'Bachelorette' Fave Tyler C Seen with...Gigi Hadid?

Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette was filled with drama and shocking bombshells (windmills, anyone?). Tyler Cameron was the definite fan favorite to walk down the aisle with Hannah eventually, but in pure Hannah form, she chose Jed instead. Then, well, it turned out Jed had a secret girlfriend the entire time. Not a good look, Jed.

Although Tyler C. looked like he might have a consolation prize in the form of interest from model Gigi Hadid (who reportedly slid into his DMs), fans of the series hoped Hannah and Tyler C. rekindled their romance. Indeed, the finale of The Bachelorette saw Hannah asking Tyler out on a date, which he accepted. Was love in the air once more? Well, after TMZ spotted the pair leaving Hannah's Los Angeles pad last weekend (was there a windmill in there?), it sure seemed to be the case. 

"Tyler got to Hannah's place around 9 p.m. and they stayed in," a source told E! News. "He spent the night with her and left this morning after 10 a.m. She walked him out to his car and they hugged and kissed. He had an overnight bag and they looked very happy together."

We'll be hearing wedding bells soon, right? Well, slow your roll, Bachelorette fans. They wouldn't be actual reality show contestants without a plot twist. A mere two days later, Tyler C. was spotted on a date with Hadid. According to People, Tyler C. and the Vogue covergirl were seen "on a date at Soho House in Brooklyn" in a photo posted to Twitter. Although the photo obscured their faces, Tyler C. was "wearing the same shirt" in other "social media posts from the same day."

But that's not all! According to Page Six, not only was it a lunch date, Tyler C. and the Victoria's Secret model hung out "until at least 2 a.m" before heading back to Hadid's place. "She came out of the main entrance by Almondine bakery. He walked around to alley on the left by Smile to Go. Her car picked him up there. They then went into the garage at her apartment," the source said. We assume Hadid has accepted the rose.

Should Hannah be upset? According to an insider who spoke to Life & Style, Tyler C. "genuinely" fell in love with Hannah, but claimed "it would be too complicated" to restart their romance in the future. "Tyler would definitely be open to hearing her out. That's just the kind of guy he is — understanding and welcoming and wouldn't ever hold any hard feelings towards her," the source continued. "But ultimately, it would be too hard for him to take her back."

Needless to say, fans of the show were quick to drop their reaction to this news on Twitter. You didn't think this latest Bachelorette drama could go down without hearing from the online mob, did you?

"Tyler texting back Gigi Hadid after sleeping over with Hannah is why I have trust issues," wrote Kristie Gray Brill, co-host of St. Louis radio station Z107.7's Jordan and Kristie Show.

"Tyler C is the king who knows his self worth we NEED right now. Just because you are Alabama Hannah's second choice does not mean you aren't Gigi Hadid's first choice! Love yourself! Know you're [sic] value! Don't let anyone define you're [sic] worth!" a user wrote.

"Me to my therapist later this week: And then Tyler and Hannah went on a date in the real world and it even seemed like he had stayed overnight. TMZ even had the pictures to prove it. But then, everyone spotted Tyler on a date with Gigi Hadid. Like wth," another user joked.

"If I knew being part of "The Bachelor" franchise included having sex in an abandoned wind mill and on a date with Gigi Hadid, I might have considered standing in line for 2 hours at a casting call and lying to producers about my age/ dating history / actual knowledge of Excel," another user quipped.

While it's far too soon to say whether or not this is the end of the drama for Hannah B., Tyler C., and Double-G, there's no question that fans of the hit ABC show are extremely here for whatever comes next.