Zac Efron's Appearance 11 Years After His Tragic Face Accident Has Tongues Wagging

Zac Efron has been looking a lot different since his "High School Musical" days and many fans can't seem to pinpoint what exactly has changed. The once-teen heartthrob is starring in his latest Netflix film "A Family Affair" with Nicole Kidman and Joey King — both big names in the cinema world. However, what's having fans talking after watching the promo is the 36-year-old's face. The comments filled up with people thirsting over Efron's appearance as well as an assortment of cracks. "Awesome! David Hasselhoff looks younger now!" an Instagram user joked. "How did Zac Efron age 30 years in the last 5 years?" another wondered.

Many attributed Efron's altered appearance to plastic surgery and injectables, but fans may not know that he suffered a tragic accident in 2013 that left his jaw broken. In 2022, the "Baywatch" star explained to Men's Health that while running through his house wearing socks, he slid into a stone fountain, and banged his face so hard that his chin was dangling off. Efron did physical therapy to restore his facial muscles, but his jaw kept growing when he stopped and even his mom questioned him about possibly going under the knife. Although Efron has denied having had work done, a plastic surgeon weighed in on the actor's looks and speculated that there may be more to his claims.

A pro thinks Zac Efron had some work done to his face

Zac Efron may have had surgery to fix his broken jaw, but plastic surgeon Sam Rizk thinks he's tweaked his appearance in other places, per the New York Post. "He probably took the opportunity, in addition to correcting it, to do something better. He might have had jaw advancements where they pull the chin a little bit more forward because his chin looks a little bit more prominent. Or a chin implant or mandibular angle implants [in the lower jaw] or all of the above," the doctor shared. Rizk also believes Efron had either a brow lift or Botox, as his brows look higher than before. Fillers are also not off the table, with the plastic surgeon pointing out the fullness of the "17 Again" star's cheeks. "You lose volume in the cheeks when you age. When he was younger he had a flatter cheek," Rizk pointed out.

While Efron doesn't let naysayers about his appearance affect him, he revealed to ET that his accident was much more dire than he had previously let on. "It was funny. It sucks. I almost died, but we're good," he stated. With the many roles he's had under his belt and potential new career moves since the accident, it's clear Efron's face isn't hindering his acting career and fans will just have to get used to his new mug.