Princess Beatrice's Life Isn't As Lavish As Royal Watchers Might Think

The title "princess" conjures up ideas of a lavish lifestyle, and Princess Beatrice certainly does run in some famous circles (after all, not everyone can say they've had drunken sword fights with Ed Sheeran). That said, when it comes to her professional life, she's pretty laid-back. Case in point: In June 2024, she hopped aboard a budget flight to participate in the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. 

News of Princess Beatrice's low-cost trip broke when one of her co-passengers reached out to Page Six with a pic of her boarding an EasyJet flight. Outside of the fact that EasyJet is known to be an affordable airline, in the picture, Beatrice could even be seen lugging her carry-on up the stairs. Nothing to see here — just a princess on the move (on a budget!). 

Of course, things became significantly more glam once she was actually in Cannes. From speaking on a panel on AI and emotional intelligence, to attending a John Legend performance (and rubbing shoulders with Jessica Alba), Princess Beatrice was every bit the royal at the festival. Here's the thing, though: She wasn't there in a royal capacity. She was there as someone who works in tech — and her sentiments on her career being separate from her status only make her even more relatable. 

Princess Beatrice moved to New York for a normal job

Princess Beatrice's EasyJet flight wasn't the first time she showed the world she appreciated a low-key life. In fact, she made a point of moving away from the United Kingdom when it came time to start her career in tech. That's right: This royal has worked a regular job for years. 

The princess opened up a little about the reasons behind her move to New York City in a 2024 interview with "This Morning." "When I was figuring out my life and what I wanted to do ... New York gave me a place to kind of have a job, and just get on with it," she shared. For that very reason, she explained, "New York has always had such a special place for me." As an aside, we have a feeling that her commitment to hard work and "getting on with it" may have played a role in her bond with her late grandmother. After all, as many know, Princess Beatrice and Queen Elizabeth had a very close relationship.

As for what, exactly, Princess Beatrice does for a living, she's a VP at That said, in yet another instance of her being remarkably low-key, her LinkedIn profile names her as Beatrice York. This princess has clearly made it on her own, and she isn't pulling rank any time soon!

Beatrice has struggled with her celebrity status

It's likely that part of the reason why Princess Beatrice enjoys a normal life wherever she can get one is because life in the public eye hasn't always been easy on her. Quite the opposite, she's dealt with a ton of bullying over the years. 

Beatrice summed up what she'd gone through in her speech at the 2017 launch of anti-bullying book, "Be Cool Be Nice." As British Vogue reported at the time, the princess shared, "My experience was about growing up and living a very public life and living in an exposed environment. So that's from being 18 and struggling with your weight, to what fashion choices you are wearing." Sure enough, Princess Beatrice's younger sister, Princess Eugenie, previously told British Vogue that ahead of one official event, she'd needed to console her over a nasty article that had been written about her. 

Even with the scrutiny, in the same interview, which was a joint one with both of the York sisters, Princess Beatrice pointed out that she knew their place in society would never be a simple one. "We are young women trying to build careers and have personal lives, and we're also princesses and doing all of this in the public eye," she said. If that looks like a princess jetting off to a work function on a budget plane, so be it. Frankly, we love to see just how down-to-earth Princess Beatrice is.