "Best gay cousin ever." Fans applauded her for coming out, and one wrote, "So proud of you JoJo!" Since then, Siwa has been out and proud, often wearing rainbow attire and kissing a woman in her "Karma" music video. Praise quickly turned to outrage when the "Dancing with the Stars" alum stated in a Billboard interview that she wanted to start a new genre of music called "gay pop." Siwa referenced artists like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus while putting "Karma" into the same category. "Imagine wanting to start a new genre that already exists," a fan commented. "She says 'I invented gay pop' like Elton John and Freddy [Mercury] don't exist," another wrote.

Siwa later walked back her comment after much backlash and acknowledged to TMZ that many other artists before her have been at the forefront of gay pop, including Madonna and Michael Jackson. "I just want to make it more clear that gay pop is a genre. You have pop, you have rock, you have country, and you have gay pop," she went on to say. "I definitely am not the inventor of gay pop ... I want to bring more attention to it," Siwa clarified. While it's admirable that the 21-year-old wants to bring more LGBTQ+ awareness, her NSFW actions at a gay pride event had many incensed.

JoJo Siwa needs to tone it down by a lot

JoJo Siwa is not a kid anymore and she's here to let everyone know. During her performance at the Pride in Park event in Los Angeles, the rainbow-clad singer chugged from a bottle of vodka while on stage. While that wasn't enough to have the audience clutch their pearls, her putting her hands down her shorts in front of underage fans was. "Jojo siwa drinking and touching herself on stage while her fans are literally minors are so disgusting? Atleast try to hide the alcohol and maybe dont get so drunk u start touching urself infront of kids," a user shared on X, formerly Twitter. "She's in her edgy, try hard phase," another replied.

That wasn't the only time Siwa's dance moves were criticized. Her "Karma" video featured a signature move she kept recreating, much to her fans' exasperation. "I'm so fascinated by this hideous dance move jojo siwa keeps doing that i had to make a montage of," a TikTok user wrote while sharing clips of the "JoJo Goes" star rocking out. Siwa's excessively elaborate choreography in the music video, which featured her grinding against another woman, was also difficult for some to watch. "[If] i turn straight it's jojo siwa's fault," a fan wrote on X. Maybe it's time for Siwa to get a new PR person — and a choreographer.